Top 10 Weirdest Pieces of Lost or Formerly Lost Nickelodeon Media

Well a collab list is something that I would never thought I would do, but here's one with the king of peanuts, Pnut! We are both very interested in lost media so I felt like this was a cool idea for a list.

This list is about lost media (or lost media that was eventually found) related to Nickelodeon. There are many reasons why of these are or were lost such as them only seen by the public for a short amount of time a long time ago. We're counting media that was not available to the public as well because the definition on Wikipedia says that counts. We hope that you like this list.
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1 Clockman

Pnut: Wow. Never have I seen such a wild search for a piece of lost media more than this.
Cryptic: Yep, the search for A Day With Spongebob was pretty cool but this one is the most interesting to me.
Pnut: In 2012, a user posted about a short he saw in his young years that terrified him. Eventually this would kick off a 5 year long search for the titular short he called "Clockman."
Cryptic: The user who's known as Commander Santa described it being about a young boy who was snatched from his bed from the Clockman at midnight and goes on an adventure which he returns from before sunrise. That's creepy, dude.
Pnut: Yeah, very creepy. Some people speculated that it was on the long running educational show Pinwheel, or as I like to call, Nickelodeon's "Sesame Street".
Cryptic: Commander Santa's description was similar to a creepy Pinwheel short about a girl who makes a deal with a wizard after losing her shoes. She doesn't do her part in the deal and the wizard is pretty mad at her and snatches her, wanting an explanation.
Pnut: People found out that the short Commander Santa gave a description of he got terrified from was called "The Red Shoes". And later in 2017, a short called About Dressy Sally was found on YouTube (Of all places I might add) and the search was officially over.
Cryptic: So he was thinking of "The Red Shoes" but he just misremembered some of the details.
Pnut: Yeah, good enough.
Cryptic: How do you feel towards this short Pnut?
Pnut: To me, it has a very weird atmosphere, and it can be very creepy. But I'm glad it was found so we could end this crazy mystery.
Cryptic: Yeah, it looks very bizarre visually it kind of makes me feel uncomfortable. Also that's definitely one way to send a message to people. Always tell the truth or you'll be kidnapped by some wizard at midnight!

2 A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie

Pnut: Oh boy, we got a lot to talk about here. It first originally showed up on Amazon but many people believed that it didn't exist. It was suppose to be a mockumentary from SpongeBob but as of now, it's never been released. But from what I've seen, it had quite the crazy search.
Cryptic: Yeah I saw Blameitonjorge talk about this. It's about a kid who wins a contest and gets to spend a day with the one and only Spongebob Squarepants!
Pnut: Quite lucky I suppose.
Cryptic: Yeah no kidding, thousands of kids entered this competition.
Pnut: And all of that to end up not produced yet is sad...
Cryptic: I know right. At least we have the script. The story behind it is quite interesting though. There were legal problems with it, though his lawyer said it could be made because it was a parody, and apparently it was going to be live-action! Yeah! Live-action Spongebob! I know it's kind of a thing with the Big Birthday Blowout episode, but it's still very weird.

3 Astrology With Squidward

Cryptic: This is a series of 6 formerly lost shorts, which feature Squidward explaining the parts of the Zodiac with SpongeBob characters as symbols for them. Well, I'd never expect to be taught astrology by Squidward! Who the hell thought of this?
Pnut: Well there was some rumors going around that there was suppose to be 8, with Virgo and Libra joining them.
Cryptic: Yes but actually this was debunked by Vincent Waller on Twitter.
Pnut: Yeah, you know it's not real when one of the head creators of the show speaks out to it.
Cryptic: Apparently these shorts were quite popular and I see why, they are pretty dang funny. They were pulled from the air in 2001 but then it came back on Nicktoons until 2005.
Pnut: Thank god, because it's a great part to look back at in SpongeBob's history.
Cryptic: Yeah I hope they bring this back in some way, it would be cool!
Pnut: Maybe they could reboot it.
Cryptic: Yeah, it's a thing I didn't know I wanted.

4 Butcher's Hook

Pnut: Ah yes. I remember when BlameitonJorge talked about this, which I would like to add Cryptic got the idea from, so good luck getting a copyright strike, or maybe you won't and admin will see you as your child. A Reddit user named deaduser00 claimed to have seen a puppet short between 2001-2004, which during the search he called "The Butcher".
Cryptic: Yeah I hope I don't get screwed over, but the most notable thing about this short is that a puppet in the film is made of real bones of animals like dogs and birds, so... yeah.
Pnut: Ugh, sounds disturbing as heck. Well, some people think it has been found, as a short called "Butcher's Hook" has convinced many it's the real thing.
Cryptic: Some people think the movie is a hoax, a false memory, or the OP got confused with something else.
Pnut: You could be right, as they were a few missing details from the original description.
Cryptic: The film had no dialogue either, only ambient music and sound effects ooh that's creepy!
Pnut: Reminiscent to silent films perhaps? But no matter what, it really does embrace THE SPOOKY MONTH!
Cryptic: Hell yeah, man.

5 Spongebob: Re-Hydrated Short

Cryptic: Back in 2003, a Spongebob short aired with Spongebob fighting an army of Patricks coming out of a random door while dressed as the dude from The Matrix. Yes this is a real thing, I promise!
Pnut: Indeed, Cryptic. In 2016, a few seconds of footage were found on a Nick bumper in 2003. A Reddit user stated that it was called the Spongetrix and lasted around 10 minutes. Later that year, a 30 second long clip was found in the portfolio of a animator named Goopy Rossi.
Cryptic: A part of it also showed up in a commercial titled "Nicktoons: Only in Digital" and it's also an extra for Employee For The Month apparently. My only guess to why this exists is that it would've been for a trailer for that game. I hope we find the full version of this one day, it's very weird but I like it.
Pnut: Well it is cool that it's at least partially found. In 2017, a youtuber named Vailskibum94 made a video and while I wouldn't call it "good", it did revive the search for the lost short. So far, footage has been found, but the audio and some sound are still missing.
Cryptic: Who knows, maybe one of the animators or some random person might find the complete version and upload it to somewhere.

6 Nick Jr. Productions Snowflake Variant

On the CLG Wiki article for Nick Jr Productions, a variant on the 7th logo says "For Christmas 2006, the blue child makes a snowflake come out of the puddle a second after the logo starts." The snowflake variant is "lost; it only appeared on Nick Jr. airings of Go, Diego, Go! from November 25 to December 31, 2006 and currently cannot be found online."

7 Cry Baby Lane

Cryptic: Alright, so here is another movie. This one is from all the way back in the year 2000. It aired on October 28th of that year and it was never aired again. It was only aired here in the United States nor was it dubbed into any other language so sorry to the people who can't speak English.
Pnut: It was aimed to be scary but at a child friendly audience at the same time and was also supposed to be a theatrical film with a 10 million dollar budget but became a TV Movie instead. From what I've heard, it was a little too scary and received some backlash, right?
Cryptic: Yeah, and I saw a screenshot of the movie and it looks creepy. Nickelodeon stated that they weren't responsible for the "accidental" airing and they said they knew nothing about the film when people asked questions about it, and some people at Nickelodeon even said it never existed at all. So I guess Nickelodeon didn't want people knowing about it, and THAT sure worked out well, didn't it?
Pnut: It sure did.
Cryptic: Yeah. In 2011, a Reddit user by the name of Firesaladpeach said they had a VHS of Cry Baby Lane, and eventually she uploaded it to YouTube, and you can watch it right now if you want to.
Pnut: Good for her, but at the same time, think about what happened we she saw it back then.
Cryptic: TeenNick actually aired this after she uploaded the video, and in advertising it was "Nickelodeon's Dark Secret." Also, it was originally rated TV-Y7, but then TV-PG-V, and after that, TV-G. Pick a rating already dang it! It was most recently aired on The Splat in 2017.
Pnut: Fricking Nickelodeon always made stupid mistakes like this, but come on! You're right!
Cryptic: Ok, next item.

8 NSFW Pictures in SpongeBob SuperSponge
9 Lost Screenbug

Cryptic: Happy Halloween!
Pnut: But it's April.
Cryptic: I said happy Halloween!
Pnut: Eh might as well! So what's got you in your spooky funk this year?
Cryptic: Nothing really but I found this lost screenbug, it's kinda weird.
Pnut: What is it?
Cryptic: So there's this screenbug from 2006 featuring some undead person pulling his brain out and into a jar that is also the Nickelodeon logo then he falls and is dragged away by an octopus. Also he kinda looks like Old Man Jenkins to me for some reason. Yeah like a Frankenstein Old Man Jenkins. That's weird.
Pnut: Hmm, let's see. His last ever appearance was in a unknown SpongeBob episode it seems. What could've he been for?

Cryptic: Maybe he's friends with Nosferatu! I don't know!
Pnut: Oh my lordy!

10 Cut iCarly Scene from the Pilot

Cryptic: There's a few cut scenes from iCarly but there was scene that was lost for a bit from the pilot I found to be pretty weird. It's a scene of Sam and Cat telling their viewers that they can send their videos to them but they have to be appropriate or else they will TP their houses. That's basically it. No clue why this was cut I don't see anything wrong with it, and I couldn't find anything explaining why. What are your thoughts on this Pnut?
Pnut: Eh, it was probably some strict parents complaining about it. Because there's a certain select of people who complain about older kids like you TP'ing other people's houses. Besides that, I don't have any idea why it would be cut.
Cryptic: Like it would be a bad influence?
Pnut: To parents, yeah. I mean this was airing on Nickelodeon. And kids are gonna watch it, so it could be a possible answer for its cut.
Cryptic: Yeah that makes sense.
Pnut: This is why you should listen to the best nut.
Cryptic: Well this scene has actually been found and uploaded to YouTube last year, if you want to watch it just search up " iCarly iPilot DELETED SCENE - Toilet Paper (Lost Video Found)" you can't miss it.

The Contenders
11 Nickelodeon Party Blast PS2 Port

Pnut: So incase you never heard of the game Nickelodeon Party Blast, it was a game that wasn't very well received back in 2002 when it was released for the Gamecube, Xbox and PC, as it felt like your typical normal party game that was nothing but bland. However it was going to get a new port on the high rising PS2.
Cryptic: Well it never was, why though?
Pnut: Well, let me just do some quick research and... I found a page that said it was cancelled for unknown reasons apparently.
Cryptic: Ok, well that's weird, very weird!
Pnut: There are some leftovers though such as a model for the Dualshock controller in every released version in the games files.
Cryptic: Interesting, by the way have you played that game Pnut?
Pnut: No I haven't dingus. I wasn't born in 2002.
Cryptic: I haven't played it either, heard bad things about it though.

12 Legends of the Hidden Temple
13 Lemon Abe
14 Spongeboy Ahoy!
15 Me and My Friends Pilot
16 Saban Moon
17 Pingu’s Dream
18 Combo Panda's Death
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