Funniest Total Drama Characters

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1 Lindsay

I think Lindsay is the supposed be top number one because on total drama island on dodge ball Lindsay was hit fore head eye and both cheeks she looked hilouraous and I've seen a photo of Lindsay and Tyler both of hit themselves on the forehead and it was saying dumb couples!

Her hotness is my favorite character, she is hilarious and her relationship with Tyler is so cute, yet ridiculous.

Even though Gwen is my favourite character, Lindsay is by far the funniest.

Prettiest: Gwen
Funniest: Lindsay

Lindsay is funny, beautiful and dumb. Her best quote is. Admiral Lindsay her hotness. From Action

2 Noah

Lindsay as a 'Dumb Princess' of course. Yeah, Noah deserves to be number one in this vote. VOTE FOR NOAH! If you watch TDWT and TDI.

He is sarcastic, witty, and the best to be number one. He's not much use of Drama, but he is favor for most website and a popular character. Funny lines and show loyalty to Owen.

He is witty and high IQ. All of a sudden, he became known as lots of fans out there. But why he haven't chosen to be in All-Star? Oh well. Also, the actor of Noah, is elected to be the 'Best Voice Actor' of TDWT.

Finally, the page that Noah is the first. The other he is rank 5 or less. It's true that Noah is hilarious!

Once again, vote for Noah! He is the best. And my favorite!

He's one of my favourite TD characters. He's super smart and really funny. His sarcastic comments are awesome. If there is another season than I hope he comes and wins. Or maybe is in the top three since I wouldn't mind Cody or Tyler winning. But seriously the only thing I don't like is his ship with Emma. I liked him better single. This is merely my opinion so please don't judge me or anything.

He is funny! Whoever call Noah fans are 'liars of his personal' you don't get his inside joke. His sarcastic is making the show interesting and maybe use in the future.

"Come fly with us. Come DIE with us! " -Noah in Episode one.

Classic! He deserve to be the first instead of Lindsay.

When Noah was imitating Sierra I was laughing and I fell off my chair,how about the time when izzy landed on Noah's balls "And there goes my pelvis" Or how about the time when Noah was riding Owen "All aboard the viener express" Noah is funny I could go on and on

Even though Cody is my favourite,Noah's 2nd followed by Duncan and Owen then Bridgette
Lets put it more simply...
1.Cody (Funny,awesome,good competitor)
2.Noah (Funniest)
3.Duncan (Cool,but too much air time)
4.Owen (Good friend of Noah and funny fart joke guy)
5.Bridgette (Hot,bad elimination)
6.DJ (It's based off my name,so I like him)
7.Leshawna (Speaks like a street girl)
8.Beth (Funny,like Cody)
9.Sierra (Good relationship with Cody)
10.Lindsay (Funny,misconfuzed about everything)
11.Gwen (Rocking)
And yeah,so Noah and Cody are awesome...

3 Izzy

Have you ever actually listened to Izzy's "stories"? One of them was about her dad trying to imitate Van Gogh, and did I mention Explosivo? I would laugh if the "stories" actually happened! I could go on and on, but it would take up so much!

She she have went to all stars She is funny and lots of other words

Izzy should have been on all stars instead of jo

Why she's so low? She should be number one!

4 Chef Hatchet

he just pops up in random places its funny.

5 Owen

My favorite funny part in the Ridonculous Race was when Owen used himself as a SqueeGee to help his team and the Sisters. It was so hilarious.

He should at least be #3

Beans beans are good for your heart the smash (gets by the can) there's many things that make Owen the funniest one

6 Tyler

I love Tyler! He is the funniest. I laugh till I cry watching this hottie!

Love him! He's so underrated and hot

His fails can be hilarious.

Tyson is so funy! Uhm...I mean... Tyler.

7 Duncan

Duncan is funny being a bad boy and all.

Another funny character

He is just funny.

he is bad boy. he just knows what to say to make us laugh.

8 Chris Mclean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Chris is one of the most memorable characters and so extremely hilarious. I remember, when in season 1 ( Gwen and Owen's finale ) he was testing the only unhospitalised intern on the shark balance board. the intern fell and didn't succeed but, Chris still said ' that looks safe enough ' . He should definitely be FIRST place

he is the host and he's evil duh he's funny.

He is funny indeed he should be in all the season I like don a little better but I doesn’t mean I dislike him he’s hallarious

9 Harold

Harold is awesome. >_> Only 12th? He has some of the best dialogue in he show. I love hearing his various trips through the world.

So plucking funny

Napoleon Dynamite.

10 Leshawna

She is higher than stupid Sugar. And her sass at Harold in the first episode was very funny.

I like when she slaps the teeth out of Heather's mouth and dances.

She should be higher than stupid Sugar.

Leshawna's attitude is funny.

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11 Sugar

Why is she number 7? She should be last. She is not funny at all, she is a cold hearted freak. - Gehenna

I love it when Sugar sings her sugar silo and craptry, not to mention when she says there are only two emotions at a pageant, winning and revenge

What's this doing here? I hate her and she is not funny/

take her off she is not funny at all

12 Gwen

She is so hilarious! I remember the episode from total drama island when Lindsay said "the cameras have always been spying on us! " And Gwen called her Einstein!

I love her attitude and sarcasm. She is really funny.

13 Sierra

The ultimate stalker fan girl! Her stalkerism is hilarious! It’s funny how she creeps everyone out

I lovee sierra

14 Geoff
15 Trent

I always laugh when he does things 9 times obsessively.

16 Max

He's the funniest character. Noah use to be my favorite but when I saw Max right away he was my favorite character

That guy needs a return.

This guy should be #2

17 Mike

His personalities are so funny! (Not put in funniness order) 1. Chester is a grumpy old man 2. Svetlana has a Russian accent, makes funny noises, and is the opposite gender as Mike. Also her flexibility compared to Mike 3. Vito has the music in the background that compliments his funny accent and attitude. Lol “Where’s the freaking sun? How is a man supposed to get a freaking TAN around here?” “You’re going down Twinkle Toes” Also cause he’s a womanizer 4. Manitoba Smith is a womanizer and tastes the ground to figure out mysteries 5. Mike himself. It’s funny how he tries to control his personalities and grudges against them. In general, it’s hilarious when the personalities argue (besides Mal).

18 Leonard
19 DJ

He gets embarrassed a lot and he is a big softie.

20 Staci

It's funny when she starts talking and her mouth runs 500 miles a minute.

She’s not funny at all she sucks

the only funny thing was her elimination

21 Scott
22 Sadie

I love her very funny especially her voice when she argues with katie

Funny after Katie got eliminated

Yes, she is funny

23 Brick

It's funny watching him and Jo try to be better than the other.

Brick our gentleman and hero'

24 Courtney

Courtney is really fun when she bullies Duncan.

My band was Type A Crazy Psychopaths , but it broke up before our first concert. Apparently a band can’t have 5 leads

She was indeed very funny especially in Rock n Rule.

Courtney is funny indeed.

25 Cody
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