Top 10 Scariest Ghost Adventures Episodes

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1 Rolling Hills Asylum
2 Poveglia Island

I fist saw that island when I was stationed in Vecenza Italy.
I asked about it, thinking it must be another tourist trap.
The locals told me it is the island of Death.
That was back in 1973. You really answered questions that I had for years Best job ever.
Keep it up.
Thank You All
US Paratrooper

The part where Zak got possessed was creepy. Other than that, there wasn't anything scary about the episode

Zak gets possessed in this episode!

3 Bobby Mackey's Music World

I don't know why, but every time I see you back there I get a very uneasy feeling. I've never felt that WAY with any other of your hauntings!.
That's one place I plan to stay away from!.
Scared Sh""less.

Very creepy good thing they took a priest the last time.

4 Pennhurst State School
5 Moon River Brewing Company

I've actually visited that place, and nothing happened really. (At least, nothing that I know of)

Nick is the best

6 Island of the Dolls

The laughing doll haunts me mentally today.

Not a fan of dolls regardless, and since this episode for me aired after the Sallie House one, I didn't even bother watching it

7 Return To Bobby Mackeys
8 Villisca Axe Murder House
9 Zozo (I Am Zozo)

Gave me anxiety!

10 Annabelle's Curse
The Contenders
11 Return To Goldfield Hotel

After seeing your first visit to Goldfield I got hooked!

Flying bricks and lumber!.

I've driven by that place on my WAY to Mercury Nevada for years. I look at Goldfield differently now.

The other place was the Riddle House!. I've never seen anything break gravity like that!

Keep up the awesome Work.

12 Goatman’s Bridge

I recently got the chance to see this episode, and that place is probably one of the creepiest and most dangerous places they've ever investigated. Their still-shot photographer had to quit because she is still dealing with an attachment from the woods. Not to mention the threat of venomous snakes. They also saw a pair of eyes briefly, Aaron was thrown about 10-15 feet into a bush, and Zac tried to choke himself. I'd assume that place was as haunted as it was because of those Satanists in the 60's and 70's sacrificing animals. Pretty creepy episode for me.

13 Winchester Mystery House

Was interesting and some intense but I will not categorized it as the top tens. I think the own called Glan Inn or hotel is much more scarier and sure is 100% real with all the evidence.

14 Magnolia Plantation
15 Sallie House

This episode was creepy throughout, but the scariest part was when the teddy bear started moving in a circle. Then I turned my living room light on.

16 Bell Witch Cave
17 Old Washoe Club and Chollar Mine
18 Salem Witch House
19 Swan Inn
20 Sloss Furnace
21 Letchworth Village

That figure they saw was terrifying...

22 Eastern State Penitentiary

I've been here for their Terror Behind the Walls event and it wasn't even scary

23 Night of The Living Root Beer
24 Alcatraz
25 Enchanted Forest

Geez, they were investigating an amusement park, and it was creepy. It's like the guy who made the place in the 70's wanted to scare children. I made the mistake of watching this around 1 am. It was pretty creepy.

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