Top Ten Star vs the Forces of Evil Episodes

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1 Starcrushed

It was good but I think I watched a different episode than the below me. It was more about starting Starco and not destroying it.

Beautiful Memorizing and Stunning I caught a lot of feelings for this one.

It was awesome seeing Starco get crushed and Jarco triumph! Too bad it didn't last.

2 Blood Moon Ball

This really just a solid episode. Probably not the best that the series has ever done, but it's one of if not my absolute personal favorite(s). There are funny jokes and gags, such as the fact that the Blood Moon Ball occurs every six-hundred-and-sixty-SEVEN years, and the gag with the two monsters whose lips don't move. In terms of character, we get a proper introduction to Tom (who is probably my favorite reoccurring character on the show), we get a super mature exchange at the end between Star and Marco, and the side characters such as the Ed Wynn-sounding monster complaining about the ball are a hoot from their personalities alone. Also, this may be a controversial opinion, but I actually like some of the early season 1 episodes that feature slightly choppier animation. It makes the characters move in such a visually interesting way that I can't even describe. Sure, I like the bouncy, more fluid animation from the pilot and season 2, but this looks good in its own right. Overall, solid episode.

3 Star Comes to Earth

You get to see Star's parents for the first time.

You get to see everyone for the first time.

4 Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

Personally, I thought this was a great episode because it showed how Star's feelings for Marco were deepening. She initially felt excited for him, but when the time came, she felt upset. It also shows how the corrupted side of her wand can worsen when bothered by her emotions. Star deliberately searched for a dark spell just so she could watch, and it showed the power of Eclipsa's spells when she accidentally popped a wheel on Jackie's skateboard. Even better, the continuation of the Blood Moon Ball (during Jackie and Marco's kiss) was remarkable.

5 Sleep Spells

Wh-... What. I don't get it... why is this so high? I mean, sure it had some good, interesting elements in it, and the psychology scene was funny, but... the elephant was out of nowhere! And it just dropped the mother issues plot thread!

It has a very good plot in my opinion.

6 Storm the Castle

One of the first episodes where you can actually tell Star is getting serious. Granted, it's not the ONLY episode where Star gets serious, but the atmosphere of the episode really drives home the point that she means business. And for the sake of her best friend Marco, too. It was an awesome way to wrap up the season and it was an even better way to develop the relationship between the two protagonists. If I were making this top ten video as, say, something on Youtube (which I don't do, by the way), I would put this as number one and caption it as an anti-climatically obvious choice. But I'll respect the decisions of this poll and leave it at that.

(A note about the #1 choice at the time of my writing this - 12/10/2016 - Mewberty was pretty great too, especially considering its tone and subject matter).

7 Mewberty

This was a weird one. She turns into a purple butterfly like creature and has a melted brain that tells her to capture boys and put them in lockers... O3O

It was really weird for all us weird people out here.

First place in worst star episodes: mewberty

First place in best star episodes: mewberty

8 Pixtopia
9 Party With a Pony

It has an awesome flying pony head!

10 Running With Scissors

While this didn't drive the plot forward all that much, I still love it. It is executed beautifully and I just love that they didn't do something stupid like "haha, it was just a dream" or something. No, instead Marco was actually away for 16 whole years of his life, and even it it was just eight minutes on earth that is still 16 years to him. And the ending where he sits and I guess feel kinda empty and weird about being a 14 year old again in a life he no longer knows it just wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.

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11 Match Maker

You get to see Marco's future girlfriend.

This one is amazing, I don't like Jarco. Either way great episode.

12 Just Friends
13 Monster Arm

That's so weird and funny that Marco has a talking squid arm.

Marco gets an octopus arm. Hilarity ensues.

14 Face The Music

Am I the only one who really likes this one?

15 St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses
16 The Other Exchange Student

I personally thought Marco and his family were pretty annoying. It wasn't very funny either.

17 Photo Booth
18 Toffee

Last good episode before the show went downhill.

This is obviously the best episode.

19 Lobster Claws

Marco tries to make Lobster Claws but fails.

20 Star on Wheels

Same here! All the episodes with Eclipsa are the main reason I still watch this show!

Where's Total Eclipsa the Moon? Divide? Conquer? Tough Love? All the awesome Eclipsa episodes. Oh, I love Eclipsa.

21 Gone Baby Gone

I know the episode is barely one day old, but I LOVED IT!

22 Here to Help

No! Buff Frog Your Star's friend and they're not loosing you too!

23 Cleaved

This is the best cartoon episode I have ever watched. The emotion just hit me like a moving train and I love it.

I can't believe that this isn't higher than 24. Best episode.

WHOA. Cleaved is this high after one day?

24 Game of Flags
25 Into the Wand

Oh my God! How is this not on the list? The revelations in this episode, the Butterfly tapestries, Toffee's finger. This episode is mega important.

I thought that episode was cool this was like finding out your parents were like the Power Rangers or the Justice League!

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