Top 10 Strongest Suzuran Fighters

The Top Ten
1 Megumi Hayashida (Rindaman)

While he has had one draw compared to Guriko's completely clean record, Rindaman was only defeated by a guy who could take down the strongest guy in Manji. And Manji's strongest guy three years later could defeat Hana who was almost on par with Guriko, so I think Rindaman would beat Guriko in a fight.

He is easily the strongest. He beat Bouya, who is legendary in Suzuran.

He is the strongest in Suzuran! Only him.

2 Harumichi Bouya

He defeated most people in one punch! The fight against Rindaman too was settled as a double knockout in the beginning, and even the undefeated Rindaman began to respect him. In the second fight, Bouya would have defeated him if only his punch had connected!

Bouya. He is the only one to be on par with the legendary Rindaman, even to the point of nearly knocking him out had the last shot connected. While Genji and Serizawa could hardly give him a sweat. Also, he beat the so-called strongest delinquent in Japan. Enough said!

3 Hanaki Guriko

Never lost a fight. Rarely takes a fight seriously. Even notable powerhouse fighters are scared of him. Could knock out any fighter with his lethal finishing head kicks.

Just like Rindaman, he is the only one who has never lost a fight. Unlike him, though, he never even had a draw against someone. He should definitely be ranked number one.

He is called the "Strongest in History" in the Worst manga for a reason. He is definitely number one.

4 Takiya Genji

"A fighter with a heart." I think he is the best. I don't know, it feels like he fights not just for himself but for others too. Just my opinion anyway. He can touch the heart of others. That's why he almost made Suzuran united, and he made Rindaman fall to his knees.

His fighting style surpassed everyone. He had to beat every floor and every class to gain power and to go to the top. He alone went to fight against 100 people and brought Rindaman to his knees.

Genji is known as the leader of Suzuran and is the only one that can bring Rindaman to his knees. If he's not the strongest, then he's definitely after Rindaman.

5 Hanazawa Saburou (Zetton)

One of the strongest guys to ever sit at the top of Suzuran. He overpowered most of his opponents, almost beating Harumichi Bouya. But of course, Bouya only had to do one punch to Zetton to win.

6 Hana Tsukishima

He isn't the overall strongest in history, but he has without a doubt the most deadly finisher in the Crows/Worst universe. Rindaman might even go down if he got hit by that disappearing uppercut.

The one and only leader of Suzuran. Even though I think he would lose to Harumichi Bouya, he is the first boss of Suzuran! So I think he should be number one.

Easily overpowered most of his opponents. He has only two losses, and both are by Hanaki Guriko. Hana Tsukishima is the first and only boss of Suzuran.

7 Tamao Serizawa

He is the best in terms of fighting, though he was beaten by Takiya. He could win this fight if he were a bit more serious. As he never challenged Rindaman, we don't know who would win that fight.

But above all, he is the coolest person in all of Suzuran, who prefers peace to violence.

He is a cool fighter and he can win his fight against Genji Takiya if he makes it serious like when his 13 orphans were gone in their second meeting. He is the coolest fighter in Suzuran, but he didn't fight Rindaman.

He has the personality to be a leader. He's the coolest!

8 Kaburagi Kazeo

Even though I like Takiya Genji more, I guess when it comes to being the strongest, it would definitely be Kazeo. Genji lost three times to Rindaman, while the final shot of Crows Explode shows Kazeo gaining the upper hand over Rindaman.

So, looking at how the final shot closes, I assume Kazeo beat Rindaman. That makes him the strongest Suzuran fighter. But still, I like Genji better. I regard him as my idol.

He is the reluctant leader who tried to run away from his destiny - but he couldn't avoid greatness.

He is the strongest in Crows Explode. No one has won against him.

9 Hideto Bandou

Hideto Bando is strong. He had defeated Genji because Genji couldn't win against Serizawa until Bando defeated Genji. He is one of the great leaders of T.F.O.A.

10 Kuzugami Tatsuo

The strongest delinquent in all of Japan... although beaten down by the greatest man, Bouya Harumichi.

The Contenders
11 Makoto Sugihara

Even Bouya Harumichi acknowledges Makoto as one of the strongest people who ever fought him.

12 Hisashi Amachi
13 Makio Bitou
14 Daizen "Tetsuwan" Tsutomu
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