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1 Jade West Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) is a frenemy of Tori from Hollywood Arts. She has a gothic sense of style—always wearing dark clothes with eyebrow piercings and different colors of streaks in her hair—and is the long-time girlfriend of Beck Oliver. She is very protective of her boyfriend and is known to lash out at anyone who she views as a threat to their relationship. She shows very little affection for her friends, but really does care for them, including Tori, who has topped her in various ways in the past. more.

Jade is great! She's the only character in Victorious that I like (I only watch Victorious for the songs and Jade). Jade may be mean on the outside but she's kind on the inside. Also, I don't get how Tori and Jade are frenimies, in all of the episodes, they're treating each other like friends, like in "Begging on your Knees", Jade (and Trina) try to warn Tori about Ryder or in the episode where Tori helps Jade get back with Beck and the episode where Tori helps Jade (and Cat) win the contest. Their relationship just doesn't have enough awful moments except when Tori was hitting on Beck and then Jade dumps coffee on Tori, so Tori kisses Beck, instead explain the situation to Jade.
Bottom line: Jade is the best and Tori is the worst.

Jade is by far the best character on Victorious.

She may be brash and rude, but her family life caused her to be like that. She isn't a very trusting person (I can completely relate to that), so she can act jealous and heartless to people who don't know her. However, inside, she is the most selfless character and cares immensely. She needed more solos in the show.

Also, I feel like Tori is a massive Mary Sue. She is always in the spotlight and everyone talks about her. She's described as gorgeous so many times in the show. She is the most popular girl in the school. She also has a great life but acts like being Trina's sister is the worst. Cat and Jade have gone through much worse. She is also the teacher's pet and answers most of the questions in class. She receives all of the opportunities, despite not singing before getting accepted into Hollywood Arts.

Tori may need some extra character development. However, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Daniella Monet, and ...more

Seriously everyone, I don't see why Jade gets so much hate. She only hates Tori because Tori is an idiot with no talent. I hated Tori from the moment she kissed Beck in the first episode. I ship Beck and Jade so much! If Beck and Tori ever got together I SWEAR I would smash my T.V. screen. Back to Jade: I love how she's never afraid to say what she thinks! I also hate how people call her a GANK just because she is a little protective of Beck. I mean, wouldn't we all be if we had a boyfriend that good looking? She is also the MOST STYLISH girl in Victorious and the prettiest along with Cat who I also LOVE! And she's so sweet around Beck because that's where she feels safe. SHE'S JUST AMAZING! And (sorry this is so long) did I mention that Tori has no talent... Jade and Cat should SO be the main characters!

Cat is way too much! And Tori is whiny and self centered. Her character is slowly starting to piss me off because its always about her. I'm sick of her and her voice. Jade has an awesome and edgy kind of voice. She is so pretty and I love her style. Jade can be mean but at least she's honest. York's character is just way too much for me, she's supposed to be the main character and the 'good' but what she really is is whiny, self-centered, and obnoxious. No wonder why Jade doesn't like her. I probably wouldn't like someone like Tori either. Also, Jade and Beck are the best couple ever! So cute! Jade and Beck all the way!

2 Cat Valentine Cat Valentine was one of main character in American-teen sitcom Victorious . She was portrayed by Ariana Grande .

I know she is dumb but sometimes she is so smart, nice, funny and beautiful. I love her red hair and big brown eyes. She so deserves to be crowned the best character in show history. I love Victorious and I love Cat and if Cat ever leaves Victorious I don't know what I would do, I would probably make a collection of Ariana Grande posters and stick them on my bedroom wall where I can look at them everyday. I really think that if you don't know Cat Valentine, then look up some Cat Valentine clips o scenes and then you will know to vote for the best Victorious character which is totally Cat Valentine. I LOVE BIBLE!

Cat's sweet and lovable. I love when she's insulted by Jade mostly because she handles it in the funniest ways, calling Jade "bossy". Ariana Grande (there's no better role model for me) can play her character the best. I love the way Cat's dying for her phone in "Cell Block" and does all that crazy stuff including going ballistic and half insane. She does the weirdest yet most lovable things. Ariana Grande plays her character so awesome, the way Cat is dim-witted is so awesomely cute. Don't ever change, Ariana Grande. I'll be there for you no matter how many times you get knocked on the floor. Love you.

I love and admire Tori Vega. I am in love with Beck Oliver. I admire Jade West's strength. I laugh at both Robbie and Rex and I am always surprised with Sikowitz's strange behaviour. But, Cat Valentine is so loveable, cute and talented.
Many people love her because of her ditsy comments, but I love that underneath that hilarious sketch, Cat is insanely talented and has something that no others don't. And that is her humbleness. She doesn't think that she is crazy talented, but she really is. And unlike the others, she has kept it that way throughout the whole show.

People might say she's 'dumb' and 'ditzy' but that's what makes her so adorable! If you saw Jade having an obsession with bibble it wouldn't be the same would it? Cat is just so sweet and cute you can't not love her. She's so hilarious, I just love her. She's pretty much the reason I watch Victorious! I love the random things she comes out with and when she just suddenly starts talking about her crazy brother. I love her in the episode 'Opposite Date' and in 'Tori Goes Platinum'. When she jumps on the bibble bag and when she goes "My Bibble" I laugh so much. If anone other than Ariana Grande played her, she wouldn't be half as entertaining and cute. I'm an Arianator too, and even though they're nothing like each other, I love both Cat and Ari! Bibble

3 Tori Vega Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) is the younger sister of Trina Vega, which makes her the youngest daughter of the Vega family and attends Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school, along with her sister. more.

Tori is a jerk. She kisses Beck (Jade's boyfriend) in front of Jade, she kisses Cat's boyfriend in front of Cat, almost kills Rex, acts like being Trina's sister is the worst thing in the world despite Trina looking out for Tori in almost every episode, and she's very self-centered. She is the worst character ever.

I'm really mad that all the hate goes to Tori. First let's talk about the first episode. When Tori was rubbing (I think it was coffee) off of Beck, it did feel like she wanted him to be her boyfriend and Jade comes in saying to Tori something like, "do not touch my boyfriend." Tori didn't know Beck was her boyfriend! Give her a break! Later on, Jade spills coffee on Tori on purpose and I thought that was really mean. At the end of the episode, Tori kisses Beck right in front of Jade during class. Tori did that because of what Jade did to her. And I have know idea why Beck said yes. She did have some rude moments like kissing Cat's boyfriend right in front of her. I felt so bad for Cat. But she did plenty of other good things, like donating three pints of blood to Robbie, helping Jade and Cat in Freak The Freak Out, and saving Rex from dying. And what really stresses me out is that people are hating on Tori because she killed Rex. That was an accident! Tori is really smart and ...more

I'm actually annoyed by the lack of hate Tori gets. She has an amazing and trendy voice and she is really kind. All she wants to do is make people happy. She is very loyal and caring. She helped out Jade and Cat in "Freak The Freak Out". She saved Rex from dying in "Rex Dies". Heck, she even got Jade and Beck back together in one episode. There were some moments of her such as kissing Cat's boyfriend and kissing Beck right in front of Jade during class. Maybe she did that because she's a nice person. Usually, when I see someone doing that kind of stuff, I see it as just being a sweet person. I love Tori and she is a really good character.

I find Tori to be sweet, talented, funny, and secretly savage. Ok, so her voice isn't the BEST, but it's still good! She can be stuck-up, but Jade is a heartless psychopath (I like Jade, don't get me wrong, I'm just stating facts). I think Tori was kind of spoiled as a child, so that's just how she is: prissy. And that's just her character. I still find her to have lots of development. She has grown in confidence a lot. And she may take up the spotlight a lot, but that's because she was the star of the show. I feel she'd definitely share the spotlight with others if the producers weren't so determined to leave everyone else. I find Tori to be a fantastic character, and she doesn't deserve so much hate

4 Andre Harris

EXCUSE ME WHY ISn't ANDRE #1? He's the most talented (other than cat, who doesn't get to show off her talent as much as Andre does) and he deserves more credit. He's always coming up with the songs Tori sings and she gets the attention and doesn't even thank Andre.
He's a good friend, funny and balanced

How could Andre not be in the stupid top three of this list!? He is one of the best! He isn't really dumb like cat is most of the time, he doesn't complain like Tori, He isn't creepy and weird,he isn't rude like Jade, He isn't delusional like Robbie is (until the ending),He isn't just seems as a hot and cool boy like Beck, and he is multi-talented. How is he not in 1st place?

Him and Robbie are underrated. Tori gets all the credit when Andre does the song riding and music. He's the 2nd most normal character (beck is 1) he's also chill and doesn't argue that much.

The best character alongside Tori, he is funny, talented, and unproblematic. Andre is underrated and very friendly. He and Tori's voices go beautifully together.

5 Beck Oliver

The way he treats Cat Valentine like his little sister is adorable. He is pretty much the only one who can control Jade. I don't like how in the first episode he kissed Tori in front of Jade, but in my opinion the writers were more thinking of a way for Tori to get revenge on Jade, not how it would affect Jade and Beck's relationship.

He's kind to everyone never gets mad is calm and the nicest of all. He's the perfect leader always helping everyone and being therefore them, while always also being funny by trying to make Jade a bit angry out of fun.

Good looks aside, the actor is good, and the dude is funny as hell. Seriously, he has some of my favorite responses in the show. I think it's just his calm attitude mixed with his humor that makes him a standout.

Beck is always there for Tori. He was the perfect boyfriend, even though its hard to put up with Jade, and he's also super smart, funny, and handsome. Overall, I think Beck is just one of the best characters on the show. Oh yeah, he also is super kind to animals and people. I <3 him!

6 Trina Vega

Say what you want about Trina, but I like her and she is my second favorite character. I love her friendship with Cat. She can actually sing well sometimes. Even the gang is nice to her sometimes, like Robbie and Andre. Tori seems to care about her too.

I always thought that Trina was kinda the counterpart for Robbie. Trina is very pretty and yes she can be selfish sometimes but her friends are very unkind towards her even her own sister Tori can be mean to her at times. Trina just wants to fit in and there's nothing wrong with that as long as she realizes her true potential she would fit in with the rest of the group.

Though annoying, she looks out for Tori more than their parents ever did. She is a little to confident to the point that it is irritating. I would say that the time when she was the most annoying was most annoying during Freak the Freak out, but it was because she was in pain.

Nobody can deny the fact that Trina's hilarious. And I really think she deserves more credit on the show.

Go Trina, we still love you despite your talentlessness (I don't even know if that's a word).

7 Erwin Sikowitz

I know he's not one of the main characters but I'm surprised he's not in the top five! Me and my family love Sikowitz. Especially me.

I love in Beck Falls For Tori when he just randomly attempts a backflip and fails then later when he is upside down. His antics are hilarious.

Sikowitz is just the best honestly! So funny, and relatable. Also, love how the kids kind of consider him a friend!

Sikowitz is one of the funniest characters he's so random also he's the captain of the jori ship!

8 Andre's Grandma

My favorite line she said (more like yelled) in the show was...
I DON'T KNOW YOU! (That was from the episode Sleepover at Sikowitz)
She is definitely the best 'non main character' in the show!

There is obviously a helicopter in the kitchen.

Andre's Grandma is so funny!

She should be in the top

9 Robbie Shapiro

I really like Robbie the most because he's funny and I can really relate to him a lot. There's no secret that he has a huge crush on Cat and I think they're just adorable. But I feel really bad for Robbie because Cat is so dumb to not know that Robbie loves her so much and would do anything for her, it always made me want to cry. But anyways I totally think that Robbie deserves a beautiful girl like Cat they belong together! Also Robbie might be a nerd but he has a big heart and people take him for granted.

Robbie is one of my favorite characters. I know everyone says he's weird because he carries Rex around,
but I think it's just his way of dealing with being socially awkward. I often feel bad for Robbie because almost
everyone treats him wrong even though he really is a nice guy. I also think it's cute how Robbie has a huge crush on Cat.

Robbie is the coolest character on Victorious because he's silly and he tries not to be the bad guy and he's so in love with Cat. I think Robbie should definitely date Cat because he's the only one that really cares about her and he deserves a girl that is sweet and as cute as Cat is.

Robbie is my favorite character from this whole show. He is smart, nerdy, awkward, and so relatable and down to Earth. His relationship with Cat is the absolute cutest, and if Victorious ever comes back they need to have a wedding between Cat and Robbie.

10 Rex Powers

Rex is so hilarious! He needs more credit, it annoys me how some people hate him because he's rude but then their favorite Character is jade. (Which she's mine too but that's beyond the point) Rex is the most underrated character ever! Come one people he needs more love!

Interesting character, even though I like Trina he's still funny when he's mean to her, Robbie is still funny but Rex also brings robbie's personalities.

He is my least favorite character. Why is he so mean to Robbie, Cat, Trina, Jade, Beck, and Andre?

Rex is both straight and homophobic, what else could you want?

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11 Sinjin Van Cleef

Sinjin is so weird but the things he does just to be around the girls at HA. Like trina shes just crazy but he does anything and I mean anything to be around her so it shows that he really cares.

It was funny when he said "I like where this is going" in the episode Wanko's Warehouse.

He likes Tori, Cat, Trina, and Jade? Wow, impressive. He's also funny.

Sinjin is so weird

12 Daisy Lee
13 Psychowitz
14 Charlotte Harris

You:I don't like her
Me: what the bog are you talking about?

She is so hilarious

She makes me laugh until I cry
Charalotte:Andrea! It's raining in the bathroom!
Andrea:grandma youve just had a shower
(Andrea plays a piano for a second)
Andrea:grandma I can't take it any more!
(Andrea walks out the room and slams the door! )
So sooo hilarious

15 Cat's Brother

Even thought we've never seen what he looks like, he's one of the most interesting characters.

He's interesting even though he's not shown.

The best thing about Cat.

When cat talks about him it's funny and his life seems interesting

16 Lane Alexander
17 Danny
18 Mrs. Lee
19 Ryder Daniels

Ryder Daniels is the worst person in the world he always cheats

20 Ponnie

Jennette did a great job playing her, though I had nightmares because of her.

Lick my loafers, Debbie!

21 Burf
22 Tara Ganz
23 Hayley

Mean, not smart what so ever and she deserves to take care of trina's bleeding mouth!

She and Tara remind me of my sister's cousins.

24 Steven Carson
25 Jarold
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