Top 10 Best My Hero Academia Pro Heroes

A pro hero list is here! A pro hero list is here! Ladies and gentlemen, after having binge-watched the entirety of My Hero Academia up to the latest episode of Season 3 on Crunchyroll, now I feel obliged to make a list that hasn't been made yet for My Hero Academia. And that is its heroes! Pro heroes, to be precise! From the #1 hero himself All Might to the teachers like Eraser Head, pro heroes come in many designs and personalities in this universe. Whether they be true heroes who want to help people with a smile on their face or are heroes only in-name because of their selfish desires for pride and glory, there are pro heroes galore. That said, this list will count down the best My Hero Academia pro heroes.

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1 Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head)

Enter Class 1-A's homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Or as penned by his friend Present Mic, Eraser Head. Voiced in Japanese by the suave Junichi Suwabe, Mr. Aizawa is put simply a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. At first glance, he looks like a slovenly hot mess of an insomniac who desperately needs ample sleep, but when you get to put yourself in his shoes, you'll know that Mr. Aizawa means well. As someone whose Quirk is capable of erasing others' Quirks until he blinks his eye again, Mr. Aizawa does everything he can to make the best of his Quirk due to him suffering red eye and needing to sleep in a comfy sleeping bag in homeroom often. Not only that, but you got to give him some credit for stepping in to defend Class 1-A from the villains who attacked during the USJ incident even though his Quirk wasn't suited for close combat. You have my respect, Mr. Aizawa.

2 Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

"It's fine now. Why? Because I am here." These are the lines subsequently following All Might's heroic laughter from when he saved numerous civilians from a fiery disaster. At the beginning of the series, All Might was the #1 hero in the world who saved people with a smile on his face. Not only that, but he also served as an inspiration to young Izuku Midoriya, who despite being Quirkless, wanted to become a hero like All Might. Funnily enough, All Might himself was Quirkless. So how did he become the #1 hero in the world? Thank his mentor Nana Shimura for granting him the Quirk known as One for All, a Quirk with incredible power that can be passed from one person to another. Back to All Might himself, his first encounter with Izuku would be one that would change Izuku's life forever for the better. While All Might is far from a perfect mentor, he is indeed deserving of the title of #1 hero prior to his retirement, still going on to train his successor Izuku until the day he dies even long after the last embers in his body's Quirk has died out from his final fight against All for One. Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

3 Hawks

Dang my dudes gonna be higher once he becomes a main part of the anime. He's my favorite character. He just gives me chills. Manga readers understand :)

He's meant to be way up there. I mean this guy is the no. 2 hero.

Just too dope

4 Nana Shimura

You didn't think I'd forget about All Might's own mentor, Nana Shimura, did you all? If I could include Gran Torino on here, Nana here deserves a (posthumous) spot. While Nana was long dead prior to the beginning of the series, her influence and mentoring left an everlasting admiration and impression on her successor All Might. From being the one to pass the torch of One for All onto All Might to even being the one who instilled his signature practice of putting a smile on his face while saving others, Nana's actions pretty much affected the events of the show from just a small role with big impacts. While her son was left isolated from the hero society for his own safety in vain when All for One murdered him and Nana and he kidnapped and brainwashed her grandson Tenko Shimura into becoming Tomura Shigaraki, Nana is nonetheless a posthumous character that influenced the plot in more ways than we'd expect.

5 Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)

And here we have the 18+ Only Hero herself, Midnight. First appearing as the Chief Referee for the first-year students at the Sports Festival, put simply, Midnight is hot. Okay, let's get back to actually talking about her character. Now Midnight's Quirk mainly revolves around emitting a certain pheromone or scent that puts people to sleep. In addition, the efficiency of her Quirk increases... by the more skin she exposes. Yep, this is starting to sound a lot like Kill la Kill already. In fact, one costume she once used was so explicit that the government had to set regulations for how much skin could be shown on a pro hero's costume. Either way, Midnight isn't simply here to be a glorified sex object. I mean, she wouldn't be a pro hero if all she was was said sex object. While she's not known much for heroic actions as much as All Might, she has a RATHER sadistic side to her. And whatever you do, DO NOT BRING UP HER AGE AROUND HER. Mt. Lady learned it the hard way on a reality host T.V. show (though, Mineta had the pleasure of seeing the two in a cat fight...).

6 Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic)

Are you ready?! YEAH! Everybody say hey! Because Hizashi Yamada, aka Present Mic, is here! Now guys, be honest with me. Were you as pumped up as Izuku when Present Mic made his debut? I can't be the only one who had the same reaction as Izuku when he first saw Present Mic step up to the mike to introduce himself before the entrance exam. If his hero name isn't a dead giveaway, then seeing his Quirk in action will tell you just how powerful (and ear-splitting) his Quirk is. His Quirk is so powerful that when he was born, his parents' and his delivery doctor's ears were BLEEDING. Regardless, Present Mic is an enthusiastic and upbeat guy who really keeps things pumped up. So it's no wonder he's always chosen as the spokesperson at major events at U.A. Oh, and when he uses his Quirk against villains in a crisis or against students in a final exam, you BETTER wear some grade-A ear plugs if you don't want to become deaf. Otherwise, you'll have to hope Recovery Girl can heal your ears...

7 Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki is my favorite character even though he is not a pro hero yet he is the best!

8 Enji Todoroki (Endeavor)

If you're like many people, you're probably thinking to yourself, "why is this terrible excuse of a so-called hero and father even in the top 3 on this list? " Well, to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone was condemning Endeavor's high ranking on this list. To get the good stuff out of the way, whether you like Endeavor or not, you can't deny that this anime superhero version of Fire Lord Ozai is badass to the bone. He's completed feats of strength ranging from grabbing hold of a wall with his feet as they literally burn the surrounding bricks into molten lava, burning a Nomu so white-hot that its cells can't regenerate due to the carbonation from the flames, and hitting a bulls-eye on another Nomu with a fiery spear! That, and he was only the #2 hero in the world before All Might retired and he ultimately became #1. Of course, we all know Endeavor isn't a nice person. He's only a hero for the pride of it and would go as far as to manipulate eugenics to breed his perfect successor and abuse his entire family, including poor Shouto and his mother Rei to the point she had to be put in a mental hospital. Having committed such actions like this, it's no wonder Endeavor is more villainous than heroic and that not a lot of people are looking forward to a redemption arc around him. Otherwise, he's only this high because of strength. That's it.

9 Tensei Iida (Ingenium)

Now I shall introduce Tenya Iida's older brother, Tensei Iida. Also known as the pro hero Ingenium! Just from the first season alone, you could tell Ingenium was not only a true hero who cared for the lives of the people he saved and had a heart for both them and his brother, but he was also ultimately a huge role model for his aforementioned brother Tenya. Being the current heir of the Ingenium hero family generation line prior to Tenya, Tensei was truly a man of the people. However, tragedy would then strike him when the Hero Killer Stain came into contact with him and crippled him so much that he was paralyzed from the waist down and could no longer work as a pro hero without the legs he needed to use his Quirk to the best of his ability. As such, Tensei didn't want the name of Ingenium to die and decided to pass it on to his beloved younger brother Tenya, who while reluctant to take on the name of the hero who is now his crippled older brother that he looked up to his whole life, eventually takes on the name.

10 Thirteen

And now for something completely different. Meet Thirteen, a pro hero who is a faculty member at U.A. and specializes in search and rescue. Unlike most pro heroes, Thirteen barely has any humanoid traits other than his body shape, since his body is concealed by an astronaut suit and the inside of his suit literally has nothing but an empty void inside it. That explains his Quirk that sucks in everything around him like a black hole. While he's only focused on search and rescue, Thirteen himself was wise to choose that profession since he himself knows that his Quirk can easily kill if used improperly. Even so, he not only risked using his Quirk when facing off against the villains from the USJ incident, but even risked his own life to protect the students even as his helmet was shattered to pieces and he was on the verge of death. Not bad for a pro hero who only specializes in search and rescue.

The Contenders
11 Gran Torino

While Nana Shimura was the one who granted All Might his One for All Quirk, Gran Torino was ultimately the person who would teach All Might in practical training for the remainder of All Might's guidance into becoming a hero. While Gran Torino initially didn't want to become a pro hero, he ultimately became one because it was required in order to legally teach All Might at U.A. However, let's just say training wasn't a walk in the park for poor All Might... Don't get me wrong, Gran Torino is heroic at heart, but the geezer really beat the sap out of All Might during his training to the point that he threw up on one of his punches. Thankfully, his mentoring of Izuku Midoriya is less painful, as Gran Torino is vital to not only being the one person to take in Izuku for an internship when no other pro hero would accept him as an intern, but also helping Izuku to finally realize how to keep himself from breaking his limbs by distributing power to his entire body instead of solely onto one single part. And to think this all came from a poorly heated frozen taiyaki! Also, the old geezer makes for some pretty good laughs what with almost looking like he was murdered when it was really ketchup and linked sausages and him acting all senile towards Izuku. Either way, Gran Torino taught All Might and Izuku well. Okay, maybe "well" to an extent...

12 Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady)

No, Minoru Mineta. You will never be able to get up to your perverted antics around Mt. Lady like the grape juice you are. That said, let's get one thing out of the way: Mt. Lady is hot. Alright, now on to Mt. Lady as a pro hero herself. Remember, NO ONE WANTS TO BE A MINETA. So let's get the bad stuff out of the way before we get to the good stuff. Now at first glance, she's pretty much just a shameless Ms. Fanservice whose Quirk is being able to make herself grow to gigantic sizes. I mean, have you seen her debut line when she upstaged Kamui Woods debut where he fought a villain? Speaking of which, she upstaged Kamui Woods and only took the final hit to get all the glory and money for herself. Oh, and she sometimes uses her attractiveness to get stuff for free, such as when she bribed a cashier at a food stand into giving her free food with her looks alone. Now, with all these negative qualities, you would probably think Mt. Lady is a witch in sheep's clothing, right? Well, greedy and selfish she may look like at first glance, she's still a hero for a reason. As in, that while she's only in it for the profit, she would never stoop to the same lows as villains to get what she wants. In addition, she only acts the way she does because she's constantly in debt from property she damages with her Quirk. Oh, and she won't be afraid to step in and help others such as when she protected civilians from the sludge villain incident and helped out during the League of Villains hideout raid.

13 Shouto Todoroki
14 Shinji Nishiya (Kamui Woods)

A little fun fact of mine: I ship Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady hard. I mean, hey, a guy can dream. That said, while Kamui Woods may have been upstaged by Mt. Lady and can be a bit of a Butt-Monkey to an extent, his Quirk and backstory (at least as shown in the manga as of now) are nonetheless interesting. In case his hero name wasn't a dead giveaway, his Quirk allows him to use his body to stretch and create wooden branches that can be versatile in any situation, whether it be rescuing civilians or taking out the bad guys. As for his backstory, from what little I've researched and know from T.V. Tropes, he's had an abusive childhood and couldn't even know his own age until he started counting from around the age of 29. Poor guy. At least the guy gets a "Throw the Dog a Bone" moment later on when he manages to get a spot in the top 10 ranked pro heroes. It also helps that his costume got an upgrade in design when his shoulders became fitted with wooden shoulder pads that made him more buff and tough than ever.

15 Red Riot
16 Fat Gum
17 Mirio Togata

He's such a sweetheart with a great sense of humor. Despite what happened to him, he still smiles, and that makes me love him.

Even tho he isn't a pro hero he helped save Eri.

18 Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)
19 Snipe

Snipe doesn't really have much of a major role in My Hero Academia, but I got to admit that having literal finger guns is one badass Quirk. Not to mention that he was the very pro hero who stepped in at the last minute to save All Might and Izuku from certain death at the hands of Tomura and Kurogiri at the USJ incident. Oh, and let's not forget his final exam that he held with Shoji and Hagakure. Him using a smokescreen can to make it feel like a Wild West encounter was genius! However, Shoji and Hagakure still managed to outsmart Snipe and pass the exam... with Hagakure being quite peeved at Snipe accidentally touching her breasts...

20 Ectoplasm
21 EdgeShot
22 Gunhead
23 Selkie
24 Best Jeanist
25 E-Girls
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