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Well, since I made a Best Sword Art Online Songs list and a Best Fate Series Songs list, I might as well make a Best My Hero Academia Songs list since no one else has made it yet. For the record, I want to keep this list limited to just the opening and ending theme songs of My Hero Academia, but insert songs with actual lyrics can count as well.

That said, feel free to vote and add to this list.
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1 Peace Sign - Kenshi Yonezu

Peace Sign is arguably my favorite My Hero Academia song, if not, at the very least, my favorite My Hero Academia opening song. Acting as the first opening for Season 2 of My Hero Academia, it builds up with some "oh" chanting to sync in with Izuku looking at his hero All Might in action jumping high in the sky as if he were flying. Subsequently following the logo for My Hero Academia, Peace Sign proceeds to give us an energetic and pumped up vibe as we see most of the Class 1-A students stretching or breathing in preparation for the Sports Festival held every year at U.A. Then comes the finisher as we see all of the Class 1-A students get together and jump in anticipation on a standstill background as Peace Sign comes to a close. Truly an awesome opening song, I tell you.

2 Odd Future - Uverworld

The last time I heard one of UVERworld's songs from an anime, it was from Blue Exorcist. Funny enough, a lot of seiyuu who starred in Blue Exorcist also star in My Hero Academia as well. That said, Odd Future by UVERworld has two versions that differ GREATLY from each other: the T.V. version and the full version. Personally, I prefer the T.V. version since despite being somewhat off sync with some of the scenes in the first opening of My Hero Academia Season 3, it kind of fits and has a better ring to it as the "I keep my ideals" version. As for the full version, I was caught off guard since it differed so much from the T.V. version, but I guess I could say it grew on me a bit, since it transitions from different tones and styles of music with the more or less same verses and lyrics. Not that I don't prefer the T.V. version nowadays, but I think both the T.V. version and full version of Odd Future are catchy ear orgasms of music.

3 The Day - Porno Graffiti

This song is a prime example of why I wish so much anime wouldn't change their intro every 12 episodes.

The first theme song and the best one. I can't really remember how it goes niw but I remember vibing really hard to it.

I listen to this song every day!

4 Sora Ni Utaeba - Amazarashi

Funny thing, there was a trend on YouTube where Peace Sign and Sora ni Utaeba were contested for which opening song was the best one in Season 2. That said, when I first heard this song, I was honestly caught off guard since it was so different from Peace Sign. However, over time, I grew to actually like Sora ni Utaeba. Not to the point I like it over Peace Sign, but either way, Sora ni Utaeba is a good song on its own merit. In contrast to the light-hearted tone of Peace Sign, Sora ni Utaeba is rather more intense and serious in what it conveys as it pans over the main characters that the second cour of My Hero Academia Season 2 focused on (Izuku, Shouto, Tenya, Ochako, Momo, and Katsuki) and takes it up a notch as the Hero Killer Stain is thrown into the picture and the former three must take on this new menace. Overall, a pretty intense and serious song befitting of the second cour that would ultimately change the world of My Hero Academia forever.

5 Polaris - Blue Encount

This is my 2nd favourite theme song in the show. The vocals are sick and it has an awesome beat. It just has a really nice vibe too it. I don't know why it's so low on this list.

I love this opening! its amazing with the new season and brings out the ed too!

6 Make My Story - Lenny Code Fiction

Okay, so this opening song for the second cour of My Hero Academia Season 3 just recently came out, but while it may be too early to judge it, I have to say that Make my story by Lenny code fiction almost sounds like something that came out of Sonic the Hedgehog! And that's a GOOD thing! Fitting that the title of the song is "Make my story", as now that All Might is retired, it's Izuku's turn to be the next wielder of One for All to make his own story of becoming the world's greatest hero. And what better arc to start in than in the arc where the students train their own ultimate moves in order to prepare themselves for acquiring a provisional hero license? It might take some time for me to get to like this song a little more, but this song is easily a song that gets you pumped up for the second cour of My Hero Academia Season 3.

7 Datte Atashi No Hero - Lisa

Whereas Peace Sign is my favorite My Hero Academia opening song, Datte Atashi no Hero is my favorite My Hero Academia ending song. Now if you guys know me perfectly well, you'd definitely know that I'm a huge LiSA fan. And by LiSA, we mean THE LiSA, aka Risa Oribe. Fair enough, LiSA sung songs for both Sword Art Online and the Fate series, so that's a bonus for me. That said, it really came as a surprise to me when I was hearing my sister watching My Hero Academia Season 2 and then I heard this ending song come on and hear a familiar voice. And now that I've seen Datte Atashi no Hero, both the T.V. version as the second ending for Season 2 and the full version, I have to say LiSA did an exceptional job on this song. As expected, her vocals are always incredible, with the optimistic and adventurous tone of Datte Atashi no Hero truly fitting in with Izuku and the rest of the My Hero Academia cast going on a fantasy adventure to explore vast kingdoms and slay dragons and demons.

8 Heroes - Brian the Sun

While Datte Atashi no Hero is my favorite My Hero Academia ending song, I would be lying if I didn't say that Heroes had a special place in my heart. To me, Heroes just had so much meaning to the coming-of-age story of how Izuku Midoriya would become the world's greatest hero. Sure, it uses the age-old cliche of the main character running for seemingly no reason whatsoever, but here, it more or less plays it straight or gives the running meaning since the place Izuku is running on is the same beach he cleaned up to prove himself worthy of All Might's power. Complimented by flashbacks of child Izuku playing with an All Might action figure and crying somewhere, who wouldn't want to give Izuku a good old hug All-Might style after seeing such an emotionally impacting song like this?

9 Hero Too - Chrissy Costanza

I sing this amazing song all the time. the school festival episode is my favorite episode because of this song!

10 Shout Baby - Ryokuoshoku Shakai

For the first time in the whole show we start meeting villains who do not completely adhere to the term "evil" and we're shown that each hero's and villain's past is as much a part of who they are as their present. Not all is black and white, good intentions turn bad, redemption is possible.

I'm not lying this is my favorite song. this song sometimes makes me cry. it takes you on an emotional roller coaster and I love it

I feel like this was the best one since it shows bits and pieces of everyones chaotic lives before becoming heroes or villains, not to mention that unnamed white haired kid in la brava's photograph

The Contenders
11 Dakara, Hitori Ja Nai - Little Glee Monster

Before we were given the amazing ending song played in the second cour of My Hero Academia Season 2 known as Datte Atashi no Hero by LiSA, there was this little gem that was the first ending song of My Hero Academia Season 2. Here, Dakara, Hitori ja nai by Little Glee Monster mainly consists of showcasing most of the My Hero Academia female cast as they're either hanging out together or sitting by their lonesome. On top of that, we also get to see them shine in the spotlight even more as they're doing training at U.A. while the male cast gets put to the side as the focus is on the girls and not the boys. The song starts out sweet and then somber, only to go back to being sweet and even more lively than ever. Overall, this is a pretty good ending song.

12 Update - Miwa

Ah, this ending song is so relaxing and carefree. It's not adventurous like Datte Atashi no Hero or inspirational like Heroes, but Update by Miwa just feels so light-hearted and serene. Which makes sense, seeing as a LOT of stuff happens in the first cour of My Hero Academia Season 3 what with the Summer Training Camp invasion by the League of Villains and All Might facing off against All for One one last time. Other than that, this sense of blissfulness and peace in an otherwise action-packed series truly fits well as an ending song. It might be great for something to listen to if you're feeling exhausted after a long day.

13 Long Hope Philia - Masaki Suda

Got to love the guitar at the beginning of the ending song for the second cour of My Hero Academia Season 3. I haven't heard much of Masaki Suda's songs, but Long Hope Philia practically just screams "Campfire Song Turned Up to Eleven". SpongeBob, it looks like your Campfire Song has some competition! Jokes aside, other than the Narm Charm pace of the speed Izuku walks in the ending, it's nonetheless heartwarming to see Izuku walking with and towards All Might and company at the beach in the glimmering water and beautiful sunset. Again, no ending song can top my favorite of Datte Atashi no Hero, but I can see if this one can be written home in the books for those who like the campfire song feel of Long Hope Philia.

14 Starmaker - Kana-Boon
15 Koukai No Uta - Sayuri
16 You Say Run

I'm surprised this song hasn't been added on the list yet.

17 No. 1 - DISH

This is the most recent one, (as of now), so it's understandable why it hasn't gotten many, or any, votes. But I honestly really like this opening, I didn't really consider it my favorite until I listened to the full version and boy, is it sick. I also really appreciate this opening because it's the opening for the last, or one of the last, more chill arcs in the series. (I'm an anime-only fan but I know things from looking at the fandom too much)

18 Kimi No Chikara - Pandora Covers

A very emotional song, it gives you all the feels just listening to it. And when you learn about Todoroki's backstory it just gets better. Todoroki beeing one of my favorite characters makes this song hold a very special spot in my heart.

19 Merry Go Round - Man with a Mission

It's so good and the little mix of sub and dub in the song its one of my all time favorite

20 Uso Janai - Soushi Sakiyama
21 All Might Theme
22 Ours - Eve
23 Bokura No - Silver Storm
24 Footprints - The Peggies
25 The Red Means I Love You - Sunset on Summerville
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