Creepiest Sesame Street Moments

These are the most creepy moments in history of Sesame Street.
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1 "Count To Ten"

Count to ten with Nobody was responsible for my nightmares and fear of the dark until I knew a little more about our creepy friend here through a Jim Henson film called "The Organized Mind". Yeah, not only is the entire animation like an LSD or acid trip nightmare you had at night but also derives from the root phrase "Evil thoughts". After that, you may experience not wanting to organize your mind, suffering nightmares, and have a fear of the dark. Nighty-night!

This really freaks me out. Nobody is so creepy in this short, the creepy sounds and trippy Scanimate effects make for a very disturbing moment.

2 Fish Short Film

There's a film/educational skit similar to this and it's called "And now...The Octopus!" which has creepy, distorted music as octopus zoomed-in shots play. You could say the Octopus educational film is way worse than the fish film.

3 Cookie Monster's Dream

Cookies with evil faces jump on Cookie Monster. It looks like cookies are KILLING him.

4 Feelings Game
5 Animals Have 2 Part Short Film
6 Train Scene

"Bob, Luis and The Train". Yeah, Bob and Luis are trying to put two pieces of a picture together to create a train tunnel, but they keep messing it up, until finally they get it right and it becomes a real tunnel and they nearly get hit by a train, leading the two to throw the picture away and rip up the blueprint.

This was from Film Den's creepy Sesame Street moments video, and boy was it a hell of an impact on Deena.

7 Mysterious Theater from Sesame Street

Mysterious Theater or theatre was so creepy spoofing the "Mystery!" title sequence that I actually did not like it AT ALL. There is sinister, eerie music playing as a frozen painting of a woman in mourning attire drinking a glass of wine, and the black tombstone with "Mysterious Theatre" is on there with the skeleton. After a black flash and wolves howling and a cat whimper, as it zooms in.

8 The Crack Master

The Crack Master is a lost short about a girl and the crack animals meeting face-to-face with the almighty Crack Monster. It was unused and banned and made lost because it reportedly being too frightening for SS's target demographic. YouTubers like Blameitonjorge have found this lost media, and have come to share the world the creepiness of this loss skit.

It was in fact used. I believe it was aired just a few times before being retired for being too scary, but I saw it in the 70s before stumbling across it again on the internet 40 years later.

9 First Elmo
10 Snuffy's First Appearance

His eyes with the creepiest. You have to look up pictures of snuffy from Sesame Street first appearance.

The Contenders
11 Elmo's Laugh

It is evil but dumb. Why does everyone like Tickle me elmo then if Elmo's laugh is on here

12 The Lost Boy

The lost boy is a creepy skit firsthand, because of the ghostly, strange shapeshifter man and the boy being lost, but all is good fun in the end.

I was scared by that weird shape shifting man when I first watched it.

13 Orange Blob

How Orange said that she can change her self into anything.yes ANYTHING. A blob was a face is creepy enough

14 Count's Sleepover

This I watched this one video called Film Den: Top 10 Scariest Moments on Sesame Street where it did have the Count's Sleepover mentioned on it and the Ernie picture at 11:00 was creeping me out.

This is another Film Den, and it was creepy at the 11:00 timestamp where it showed the low-quality frozen picture of a zombified Ernie.

15 Kermit's B Lecture
16 Placido Peligro

It's an innocent song about danger sung by Placido Flamingo, and everything crashes down by the end, but the actors and him are okay. I think the theme of danger may scare people.

His video title was shown when I looked up for" Placido Flamingo", and I would never watch it because it would be the same reason as you said, but how did he look like?

That flamingo is scary. I'm glad that they removed him from the show.

17 Episode 847 Wicked Witch of the West

For those who don't know, in this episode the Wicked Witch becomes stranded in Sesame Street as they landed there on a broomstick that goes missing. The witch, assuming someone stole it, goes around Sesame Street threatening to do some rather awful things to people there if it isn't given back. It scared so many kids that it only aired once.

I looked this up on the internet and I thought it was creepy like when the wicked witch said if the broom wasn't returned she would threaten to turn David into a basketball and turn Big Bird into a feather duster. Back in 1976, many parents said that this episode was scaring their kids.

18 Episode 666

This is not real, it's actually a lost episode creepypasta you can find along on Geoshea's lost episodes wiki fandom alongside the other sesame street creepypastas.

19 When Cookie Monster Eats Cookies
20 Killer Big Bird Toodle Loo
21 Giant Meatball Scene in Kids Favorite Songs 2
22 Goldilocks saying the alphabet in Do the Alphabet

Goldilocks finishing the alphabet for Baby Bear tops as the creepiest moment in Sesame Street. It scared me equally today.

23 Oscar's Elephant

He is disturbing. His name is Fluffy search fluffy Sesame Street and yet he could be creepy.I think his trunk is only there because his head is big but creepy.

24 Big Bird Thinks Julia Hates Him
25 The Old Newlyweds
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