Best Seasons From Dexter

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1 Season 4

My close second-favorite season is the fourth season due to the trinity killer. How he performed the kill scenes and interacted with his victims was just amazing writing and the scene where he left Rita for dead as a part of his cycle was just fantastic and the best form of victory that even in death, he had the last laugh. This season was my second-favorite right after the first season. The remainder of the series was mediocre for me.

Btween the trinity killer, the family themes, the twists, the deaths and the unforgettable plot, Dexter Season 4 beats all others

2 Season 1

The first season is my favorite due to the role of the ice truck killer aka Brian Moser aka Rudy Cooper. He is my favorite character in the entire series. The way he left clues and set up imagery to point to his crime scenes and his approach to Dexter so that he may be joined in criminal ventures was amazing. He was amazing and the season was amazing due to how well this character was performed. Especially the first time we see him introduced at a casual level and no one suspects him to be the ice truck killer just makes him that much more amazing.

3 Season 2

I found Lila from season two to be highly annoying and she was the antagonistic role of the season in some sense and this really detracted from the feeling of the season overall. The hunt for Dexter was fine and the whole bay harbor butcher case was great but Lila was a really lame role and we could have done for a better antagonist like we got for season 1,4,&6.

When the series protagonist suddenly becomes the central antagonist of most of the season of a crime series with several twists and turns thrown into the mix, you know you must be watching good television. Purely Epic Dexter.

My absolute favorite, I enjoyed every episode!

4 Season 5
5 Season 7

Seasons 7&8 were quite boring due to Hannah also being a dumb role to me and a waste of screen time. Also the role made no sense as it was established through the whole show that dexter did not have the same empathic feelings and even sympathy for his relations. And then all of a sudden this Hannah is supposed to be accepted by him and it was just dumb and forced and just a way to replace Rita's role which was irreplaceable in the first place. What a lame season overall. Isaak Sirko was a cool role but it was very Highly overshadowed by the Hannah stupidity through the season.

My fave season, lots of great story points from Deb, to Hannah, the Russian mafia, and LaGuerta. The last season had too many storylines that ruined the season, but season 7 did it right mainly focusing on him and Deb's relationship.

6 Season 3
7 Season 6

This is my third-favorite season right after 1 & 4. It has a great plot twist and the central villain is amazing. Travis Marshall aka the Doomsday Killer was a great role and how he manifested the role of James Gellar his dark passenger due to his prior crimes just made it even more amazing. It was evident that something this well written would eventually come again after season 4 but the series goes way downhill after this season.

My favorite season...

It was better than season 8 I don't know how the heck that is above this

8 Season 8

Oliver Saxon aka Daniel Vogel aka The Brain Surgeon was a good role and had a good little storyline, but none of it mattered because Hannah used up too much screen time and killed this season as well as the previous one. The essence of the show was ruined in seasons 7 and 8 because of Hannah and the show was written spiraling downward because Dexter was made to care for Hannah and that destroyed the story of the original Dexter and the written work as a whole. Also the ending to this season was horrible and low-key and without any powerful premise and did not end on a high note. Aside from the lame Hannah moments and the horrible ending and the weakness in terms of comparing to previous seasons such as 1, 4, 6, etc., this season is somewhat watch-able due to the role of Oliver Saxon, but that's about it.

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