Top Ten Best Magic School Bus Episodes

I deeply loved this show as a kid, as well as many others did, I'm sure, on this site.

The Magic School Bus is an animated television series that ran from 1994 to 1997 and consists of 52 episodes. It follows an eccentric teacher and her class, who use a magic school bus to go on fantastical field trips and learn more about science. Remember that "The Magic School Bus..." precedes each episode title to make a complete statement.
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1 Gets Lost in Space

I think I was the only one who wasn't scared by this episode, Why, you might ask?
Because I knew that they wouldn't kill someone in a Kids Show, although I kinda feel like this was probably what Arnold would've wanted after a few episodes.

It's the original pilot episode of the show, and it's the reason why I still think of Pluto as a planet.

But. I like it and I'm fully grown kid

2 In the Haunted House

This episode talks about and is used for and to feature "sound" as its topic like at the sound museum along with playing music like causing "vibration". I think another thing that has to with all of this is like sound barriers on airplanes and aircrafts like that go only about 767 mph like the speed of sound all itself. It also even says that humans only just can hear about only just less than 1% of the acoustic sound spectrum in the universe, just like they can only just see less than 1% of electromagnetic light spectrum in the universe like with and because the speed of light is faster than you/they can even blink. That could also even be like saying that eyes confiscate for ears like light waves compared to sound waves like with their wavelengths, and also even speed of light compared to speed of sound. Also, it also even says the cavefish has a functional sense of hearing, but a poor functionless eyesight with vision.

3 For Lunch

They should remake the episode but edit the ending and make them get pooped out of Arnold's butthole instead. It would be so much funnier XDDD

Arnold hates going on fieldtrips. Well, guess what Arnold, now YOU'RE the fieldtrip. Open wide, boy.

4 Blows Its Top

The volcano episode. We're talking lava, explosions, and really creepily squished faces at the end (if you've seen it, you know what I mean). Overall, awesome!

5 Gets a Bright Idea

You know, that TERRIFYING episode where Arnold gets "turned into a ghost"? It's scary as hell, but equally as fun to watch.

6 Gets Ready, Set, Dough

The famously hilarious cake episode. You know, with the really cheesy, mustached baker? You probably already knew which episode it was from the title, right? Yeah. Thought so.

7 Gets Eaten

Not to be confused with "For Lunch", this episode has to do with undersea plankton and fish. Of course, as you probably guessed, a fish eats them. You know you loved it.

8 The Magic School Bus Holiday Special

Every single object and building in town gets horrifically turned into cans and plastic bottles after the bus turns evil. What? That doesn't scream "holiday special" to you?

9 In the Rain Forest

Earth Day + Cocoa Beans + Inspector 47's bad accent = a crazy, fun episode!

10 The Busasaurus

The class goes to visit the dinosaurs. Need I say more?

The Contenders
11 Sees Stars
12 Butterfly and the Bog Beast

The producer at the end of this episode described Janet's character "insensitive and inappropriate". The person on the phone said, "That's still no reason or excuse to hunt or track down or try to catch such moths and butterflies. Moths and butterflies should be left alone!". Butterflies also include even represent shallowness in life like from shallow people rather than deep people in life who jump to conclusions without evidence of judging books by their covers and things by their appearances just for how they look and appear to be in life.
What animal represents shallowness?
Two butterflies represent a long and happy marriage while catching and killing a butterfly signifies your shallowness.

13 Makes a Rainbow
14 Spins a Web
15 Under Construction
16 Going Batty

The whole class thinks Ms. Frizzle is a vampire. Which is ridiculous. SHE'S OBVIOUSLY A WITCH! I'll tell you, I was afraid to drink tomato juice for months after first watching this one. Not that I'd drink it anyways. I mean, come on. Tomato juice.

First of all, I wanna know why the teacher would take off with every adult in the whole building, leave the kids there, and put a LIZARD in charge?

17 All Dried Up

Phoebe is worried about how animals in the desert survive. Well, Phoebe, they've sort of been doing it for millions of years. I think they're fine. Don't believe me? Ok, then.

Phoebe is such a kindhearted and brave animal rights activist

18 In a Pickle

I'm going to let you discover this little treasure for yourselves, if you don't know it. The title should be a good enough clue.

19 Shows and Tells

The webbed hoop kind of sort of strongly resembles and reminds me a little bit also even of a dreamcatcher as my hypothesis. Dreamcatchers themselves also indeed were like traditional used by the Native Americans of an Indian tribe from like even Pocahontas in 1607-1614. Plus, dreamcatchers themselves were indeed like nets or webs.

I love this episode. This episode is not heard about too much and is seldom seen. Arnold's webbed hoop is awesome for teaching about archaeology

20 Getting Energized

It's entertaining watching them make all those devices to harness energy

21 Wet All Over

The class acts as a physical representation of the water cycle. Since I've seen what happens to Senator Kelly in 'X-Men', I'd say, DON'T DO IT!

22 Taking Flight

Does a surprisingly good job teaching about aerospace engineering

23 Gets Planted
24 Out of This World

The bus turns into an obviously "Star Trek-ish" space ship and goes in to space (again) to stop an asteroid from colliding with the Earth after Dorothy Ann has a prophetic dream about it. Dang it, D.A., what's with you and space danger?

25 Goes Cellular

Arnold turns orange from eating too many "Seaweedies". Why he'd want to eat those at all remains a mystery to humanity.

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