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1 Transformers: Prime

This series has a little of several versions all in one. This is probably the most epic one since Beast Wars. It took a little time for me to get used to, but I grew to appreciate it and consider it one of the best.

This show is, put simply, the best Transformers show of all time. The action was amazing, the story was astonishingly well-written, the characters were interesting and fleshed out, and the CGI looked great too! Unfortunately, my cousin is a G1 fanboy and refuses to give any other Transformers show a legitimate chance simply because they're not what he grew up with. That really sucks, because his nostalgia is keeping him from seeing that this show is what every Transformers fans deserve.

The Prime series was time well spent and I enjoyed every minute of it. The story was written and carried out incredibly with my favorite characters brought to life. The only thing I dislike is that even though I finished the series and watched the following movie, I still wanted more. Especially with Knockout's possible redemption arc.

The animation is very realistic. It's a kids show, but it's not too cheesy, and the characters' personalities in this show are better than the personalities of a lot of the other transformers from other tansformers shows,I'd say. The battles in this show are epic. Unlike the battles in Robots in disguise, which is a terrible continuation of Prime in my opinion. Also the humans aren't annoying in this show.

2 The Transformers (1984)

I just have to say, generation 1 of the transformers was just amazing. It had lots of good features: a strong story, good characters, and the writers working beyond the material given to them. This show was downright genius. It really is the greatest transformers cartoon ever.

This series had the largest amount of characters and character deaths, this made the battles seem like real battles, not just random encounters where the Autobots never die.

The vast majority of characters, back stories, plots and ideas can never be outdone by any modern interpretation of this legendary series.

Great story. The characters change some die some just stop appearing. There are many creative ideas and so many characters to pick I can hardly choose a favorite

3 Transformers: Animated

This is a successful attempt to bring Transformers into the 21st century cartoon world. It was one of Cartoon Network's last good shows. It had a little of all fan favorites while bringing the Transformers into a new world. This is a rare success. A cartoon that appealed to kids as well as adults. The only complaint we seem to have is that it ended too soon.

Transformers Prime remains my favorite show to this day, but the Animated comes to a close second. It's fun and has amazing characters. I honestly love what they changed from what one might be used to within the franchise. Things such as Optimus not being the leader, but rather Ultra Magnus. They made a new story out of one told many times before and I loved exploring that world.

It was fun, but took itself seriously when it was needed, giving the Autobots more character development then they ever had before, and an interesting "Human" character who actually contributes to the plot. As well as some of the best Decepticons in Transformers history. Plus it took the best aspects of previous shows mythology and combined it into something fresh and interesting.

This is definitely recommended, and it's worth watching. This is a great series and brings back memories. Awesome characters and story. However, even if it seems awesome, it actually is only a small fragment of the entire transformers. This makes the T.V. series even better.

4 Beast Wars: Transformers

This series has its charm. I mainly consider it to be the main reason Transformers were able to return successfully in the '90s, since Generation 2 before it failed.
As it develops it's evident they wanted to win over G1 fans watching so they made it clear it was a "Next generation" series. That helped earn it a place in old school fans' hearts.
And while not the best, it's still by far not worst either.

Beast wars, once you get over the CGI, was amazing, It managed to have only one character who could be annoying ( I don't know any other T. F show that could say that! ) After the first season, which was not brilliant, and they brought in thirteen episodes a season it felt like a contained epic, with the same plot always lurking in the shadows. It was also much more moving than most transformers shows, who didn't pity Transmutate? Or fear Rampage? Or look up to Dinobot? (He was the best). Plus, it had the greatest incarnation of MEGATRON EVER!
A good show with a great cast that wasn't afraid to kill off the heroes.

This series got it right by not including humans in the series other than the occasional cave person. The show is supposed to be about the war between the Transformers and not about the stupid humans they run into along the way. Character development was great and it made me actually care about the Transformers more than just caring which one looked the coolest. The CGI was great for its time and while it's a bit dated now, it's still a very watchable show.

Undoubtedly one of the best Transformers cartoons of all time. It had a great plot, great characters, brilliant storytelling, and an explanation being offered for new characters showing up. Although the CGI is primitive, it's better than that of Transformers: Energon. The show wasn't afraid to kill off characters and had a version of Megatron than was actually a threat.

5 Transformers: Armada

This actually had pretty good character development between the main protagonist and antagonist throughout the entire series. Just when you thought you knew them, they surprised you. Although Optimus wasn't voiced by Peter Cullen, I think the different voice actor actually fit the character better. He was the good, kind, noble and just OP that everyone loves (until Energon, where he's a total jerk), yet he kicks major ass in battle. His design was great. I loved how expressive just the tilt of his head and the intensity of his golden optics could be to show anger and rage that later change to sadness and grief. As for Megatron, I feel sorry for him. He was a brilliant schemer and strategist, but his soldiers were total morons! Yes, I'll give them credit for being hilarious (and Starscream, just for being awesome). Megatron also deserves a bonus just for being an epic badass (he transforms into a huge ass tank) overall, there were just a lot of plot twists that, even if they seemed ...more

It's no Beast Wars, Prime, or Animated, but it stands out as the best of the Unicron trilogy with possibly the best Starscream of any TF, which is not an easy title to get! Worth checking out.

Noble Prime, Badass Megatron, engaging sidekicks and interesting story arcs.
Minicons for added viewing pleasure and cool upgrades. Me likey.

This is the best one

6 Transformers: Cybertron

This series had a very large and complex plot line that always kept the show interesting.

My first Transforners TV show as well as toyline as I was about 5 or 6 when I watched this show for the first time and my first transformer toy was Cannonball, the repaint of the Deluxe class, Red Alert

7 Beast Machines

This show was kick ass

8 Transformers: Rescue Bots

This Target for Younger Audiences. But I love this Show! This has Different Art Style Compare to other Shows. Very Silly and Help Emergency.

Sure, it was intended for younger fans, but the storylines and characters are worthy enough for older fans.

It's a kid show of course, with fairly simple animation, but some clever dialog makes it fun.

Even though I was older, I still watched it. The storylines are great on this show.

9 Transformers: Cyberverse

The series is meh at first, but it gets better with each passing episode!

10 Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Siege
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11 Transformers: Victory

Kinda old G1 anime style. The cast is pretty interesting, despite most were never released in the states. Jean's a major whiner, in some ways worse than Daniel in headmasters.
The only real downside is too many clip episodes.

12 Transformers: The Headmasters

It has its ups and downs. a major down is killing Optimus Prime off again then putting Rodimus back in charge for about 10 episodes then he goes into space leaving total strangers in charge. Worst of all is what a whiny baby Daniel is. He was at least bearable in the American version. Here all he does is whine and cry.
It has some good G1 style animation and features brief appearances of pre-movie characters unseen since. It also features some later characters Rebirth didn't.

13 Transformers: Energon

This underrated series is the best of the Unicron trilogy. It has more action than Armada did and they get the characters' names right more. The toy line was also one of the best of its time.

The embodiment of laziness. Everything in this show looks ugly, and it disregards almost everything from Armada. Pure garbage.

Personaly energon has allways been a fun movie but I wish in every single transformers series they would discountiue the humans they almost just take all the fun out of the movie!

May have been a flawed series but the transformers were enjoyable and entertaining!

14 Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Not to confuse the two, I'm praising the 2001 series. NOT the horrid '15 excrement.
This was the first series to feature Autobots and eventually Decepticons again. It's primarily aimed at a younger audience, hence some of the childishness like Sideburn flirting with cars, the hard luck lady and some other anime content. My only real complaint is how they shout the name of their weapon as they fire. It would've been so annoying to hear Optimus Prime in G1 shout "Laser Rifle" or Megatron yell "Fusion cannon" and so on.
The toy line was very impressive, especially Nemesis Prime, aka Scourge. Evil doubles are always cool bad guys.
I am glad they chose to name the villain Megatron (and later Galvatron) in the English dub to go with the regular tradition. He was called Gigatron in Japan. It's only too bad we didn't get a new Fortress Maximus figure here. He'd have been hot with old school collectors.

Despite a rough time in America, Robots In Disguise 2001 is a great show! The transformation sequences were so cool! Especially the one with Omega Prime!

Awesome! Simply awesome! May not have had the best plot but it was hilarious and had pretty good animation definitely better than rescue bots, energo and the new robots in disguise show

The best history and robots of the transformers, frame my childhood forever!

15 Transformers: Super-God Masterforce

Late 80's series released in Japan, Masterforce had a great story and introduced many new characters. If you are a fan of the older transformers series like G1 and Headmasters, you really should check this out.

The show introduced many new characters like Sixshot, Overlord, Grand Maximus and the pretenders.

16 Transformers Go!
17 Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Earthrise
18 Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Kingdom
19 Transformers: Power of the Primes
20 Transformers: Combiner Wars
21 Transformers: Titans Return
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