Top Ten Episodes on R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series

This is a list ranking the best episodes of the hit television series R.L. Stine's the Haunting Hour. With the show concluded, subscribers can provide their opinions on which episodes are worthy of being the top ten. The Haunting Hour was a terrific show with many interesting and scary episodes that any horror fan can appreciate. Please vote on which episode you feel was the best of the series.
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1 Mascot

This one was a lot of fun, and there were some scenes that were really tense. It also does a great job of building mystery.

Ah jealous mascot that takes vengeance on his enemies for replacing him. It's SCARY!

The episode ended, and what did I do? I just stared apathetically, mouth agape. This isn't one of my favorite IS my FAVORITE EPISODE! Think about the deeper meanings and the back-story, aaah *shudders*.

2 Dreamcatcher

Yeah, this one was terrifying. One of the best Haunting Hour Episodes out there.

This is definitely one of the most creepy episodes. Worth a watch!

3 Really You

I think this one is one of the freakiest because everyone is afraid of dolls(most everyone) and it is like the cursed doll annabelle but a much bigger version. I like it a lot because for people who can't watch rated r movies, this one is basically the movie Annabelle

Yeah. Ever scared of your doll coming to life and even becoming you? This is it.

The video cam. Scene was creepy. Otherwise I love the episode!

My friend likes it to

4 My Old House

This was definitely the scariest episode of the series. The villain was basically a pedophile targeting a confused girl. Won't give away any spoilers, but this whole episode was creepy.

Ugh, the ending was the scariest part of all. Especially Alice's forced smile.

This episode is the most scary episode in season 4!

5 Scarecrow

The last 5 minutes are actually just great T.V. in general.

This is definitely one of the best and that guy was super creepy

6 The Girl in the Painting
7 Uncle Howee

This one is so messed up but funny at the same time! It's definitely my favorite!

Let's just hope it never ends, would you like to be a friend? It's the uncle howee show!

8 Headshot

I wouldn't call this that scary, but I view it as more of a "keep your friends close" sort of thing.

9 The Hole

This episode had one of the most suprising twists ever. Anyone agree?

Let's just say their Dad is no longer himself.

10 The Red Dress
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11 Scary Mary

Come on, guys, this is pretty scary. I even tried avoiding it at first. (I think I did.) and muted the volume whenever she'd say the words to summon Mary. Why did I consider it to be scary? Simple. It's based off an actual urban legend that is either real or fake. I'm not gonna try it, and I know others have but probably didn't do it right. There are many different ways to summon Mary, and I've read stories that happened to people who summoned her. Try summoning her if you want. But for me? Better safe than sorry.

One of the episodes that proves that this show deserves the pg rating

12 Catching Cold
13 Wrong Number
14 Dead Bodies
15 Pumpkinhead
16 The Return of Lilly D.

And Lilly D was almost good, too...

17 Afraid of Clowns

Clowns are some of the biggest fears in the world. This isoneofthe CREEPIEST episodes made. The story itself in the Nightmare Hour by Stine is too.. It's a little different then the short story though

18 The Perfect Brother

It never scared me, but this episode is one of the reasons I'm against robots coming into this world.

19 My Imaginary Friend

This one was really good and well-thought out.

20 Flight

This one was dramatic, and made you feel multiple emotions.

Definitely more on the emotional side.

21 Game Over
22 Goodwill Toward Men

The family except for the girl was so mean! They only cared about themselves!

23 Funhouse
24 Red Eye
25 My Sister the Witch
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