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1 Five Years Gone

Hiro and Ando go to five years after the destruction of New York where superheroes are labeled as terrorists and Sylar, who disguised as Nathan, is the President. Hiro finds out that he must kill Sylar to prevent the future.

2 Company Man

The best episode in the series. We are held in suspense as Matt and Ted take the Bennet family hostage, thus all their story arcs converge. A shocking revelation is that Bennet was given Claire on the condition that he return her to the Company if her powers manifest, the reason why he is so protective of Claire.

3 Parasite

Hiro successfully gains back his power. Sylar attacks Peter. Nathan confronts Linderman, who makes an offer he can't refuse.

4 Homecoming

Peter rushes to the aid of the cheerleader, despite being seemingly powerless. Claire's father forbids his daughter from Homecoming, fearing she will be killed.

5 Landslide

Candice rigs the election for Nathan. Sylar kills Ted. Hiro prepares to face Sylar with his new swordsmanship skills. Matt and Bennet find Molly with the Company.

6 Fallout

Matt investigates the Homecoming killing and arrests Peter. Bennet plans to erase memories from Claire. Peter experiences a vision suggesting he is the cause of the atomic explosion in New York.

7 How to Stop an Exploding Man

Niki and Jessica finally unite. Hiro teleports Ando back to Japan to keep him safe. The Heroes finally face off against Sylar. Matt gets shot in his chest, but Hiro stabs Sylar before teleporting to medieval Japan, and Nathan figures out how to stop Peter from exploding.

8 .07%

Linderman reveals that his plan for Nathan includes Peter exploding. Peter is killed by Sylar. Claire meets her biological father, Nathan, for the first time. Ted, Matt and Bennet escape from the Company.

9 Unexpected

Bennet pursues Peter. Claude leaves Peter because he does not want to become involved with Bennet. Ted and Parkman plot to interrogate Bennet.

10 Six Months Ago

Hiro seeks to change Charlie's death by going back in time. Gabriel Gray becomes Sylar and kills people.

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11 The Hard Part

Introduction to Molly, who can locate any individual. Hiro and Ando see Sylar accidentally kill his own mother. Ted, Matt, and Bennet arrive in New York and reunite with Claire and Peter. Peter gains Ted's radioactive power.

12 Hiros

A Hiro from the future instructs Peter to save a cheerleader in order to save the world. Noah secretly instructs the Haitian to erase Brody's mind.

13 Genesis

People around the world discover that they have superpowers. Claire Bennet finds herself regenerating. Hiro Nakamura is able to teleport and time travel. Peter Petrelli experiences visions that convince him he can fly. Niki has an alternate personality with super strength.

14 Distractions

Sylar escapes from Bennet's captivity. Claude is convinced that Peter's loved ones are distracting him. Claire meets Meredith.

15 Collision

Matt is kidnapped by Claire's father. Hiro and Ando gamble in Vegas using Hiro's ability to freeze time. Claire takes Brody for a car ride into a brick wall.

16 Don't Look Back

Hiro time travels into the future and witnesses a nuclear explosion in New York. Nathan Petrelli tries to dismiss his power of flight. Matt Parkman uses his telepathic powers to find a girl named Molly Walker, whose parents have been murdered by a serial killer called Sylar.

17 One Giant Leap
18 Run!

Meredith informs Claire's biological father, Nathan, that Claire is alive. Linderman gets Jessica out of prison as an assassin to kill Nathan. Sylar is now impersonating Zane Taylor.

19 Godsend

Hiro goes to retrieve the sword of Takezo Kensei. Peter meets Claude, who can become invisible. Parkman and the FBI go to where Bennet works with the hope of finding Sylar.

20 The Fix

Claude agrees to teach Peter how to control his powers. Claire contacts her biological mother Meredith Gordon who possesses pyrokinesis.

21 Seven Minutes to Midnight

Hiro and Ando meet Charlie Andrews, who can perfectly remember everything. Charlie is killed by Sylar. Bennet learns that Claire will soon be killed by Sylar.

22 Nothing to Hide

Matt interrogates Ted Sprague, who can emit radiation, and finds out that his wife is cheating on him.

23 Better Halves
24 Four Months Ago...
25 Four Months Later...
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