Top Ten Best Magic School Bus Episodes

I deeply loved this show as a kid, as well as many others did, I'm sure, on this site.

The Magic School Bus is an animated television series that ran from 1994 to 1997 and consists of 52 episodes. It follows an eccentric teacher and her class, who use a magic school bus to go on fantastical field trips and learn more about science. Remember that "The Magic School Bus..." precedes each episode title to make a complete statement.
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1 Gets Lost in Space

I think I was the only one who wasn't scared by this episode, Why, you might ask?
Because I knew that they wouldn't kill someone in a Kids Show, although I kinda feel like this was probably what Arnold would've wanted after a few episodes.

It's the original pilot episode of the show, and it's the reason why I still think of Pluto as a planet.

But. I like it and I'm fully grown kid

Don't forget that Pluto has moons!

2 For Lunch

They should remake the episode but edit the ending and make them get pooped out of Arnold's butthole instead. It would be so much funnier XDDD

Arnold hates going on fieldtrips. Well, guess what Arnold, now YOU'RE the fieldtrip. Open wide, boy.

3 In the Haunted House

I wasn't as much afraid of this episode as I was entertained. There's so much awesome stuff to look at in this episode! Plus, Carol Channing has a cameo at the end. CAROL CHANNING! It almost makes me tear up.

This episode was scary to me in kindergarten but it was cool to watch the sound moving. Scary organ though

4 Blows Its Top

The volcano episode. We're talking lava, explosions, and really creepily squished faces at the end (if you've seen it, you know what I mean). Overall, awesome!

This episode was pretty good!

5 Gets a Bright Idea

You know, that TERRIFYING episode where Arnold gets "turned into a ghost"? It's scary as hell, but equally as fun to watch.

6 The Busasaurus

This was my number 1 top main episode on video I used to watch more than any other episode ever out of all the 51 others when I was little.

The class goes to visit the dinosaurs. Need I say more?

7 Butterfly and the Bog Beast

It's great for learning about the evolutionary supremacy of butterflies

8 Gets Ready, Set, Dough

The famously hilarious cake episode. You know, with the really cheesy, mustached baker? You probably already knew which episode it was from the title, right? Yeah. Thought so.

9 Gets Eaten

Not to be confused with "For Lunch", this episode has to do with undersea plankton and fish. Of course, as you probably guessed, a fish eats them. You know you loved it.

10 Taking Flight

Does a surprisingly good job teaching about aerospace engineering

The Contenders
11 In the Rain Forest

In this episode, Tim says that it's the balsam tree that feeds the monkey, that feeds the ant, that feeds the anteater. That's just like saying the monkeys eat fruits from the trees that leave like leftovers of sticky stuff and juice for ants to forager like that feeds them and that feeds the anteater on the food chain.

Tim could've also even said to and told both Dorothy Ann and Inspector 47 that it is also that all the plants and animals are part of the balance of nature like that's the animal kingdom.

Earth Day + Cocoa Beans + Inspector 47's bad accent = a crazy, fun episode!

12 Getting Energized

It's entertaining watching them make all those devices to harness energy

13 Spins a Web
14 Makes a Rainbow

In this episode, Dorothy Ann was being a jerk like she said that colors don't come from light and have absolutely nothing in common with each other even though they do indeed come from light and have a huge amount in common.
Colors do come from light: With our eyes, we see.
light is so very bright, it makes your eyes go blind and colors are everything we see all around us that is physical with objects.
rods help for light/night vision and cones help for color vision.
without any light to see color with in the dark, it is all just dark and colorless like black and you can't even see any such colors all in the dark like red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, or pink when it is just all black and dark there and no white light that shines on it all to see colors for coloring them all as you shine them on them in life.
What about even the traffic lights like red for stop, yellow for wait, and green for go and also even including Christmas lights.

Mr. Rhule, the principal, says to Arnold in this episode, "When we have time, Arnold, we will discuss the meaning of the word, "soon!"". He could've also even said so himself, "Sooner or later".

15 Under Construction
16 The Magic School Bus Holiday Special

Every single object and building in town gets horrifically turned into cans and plastic bottles after the bus turns evil. What? That doesn't scream "holiday special" to you?

17 Sees Stars
18 In a Pickle

This episode is kind of similar to Meets the Rot Squad. They talk about microbes and how they can make things change like out in nature such as like rot in fruits and vegetables just like in that other episode, Meets the Rot Squad. Ms. Frizzle tells Arnold in this episode, "Oh, relax, Arnold! They're funguses and they are only doing what comes naturally!" Keesha Franklin then asks and says, "You mean they're supposed to destroy the tomato?"
The producer in and during the end of the episode, Meets the Rot Squad, that if there was absolutely indeed no rot at all, then the soil wouldn't get back all the nutrients they needed, and life would become dull and dry like a desert.

Keesha Franklin is always just such a dramatic brat and hardheaded sourpuss in this episode. All pickles are made from cucumbers like they get brined and so it's natural for fruits and vegetables to rot in life. That's nature. That's the way for how nature works in life. She was being hypocritical: she said in the beginning that the pickle did not smell like her cucumber even though she later told Arnold that smelliness isn't enough to prove it all.

This episode is pretty much similar to and resembles and reminds me of a little bit of and is probably even identical to the Arthur episode, "DW's Snow Mystery". Keesha Franklin in the beginning screamed and yelled through the classroom schools like shocked over her cucumber gone just like the same exact way as DW Read did over her snowball gone from within the freezer in the Arthur episode, "DW's Snow Mystery".
Keesha was kind of and truly hardheaded in this episode just like she can be at other times in different episodes, too, like Kicks Up A Storm, Flexes Its Muscles, and Going Batty.

I found Keesha Franklin to be a real jerk in the beginning of this episode all just because of and over her cucumber gone and "stolen or robbed" and also even tried to accuse Ralphie of and for stealing it. She's very sarcastic. Sarcasm is a social character flaw. Sarcasm could be her social character flaw.

19 All Dried Up

Also, Phoebe Terese, animals living out in the wild of nature don't need any mortal human beings to interfere with the ways of mother nature to go against it all like otherwise, if mortal human beings just interfered with it all, than it just might go against nature like upset it and even if they did get eaten, that's the animal kingdom.

Phoebe is worried about how animals in the desert survive. Well, Phoebe, they've sort of been doing it for millions of years. I think they're fine. Don't believe me? Ok, then.

Phoebe is such a kindhearted and brave animal rights activist

20 Going Batty

The whole class thinks Ms. Frizzle is a vampire. Which is ridiculous. SHE'S OBVIOUSLY A WITCH! I'll tell you, I was afraid to drink tomato juice for months after first watching this one. Not that I'd drink it anyways. I mean, come on. Tomato juice.

First of all, I wanna know why the teacher would take off with every adult in the whole building, leave the kids there, and put a LIZARD in charge?

21 Wet All Over

The class acts as a physical representation of the water cycle. Since I've seen what happens to Senator Kelly in 'X-Men', I'd say, DON'T DO IT!

22 Gets Planted
23 Out of This World

The bus turns into an obviously "Star Trek-ish" space ship and goes in to space (again) to stop an asteroid from colliding with the Earth after Dorothy Ann has a prophetic dream about it. Dang it, D.A., what's with you and space danger?

24 Goes Cellular

Arnold turns orange from eating too many "Seaweedies". Why he'd want to eat those at all remains a mystery to humanity.

25 Goes to Mussel Beach

The class all turns into mussels. Because that's not creepy.

It's a tropical day.
Hakuna Matata.

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