Top Ten Most Evil DuckTales (2017) Characters

The 2017 DuckTales reboot, while kid-friendly and mostly gentle enough to be viewed and enjoyed by all ages, still did once in a while really push the boundaries of how far Disney would let the writers go in presenting some truly evil, sinister, dangerous strangers out to find you. And now that the series has reached the grand finale of it's 69 episode/4 year run, I think it's about time to count down, the top ten, most evil characters that appeared in the 2017 DuckTales series.
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1 General Lunaris

The main antagonist of season 2. Going to be completely honest here. Back in earky 2019, I was played for a complete fool. Lunaris seemed like such a nice, understanding guy. I genuinely believed he was on the side of good, as it seemed like he was genuinely willing to help the good guys when all seemed hopeless, and then my heart was ripped straight from my chest and shot straight up into orbit. As it turns out, General Lunaris, the leader of a race of moon people known as the Moonlanders, has been working secretly for years for the perfect time to come out of hiding and take complete control of the Earth, and he will stop to NOTHING to achieve his goal. Not for the better of his people, but only for himself. His own race means nothing to him, and are only pawns of a failing plan after one last attempt to destroy the Earth... while a countless number of his mostly untrained, innocent soldiers are still on it! And the only reason why all the Moonlanders decided to go through with his Moonvasion plot was because he manipulated and lied to all of them into hating the Earth through a fake betrayal in the first place! His complete disregard to everyone in his way, to even his own soldiers that he manipulated to his will and was willing to sacrifice after thier use to him had ended, undoubtedly makes General Lunaris, one of the most despicably heinous "things" that has ever been created in Disney television history. Also, his voice actor Lance Reddick was perfectly cast for him. He pulled off both the nice and sinister sides of him perfectly. Helmets off to him.

2 Magica De Spell

The main antagonist of season 1. Dispite her deep rooted hatred of Scrooge McDuck and his family being way more justified and less petty than I would have guessed at first, it still doesn't excuse Magica De Spell for the many magical crimes and grim malefics she has committed in her past. From bringing her own shadow to life as a moody misunderstood innocent teen just to bully and manipulate her even farther into villainy, to treating her like filth while not even recognizing and acknowledging her as her own living person, attempting to them KILL her, to then stalking and mentally tormenting her from the shadows while putting on a nice face just to get her magic back, Magica is one of the most vile, loathsome, straight up evil villains in the entire series and Disney Duck Universe for that matter, and I kind of love her for it. She is truly Scrooge McDuck's greatest enemy by a long shot...

3 Bradford Buzzard

The main antagonist of season 3, and the head director of F.O.W.L.: The Fiendish Organization for World Larceny. It's still a bit hard to know where to rank him here because it's been left a little ambiguous to what his main goal for the future of the McDuck family is. But we can still be sure though that whatever it is won't be practically pleasant.

Edit: It wasn't.

4 Black Heron

As the co creator of F.O.W.L., The Fiendish Organization for World Larceny, one the biggest and most dangerous criminal organizations in Disney history, it should be expected that none other than the fiendish agent Black Heron would be ranked pretty high on list like this. For reference here for someone here who has no idea what I'm talking about, take the image I chose for her above for an example. Those two little duck kids in her grasp, they're Donald Duck and his twin his sister Della. Also take notice of the big gun she has ready to use to kill them. She's threatening to kill one of the most famous and beloved cartoon characters in history (as a kid) by shooting him in the head. And this won't be the last time she tries to pull a trick dirty like this. For parents possibly watching this with their kids, the idea of a crazy unhinged woman so willing to go out of her way to directly target and harm children is chilling. Even worse: Herons in real life eat ducklings, making her sinister presence and predator tendencies all the more uncomfortable. She is one scary bird.

5 Ponce De Leon

The main antagonist of the season 3 episode The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!, and shockingly disturbing character to boot. As it turns out, the Fountain of Youth in the Duckverse doesn't actually restore youth, it transfers it, from one person to another. So at a certain suspicious hotel located deep within the swampland of Florida, it's possible that a young teen on spring break could enter the pool, only to come out as a tired of man with now no recollection of what happened to him from the dementia, and a certain suspicious someone has been running the place for centuries. Who knows how many innocent teens had more than half of their lives unfairly stolen from them with now no way or knowledge to getting it back?

6 Flintheart Glomgold

Even though his character and overall hammy personality make him one of the funniest villains in the series, his early series sociopaty and nonchalant attempts at murdering Scrooge McDuck and his family in cold blood make him just a wee bit disturbing...

7 Negaduck

If the original Darkwing Duck series showed us anything, it was that Negaduck was far from a nice guy. If fact, one could day that's he's completely rotten. Unfortunately, we don't get to see much of his bunny ripping terror this time around. Oh well, maybe one day, his chainsaw will rev once more...

8 Ma Beagle

She's not that bad. Most of her crimes remain off screen, although one could say that the way she treats her sons is pretty horrible. Even though they're all complete failure as criminal sons anyway.

9 Taurus Bulba
10 Phantom Blot
The Contenders
11 Dr. Akita

The main antagonist of the season 3 episode Astro B.O.Y.D.!, and responsible for forcing and unleashing an innocent yet dangerous robot boy into attacking Japan until he was eventually taken down.

12 Steelbeak
13 Doofus Drake

Well, he at least he redeemed himself in the end. With "redeemed" in the weakest sense of the word though...

14 Poe De Spell
15 John D. Rockerduck
16 Goldie O'Gilt
17 Louie Duck
18 Mark Beaks
19 Don Karnage
20 Toad Liu Hai
21 Pepper
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