Top 10 Best My Hero Academia Villains

A villain list is here! A villain list is here! Ladies and gentlemen, after having greatly binge-watched the entirety of My Hero Academia up to the latest episode of Season 3 on Crunchyroll, now I feel obliged to make a list that hasn't been made yet for My Hero Academia. And that is its villains! From who was once the most powerful villain in Japan who controlled it from the shadows of his villain empire known as none other than All for One to his brainwashed and creepy successor Tomura Shigaraki, villains come in many designs and personalities in this universe. Whether they be villains who simply want to destroy the superhero society structure or are believers in the ideology of the Hero Killer known as Stain, there are villains galore. That said, this list will count down the best My Hero Academia villains.

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1 Tomura Shigaraki

No. Tomura is terrible. Even though he's a villain, he isn't that likeable. Whenever he doesn't get his way, he throws a temper tantrum and complains about everything. He complains about stain all the time, and the only funny thing about him is his utter patheticness. - -w-

Tomura is just straight up a boss and he is pretty creepy to be honest with you all.

He's a creepy badass with weird hand on his face. What more do you want?

2 Dabi

I can already sense a lot of fangirls flocking over Dabi. Especially since his Quirk is similar to Shouto's in terms of them both possessing fire abilities. That said, Dabi is a rather serious but calm villain who joined the League of Villains to carry out Stain's ideology. While he was quick to try and kill Tomura before Kurogiri intervened, Dabi finally got his big break when Tomura finally realized his conviction and Dabi was able to kidnap Bakugou at the end of their Summer Training Camp attack. While he's aloof and mysterious with his origin and backstory unknown, only time will tell if Dabi gets more development as a character. Because he really is chill for someone with a fire Quirk.

3 Himiko Toga

I love toga from her cuteness and the way she acts
her backstory insertrestng Himiko was born as the eldest daughter of the Toga family. When she was a child, likely due to her Quirk, Himiko showcased a rather disturbing and morbid interest in blood. She once brought a dead, bloodied bird to her parents and cheerfully asked them if it was "pretty," which in turn scarred and disturbed them.

Is she a murder yes but I like her cause she can be come anyone and at the same time she is a killer that looks innocent.

4 Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)

I loved his character so much. His major role was obviously meant to be a comedic relief, however between both his backstory and personality you can't help for haves sympathy and build a small connection to him. Although his backstory was meant to be more funny than anything, the mental strain he most go through everyday because of it must be insane. Yet still, he really helps some of the most intense moments become lighthearted. I honest feel like if he wasn't steered in the wrong way, and perhaps his incident hadn't happened, he would have become an amazing hero. He is hilarious and and also kind of sweet, and tries to stay positive even though he's had such hard times.

5 Chizome Akaguro (Stain)

I would honestly vote for him above All for One because of his moral attitude. He's a sadistic murderer but he does kill for an understandable but unjustifiable reason. He's simply an anti-villain-hero who's out searching for someone who understands what it means to be a true hero. Eventually, he died doing so, but I loved the fact that he saved Midoriya's life. It showed that this dude had heart. Also, I have to say that he has has the most badass design of any character in the anime. He looks more like a villain from Bleach or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rather than a superhero anime.

6 All for One

As influential as Stain's ideology was in-universe, one couldn't possibly forget to put All for One at the top spot on a list of the best My Hero Academia villains. Manipulative, calculative, chillingly calm yet intimidating, and daunting as a whole, All for One is undoubtedly the biggest threat to society in the world of My Hero Academia yet. Voiced by the legendary Akio Ohtsuka, All for One was once the most powerful villain in all of Japan. Maybe even the most powerful MAN in all of Japan if he could really rule an entire criminal empire beneath the shadows of Japanese society. Either way, he must really give Brushogun from Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo a run for his money if he was that powerful a villain in Japan! And I wouldn't even call this much of an exaggeration. Like I said, All for One is manipulative, so for him to have committed so many crimes manipulating his enemies shouldn't be surprising. What's really surprising is the extent of those manipulative crimes. All for One killed All Might's mentor Nana Shimura, killed her child, took in and brainwashed her grandchild into becoming his successor who is none other than Tomura Shigaraki, aka Tenko Shimura, and planned all of this out in the case of a last-ditch effort where he would not only reveal All Might's weakened form on live television during their final fight, but also hurt All Might mentally by making him fall to his knees at the thought of beating the grandchild of his own mentor. It took All Might being encouraged by all the citizens across Japan and quite possibly the entire world and using up all his last embers of his power to really take out All for One once and for all. And even so, All for One was clever and knew that in the case he was defeated and imprisoned, his successor Tomura will take the torch in All for One's place like how Izuku took the torch in All Might's place.

7 Chisaki Kai (Overhaul)

Come Season 4, My Hero Academia will be getting an OVERHAUL. That's right, my Overhaul fans. With Season 4 coming out next year, it's time to prepare ourselves for the rise of Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul. I may not know much about him aside from some non-spoiling manga details on T.V. Tropes and his last few episode appearances in Season 3, but his calm and collected demeanor along with his husky voice (that's Kenjiro Tsuda, for you) already give me a great first impression of him. I honestly don't know how he's a divisive villain among manga readers, but if there's anything I want from Season 4, I definitely want the anime to bring out the best in Overhaul. Oh, and whatever you do, don't touch him.

8 Kurogiri

So we got the big three out of the way, so now it's time to talk about the ones in the remaining seven. Enter Kurogiri, a member of the League of Villains who might as well be Tomura's butler and somewhat of a secondary mentor to an extent. Kurogiri's Quirk mainly manifests as him being a huge mass of dark space that he can use to create warp gates, or portals to be more accurate, that can be used for combat, defense, and escape. Sounds like Kurogiri has a very versatile Quirk that's so good that almost every villain organization should aspire to have a member among their ranks with a similar Quirk to Kurogiri's. Also, it's really heartwarming to see Kurogiri genuinely caring for Tomura as if Kurogiri were the father or mother Tomura was never raised by. Also, it helps that he's always looking out for Tomura and keeping things under control when things don't go Tomura's way since prior to his character development, he still had the mind of a manchild.

9 Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner)

Okay, so I can't really say much about Spinner himself. He's mostly only known as a minor character from the vanguard squad established by the League of Villains that would attack the Summer Training Camp where U.A. was training at. So why would I put him on here if he doesn't stand out as much as the other members? Well, truth be told, maybe he does. Why? Because he's one of the few members of the vanguard squad that legitimately believes in the ideology of Stain and doesn't carry out his crimes out of pure sadism or revenge. Even if he was a minor character, it was arguably an Establishing Character Moment when he kept one of the other members of the vanguard squad from killing Izuku, because he was THAT devoted to Stain's ideology and knew that even Stain knew at heart that Izuku was a true hero through and through. And all of this from a reptile-like man who dresses like Stain in the name of his ideology.

10 Gentle Criminal

Like the only redeemable villain in the whole series.

The only likeable antagonist in the anime so far - and he's a good guy

The Contenders
11 Deku

I honestly feel bad for Deku. His dream got crushed when he was only 4 years old, his dad is God knows where, and his childhood friend turned on him when he didn't get his quirk. I feel if All Might had not come into his life, the League of Villains would have found him, and he would've become a Toga-type of villain. I mean, his original design was supposed to be a villain. I also feel that he would have become the number one villain because all of his trauma would've bottled up, and he would've become hate-fueled. I honestly support BkDk, but I feel that if All Might again had not come into his life, Deku would not have forgiven Bakugou, and Bakugou would've become the number one hero, and they would've become enemies.

12 Mr. Compress
13 Atsuhiro Sako (Mr. Compress)
14 Muscular

Time to bring on the hate comments about this Complete Monster of a villain. The only awesome stuff about him? Well, his Quirk is simple yet powerful. He can expand his muscles to the point his muscle fibers can't be contained by his own skin so he can inflict massive and powerful hits on those he kills. As for the other stuff? He really is a Complete Monster. This was the guy who killed Water Hose, a married hero couple who owned a child named Kouta Izumi. This event impacted Kouta heavily so much that he practically just resented all people with Quirks since it was Muscular's fault his parents died and left him alone despite them having sacrificed their lives to save the lives of other numerous people. It wasn't until Muscular met Kouta face to face at the Summer Training Camp when he recently joined the vanguard squad for the League of Villains that Izuku would finally show Kouta the true value of being a hero by risking his life to protect him from Muscular. That said, Muscular is completely an irredeemable Monster whose only motivation to kill is for the fun of it, which isn't helped by the fact that he looks like an older Katsuki Bakugou to the point he might as well be a foil of Katsuki if he went down the path of evil and not heroism.

15 Endeavour

He mentally hurt me boi's feelings, so yeah. And physically hurt his mom. Also one thing he will never ever beat at might at is being the number 1 dad. Even if he's the number one hero.

He was very abusive to Todoroki and he physically hurt his mother. He also neglected his other children and practically abandoned Dabi. His rage filled personality also adds on to his villanous behavior. He is my by far least favorite character in this series.

He is always trying to pass All-Might, and uses Todoroki as a experiment and a toy. He has abused Todoroki's mom and him, He looks like one too.

16 Kendo Rappa

He's so determined, it makes me courageous!

17 Nomu

Alright, I couldn't find any other major villains to put on here, so I had to resort to this. Now just to be clear, this refers to the ORIGINAL Nomu. As in the one who attacked the USJ building at U.A. in the first season. Until High-End, a more powerful Nomu capable of human intelligence, appears in the anime, no other Nomu could surpass the sheer power of the original Nomu. A thug-turned-mindless puppet, the original Nomu was the biggest threat to Class 1-A in during the USJ incident. It especially stood out since all the other villains were essentially just background characters that couldn't even hold a candle to the sludge villain that attacked Izuku and Katsuki in the first few episodes. That said, Nomu was at an advantage with its multiple Quirks, ranging from shock absorption to regeneration. But since it was shock ABSORPTION and not shock NULLIFICATION, All Might was able to eventually take advantage of this by going beyond his limit and pummeling that chicken head so hard that it literally exploded as it broke through the glass of the building and was sent flying into the sky and eventually orbit in space before falling back down to Earth!

18 Redestro
19 Bakugo

Even tho bakugo is a bully, it doesn't mean he's a villain!

20 Toya Todoroki
21 Mustard
22 Giran
23 Endeavor

He should not be a villain he abused todoroki.

24 Moonfish
25 Nine

Dude was a straight up badass in the movie.

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