Top 10 Best Idola Cilik Finalists

Idola Cilik is an Indonesian children's talent competition. As of now, Idola Cilik has had four seasons. The show has seen many finalists of high quality. The quality of the finalists is determined by a number of factors.
The Top Ten
1 Chindai Gloria Lagio

Cindai is the best Idola Cilik finalist. Why? Because she's got everything: a cute face, an awesome voice, and she always loves her family. She never forgets about her fans and always gives time to them, even when she is very busy. Always love and keep supporting Gloria C. Lagio.

You're a pretty girl and have a golden voice. I always support you! Fighting, Cindai! Cindai is the best!

Cindai is the best. The best performer, the best voice, sweet smile, good, so beautiful, and imut.

2 Trifosa Rehuel Alfasan
3 Fattah MIF
4 Gita Dwi Carni Tobing

The good finalist of idola cilik 2, she is from palembang south sumatera, she is so good voice and the first finalist from palembang in idola cilik

5 Gladys Betsy
6 Oca Rahuel
7 Alyssa Umari

Alyssa Saufika Umari, known as Ify, is a multitalented girl. Although she didn't make it to the Big 3 on Idola Cilik Season 1, she is a beautiful girl who excels in various fields. She is a pianist, guitarist, dancer, and songwriter. She also appeared in the movie "Putih Abu-Abu" as Ify. She has a golden voice and a nice falsetto.

Currently, she is a member of the Indonesian girl band named BLINK. She has created many songs, including "Andaikan," "Blinkin," "MamaKu Tersayang," "Hujan," and "Teduh." She has also been part of DIVA's group and Super Idola Band as a pianist, which was formed during Idola Cilik on RCTI. Her achievements have led to her trending worldwide multiple times.

Ify loves all of her fans, called IFC (Ify Fans Club).

8 Ashilla Zahrantiara

Ashilla Zahrantiara stopped her journey in the Big 10 of Idola Cilik Season 1. She is a talented girl with a good quality vocal and a beautiful face. She can play the guitar too. She has some singles like "Masih Cinta," "Curiga," and "Bieb." In essence, she is a good musician. However, her attitude is not too good. Some people have formed a community to hate her. Shivers is the fan club of Shilla.

Ashilla Zee? Multi-talented girl with a beautiful face and good voice. I love her so much. Proud to be one of her fans. She's the most friendly singer I've ever known.

9 Mario Stevano Aditya Haling

Mario Stevano Aditya Haling is his name. He has a golden voice that can soothe the heart with the tenderness and sonority of his voice. He's handsome and a smart boy. He can also play the guitar, dance, create songs, and always delight RISE in his own way. We are very proud of you, Rio...

Mario Stevano Aditya Haling is the runner-up on Idola Cilik Season 3. He has a sweet voice and a handsome face. Rio has one religious album and a single on Idola Cilik named "Rindukan Dirimu." He can play the guitar too. Sometimes annoying, but actually, he's a good boy. He also has many fans called RISE.

10 Cakka Nuraga

Cakka Nuraga possesses quality in music and has extensive experience in the field. In addition to being an expert in music, he is also skilled in basketball and football. Another plus is his handsome face, which attracts a wide audience and helps promote Indonesian music nationally. Moreover, Cakka is known for his good personality, making him a favorite among many.

Cakka Kawekas Nuraga wasn't the winner of this competition. He stopped his step on Big 6 Idola Cilik Season 2, but Cakka is a very talented boy. He has a unique and exotic voice that can make girls melt with his sexy voice and handsome face. He can play the guitar skillfully and has written songs on his album with his brother "Sampai Waktunya Datang" and the rap words on "Lupa Bawa Nyali." One song, "Bidadari Surga," was totally written by him. He can also play the piano, learn to play drums, act, be a model, and is good at sports, but for now, he wants to focus on being a musician.

He is a good musician and is multi-talented. His youth has gone wild because he can make people scream for him, "Cakka... Ya ampuun." C~LUVers is a fans club of Cakka.

The Contenders
11 Bagas R. Dwi Saputra

Good boy, can play piano, keyboard, guitar, and others. The 1st of April is the Anniversary of BagasLovers, the name of his fans. BLovers always support you! Be yourself, and be a winner of Idola Cilik 2013! Amin.

12 Sivia Azizah

Sivia Azizah was in the Big 8 on Idola Cilik Season 1. Sivia, also known as "Miss Improvisation," has the skill to arrange the tone and the song. Sivia is a jazzy girl. Now, Sivia is part of a girlband with Ify and two others named Blink. She is the main vocalist of her girlband. SiviaHolic is the fan club of Sivia.

She has an awesome jazzy voice! She's called Miss Improvisation on Idola Cilik. Besides that, she can act and draw so well!

I like her voice. It's so wonderful. Sometimes, she's called Miss Improvisation. She is kind and beautiful.

13 Gabriel Damanik

Gabriel Stevent Damanik was the second runner-up of Idola Cilik Season 1. Known for his rock and raspy voice, he is also skilled in playing the guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. Gabriel is not only a talented musician but can also act and model. Among the other finalists, he is the most critical, making him a suitable candidate for a commentator role. He is a good public figure and participated in "Musikal Laskar Pelangi". Gabriel's fan club is known as GabFC.

Why Gabriel? Because with his voice, his face, his talent, I think he is amazing. We always support him!

He is a talented boy. He has a great, amazing voice. If you stalk his Twitter, you'll see he's really a caring, social person. It's a real plus point for him. He also has a handsome face.

14 Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto

Chelsea is the best, beautiful, and has an awesome voice! I will always support Chelsea!

Chelsea is the best ever! Keep supporting her!

Chelsea is a multitalented girl. Go, Chelsea!

15 Ray Prasetya

Muhammad Raynald Prasetya was in the Big 11 on Idola Cilik Season 3. He is a very talented boy. He can play the drum very skillfully and other instruments like guitar, bass, and keyboard. He has won many drummer competitions. He can act too. He participated in the "Yang Masih di Bawah Umur" TV series. RayReady is the fan club of Ray.

Ray was among the 11 finalists in Idol. From the beginning of his time on Idol, I started to like him. He's not only handsome and has a good voice, but he is also multi-talented. He can play the drums and guitar. He has also become an artist. He played in the film "Yang Masih Dibawah Umur." I was glad when he appeared on television. Haha. RayReady is the fan club name of Ray.

16 Difa Ryansyah

Difa is my inspiration. Difa has an angelic voice and I like this! I will keep supporting you, handsome.

Difa, you are so cute, sweet, and handsome. I like you and I like your smile.

17 Agni Tri Nubuwati

She always interacts with the audience, always smiling and being a social butterfly. She is also one of the most improved finalists right now. She has created her own song. With her unique, tender yet strong voice and personality, she'll always be special. No one could ever replace her in Idola Cilik.

Agni? She has a beautiful voice. Her personality and attitude are role models for girls. She's achieved awesomeness not just in one field but in music, education, and more competitions. She makes me think positively.

She has a lot of talent at a young age, and still maintains her academic achievements as her number one priority in life!

18 Gilang Wahyuda Wannartha

Gilang always enjoys the music. When he sings, it feels like everyone enters into the music. He has the ability to sing all types of songs - slow/mellow, energetic, and more! He can sing any kind of song. And I think he has 'lesung pipi' that can hypnotize everyone. We love you, Gilang!

19 Goldi Senna Prabowo

Goldi has a passion for sharing the songs he sings with everyone. That makes him awesome and amazing.

He is the perfect idol because he has great love and care for Indonesia.

For me, only Goldi, who is a member of Idola Cilik, is the best!

20 Alvin Jonathan Sindunata

Alvin Jonathan, often called Alvin, was the second runner-up. Starting from his hobby of singing in church, Alvin was offered a chance to join "Idola Cilik 3". He initially refused because he did not want to be a singer but rather aimed to become a football player. With his cool style and good voice, Alvin successfully won over many people in Indonesia, especially young girls. Alvin has a community of fans named ALVINOSZTA. Not having a mother did not discourage Alvin. He even rose from this challenge, ready to achieve all his goals.

Since winning as the second runner-up, he already released his own single titled "Berteman Saja". He also sang in a duet with Olga Victoria on Olga's album.

21 Angel Karundeng

Angel is a really talented girl. She is very pretty and known for her beautiful smiles, as she loves to smile. She is a princess from Manado, a city proud to have her as a representative in Idola Cilik. She deserves to be in Idola Cilik. Her fan club, LoveAngel, is enthusiastic, often chanting, "Angelnya satu, pendukungnya banyak". She has many fans due to her beautiful voice and pretty face. I particularly love her "Burung Camar" performance.

She is very talented. Even though she is tiny, she has a wonderful and astonishing voice.

22 Videmarsha Anasuciara Prabaswara
23 Deva Ekada Saputra

Deva is one of the best singer in Indonesia. He has an unique voice and I love that so muchh. Beside he can sing, deva can dance, yeah Bali traditional dance. It's so awesome. Deva is awesome! And handsome hehe. I supported+voted deva and always support+vote him! Yeah DS!

He has a good voice with the gentle face... I liked him very much...

Go Deva Go Deva Go!
Deva have a nice voice

24 Ozy Adriansyah

Ozy you are good tallent. Your voice is Melayu total. You are cute, handsome, dilligent, polite, intelligent, kind, not arrogant, friendly with fans.
Sweet smile. Cheer up sad friends, care about God, family, friends, just fans.
Ozy cool

25 Patton Latuiperissa

Patton Latuiperissa is a runner up on Idola Cilik season 2. He is jazzy boy. He good to sang tompi's song. Patton have a single on Album Idola Cilik season 2 named "Meraih Mimpi". He participated as dubbing on "Meraih Mimpi" the movies. PattonBanget is a fan club of Patton

He is amazing... No one can be like him, he's very good singing. Have a distinctive voice with jazz music or sound shrill

One word describe him, amazing.

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