Top 10 Best Diginets

Let's talk about Diginets. If you're wondering what's a Diginet, it's basically a free-to-air channel available via a TV antenna. So channels like Qubo, MeTV, Laff, etc. Now what counts as a Diginet is:

1) They have to be available through a digital subchannel.

2) Cable channels and streaming services are forbidden. Since they aren't available through a digital subchannel.

3) and.... that's that!

Now I know that the majority of these channels aren't really known to those who use mostly cable or streaming but that's okay!
The Top Ten
1 PBS Kids PBS Kids is the brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. It has educational shows like Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in 1969.

Possibly the best of the diginets, PBS Kids takes the top spot for several reasons.

1. It's available to everyone. No matter where you live (at least in the US), you can watch it through your local PBS station.
2. Many of their shows are well-received or enjoyed by audiences (such as Sesame Street, Molly of Denali, and even their latest show: Donkey Hodie).

Not to mention that PBS Kids has endured while many children's networks and blocks have disappeared. This probably explains why people remember PBS Kids more than Qubo, Kidsclick, Fox Kids, and Vortexx.

2 MeTV

Getting the silver spot is MeTV! Otherwise known as Memorable Entertainment Television, MeTV does everything that the big three used to do.

They are the only channel that provides cartoons nowadays (aside from Smile and PBS Kids). MeTV even has blocks like Toon In With Me, Super Sci-Fi Saturdays, Sunday School, Breakfast with Bedrock, and many more! It's like MeTV is the next Qubo!

3 Qubo

Taking the bronze spot is Qubo! Unfortunately, it closed down in March of this year due to the E.W. Scripps Company thinking that it and Ion Plus weren't as mature as their Katz channels (Court TV, Court TV Mystery, Grit, Bounce, and Laff).

If I could, I would place Qubo as number one, but they did some questionable things to their weekend lineups. Overall, this channel didn't deserve to close down, and if it hadn't, it would be a good companion to Laff.

I loved this one! Why did they close it?

4 The CW Plus

The CW+ is a pretty radical channel! It's basically a national feed of The CW, except now it uses the network's main lineup.

They air sitcoms during the daytime hours, action shows during the night, and even nature shows (though they're mediocre) on Saturday mornings! Now, if this list was made in 2013, this would have been number one.

The CW has The Goldbergs, one of my favorite sitcoms ever. And other great sitcoms. Plus, a kids' portion in the morning. Enough said.

5 MyNetworkTV

Ah yes, the punching bag of the diginets. MyNetworkTV is on here because you can customize it. Excluding the 7 to 10 PM slots, MyNetworkTV can pretty much be the network you want!

Want to air cartoons all day? Then do it! Typically, this channel often shares a slot with another diginet (usually MeTV or Cozi). So it's pretty much a diginet passing itself off as a mainline local channel.

6 Laff

A Katz network. We all knew that at least one Katz channel would end up here. Laff may be a "zombie network," but most of the shows they air are rather wholesome compared to the other Katz channels.

During the morning and afternoon hours, they air funny video compilations similar to America's Funniest Home Videos or Funniest Pets and People. Easily the best Katz channel in my opinion.

Considering the fact that Qubo just closed down, this makes Laff the most family-friendly channel of the ION family. What kind of parent would want their kid to see Court TV?

7 Cozi TV

Just like Laff, most of the shows found on Cozi are also pretty neat! But unlike Laff, Cozi is basically NBC's old-school network, airing shows from as early as the 60s to as late as the 2000s.

On Sundays, they air The More You Know for a children's block. So think Laff meets The CW Plus.

8 Antenna TV

Third nostalgia old-school in a row, eh? Well, that's what you get when a 2000s kid makes the list. Antenna TV airs programming exclusively from the 1960s and 1970s. So it's basically Nexstar's Cozi.

Every Saturday morning, they air informative science shows that put Litton to shame. Some of the sitcoms they air are comedy gold. This is also the channel where you can encounter the infamous Screen Gems "S from Hell."

9 Light TV

This, like Qubo, is a channel that I dearly miss. Light TV was basically what you would get if you mixed Laff with Qubo. They aired cartoons (mostly from the DIC Entertainment lineup) during the day and sitcoms (as well as dramas) at night.

But did Byron Allen really need to get his hands on it? Now I haven't seen TheGrio, but turning a family channel into a Bounce 2.0 felt like a bizarre idea.

10 TBD

Ending the list, we have a channel for the Millennials! Unlike the other networks on the list, which air either sitcoms or action shows, TBD mostly airs user-generated content!

They even aired a kids' block aimed at children (basically Gen-Z) known as Kidsclick! So before MeTV's Toon In With Me, us cable cutters had Kidsclick.

The Contenders
11 Decades

I'm not actually too familiar with this one. But from what I've heard, it's basically CBS's Cozi.

12 Buzzr

Buzzr is a pretty creative network that broadcasts game shows all day and all night. Honestly, it's better than playing a game show on the NES or Wii.

13 Rewind TV
14 MeTV+
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