Top 10 Best We Got Married Couples

Most of us here have watched at least one series of We Got Married whether it be YongSeo, KhunToria, JoKwon & Gain, TeukSo, or Taeyeon & Jung Hyung Don. Which couple is your favorite?
The Top Ten
1 Lee Jonghyun from CNBlue and Actress Gong Seung Yeon

They seem genuine and straightforward with their feelings for each other. I'm surprised Jonghyun hasn't kidnapped her already and run away to a place without cameras, as he's wished to do since the first episode! They seemed to want to be together from first sight, and every episode gets sweeter and sweeter between them. When they are together, they can't stop smiling! God bless them, and may they always be happy together.

I've been watching WGM for years and always took the show with a pinch of salt. Most couples, despite sincerely caring for one another, always kept a professional distance. However, this couple came along and completely messed with the show's taboos. They're not even blurring the line between reality and variety anymore. They're completely erasing it as if it shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Also, since I've been a fan of Jong Hyun since his debut, I can't fathom him faking it for the sake of ratings. I will seriously lose faith in this show if they don't end up together after it ends.

"How can we forget you when you have given us so much to remember?" They complete each other! Every episode leaves us with a desire to discover love more and more. They never fail to captivate every heart in every home worldwide, every mother's heart, and even make men envious. Had it not been for their honesty, sincerity, transparency, devotion, and love in their roles, they wouldn't have gained this kind of admiration, attention, appreciation, and awe from people in all walks of life. I'm praying that the 02 couple will be given due recognition in due time.

Both of them look so natural. They have their own characters, which are really cute. Since the first day they met until today, which I've watched in the latest episode, people always say WGM has a script. Even so, it's still so touching. I love the way they look at each other. Their chemistry matches really well.

This couple looks so natural. At first, they were shy, but it gradually developed. I really love the way they look at each other, especially when Jonghyun looks at her. He may follow the script, but he can't hide his real feelings. He often looks outside the frame and consults others, showing that he needs to follow his own feelings as well. They are such a cute couple. Hopefully, they'll become a real one.

2 YongSeo, The Goguma Couple (Yonghwa & Seohyun)

I love the slow transition of their whole relationship. You can really see that they were both fighting the awkwardness from the first few episodes. I love how Yonghwa laughs and smiles at Seohyun's unique traits - her love for books, her role model of a UN ambassador, her commitment to blood donation on the 22nd day. It seems like his way of expressing his amazement towards Hyun. He steals casual glances and smiles when she makes him food. He lends her his jacket when they play pool. He shows his playful side and makes her comfortable when they are with the other CNBlue brothers. Everything is so natural because they don't try too hard. They are not mushy in the way that makes you cringe like other couples. Yonghwa is so manly yet playful at the same time, and Seohyun is so innocent and pure, which is a really good mix. I really wish for my future oppa to be like Yonghwa too. Haha.

All other couples are trying too hard to make it seem like they are really couples. Some even resort to hugging in a short amount of time. However, Yonghwa and Seohyun are genuine. Neither pushed the other into doing things that were uncomfortable, and both parties respected each other. You can see how YongSeo's relationship progresses bit by bit, and it is so heartwarming. Unlike some other couples who suddenly progress to a stage that seems like they are doing things and faking a front for the show.

I love how they interact with each other. This is the best WGM of all. Throughout the show, both were always honest about how they felt. Respect for each other was always present. Seohyun has shown how a lady should act while dating, and Yonghwa has shown us how a man should treat a lady when dating. When I watch the two of them, I can really see a bond or a relationship. The other couples on WGM give the feel of watching a variety show. I also appreciate the sense of innocence in their relationship. They are a very natural couple. I would love to watch them remarry if given the chance by WGM! Kekeke.

If you're looking for instantaneous chemistry and skinship, YongSeo is not the couple for you. Their relationship progresses slowly and steadily, more like first loves than a married couple. That's what made them stand out. Their awkward and patchy relationship made them more realistic. Watching them put in so much effort just to make trivial things for each other is so much more heartfelt than seeing skinship that will make your heart flutter momentarily. Two seemingly different people, who are essentially the same at heart, complement each other and make each other whole.

3 SoRim, LTE Couple (Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun)

You can feel their love for each other. Although this is just a virtual marriage, for them, as artists, showing and expressing their feelings comes naturally. The conversations, the caring, and how they look at each other all seem so real. I wasn't a fan of this show before, but when I tried to watch this Solim Couple, I found myself always looking forward to the next episode of them. I even watched their previous episodes every day!

Jae Rim is showing what an ideal husband should be for his wife, and So Eun is doing well as a good wife, complementing her husband for every effort he makes for her. In short, their chemistry is Daebak! They're not trying hard to express their love toward each other, especially Jae Rim. If their virtual marriage comes to an end and they go back to their personal lives, I hope Jae Rim will find time to court or date So Eun for real despite their busy schedules. As the saying goes, "Where there's a will, there's a way." Congratulations on their ...more

This couple is just great at being themselves. There's no perceived hidden agenda. They're just going with the flow. Somehow, this couple makes me believe WGM is not scripted. It's chemistry at its best. The only thing that makes me realize this is a reality "show" is the stark editing. They are 'playing house' really well, and I'm glad they are enjoying their virtual marriage. I really wish this virtual marriage continues to offer a realistic portrayal of real courting, real dating, and real married couple scenarios. All of a sudden, I am inspired to believe in the institution of marriage.

Kim So Eun brought me to WGM, but both Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim and their extraordinary chemistry caught me and kept me on board. I had some reservations about the show's concept, but actually, watching them brings a feeling of happiness and a wish for longer segments with them. Being a Kdrama addict for years now, they are part of the four couples I've followed so faithfully. Of course, I know the (maybe delusional) idea of the virtual becoming real has crossed not just my mind, but I'd rather have them reap as many benefits as possible from the show, whether these benefits are personal or professional.

One of the things that I love about this couple is their honesty towards each other. They basically ruined their acceptable image on the show. I mean, would you actually let the whole nation know you're pooping at the moment? Or who, in their right mind - especially an actress - would swallow a paper that came from your shoe? But they did all that because they'd rather be hated for being honest than be loved for being a liar.

And the progress of their skinship is actually not that bad. They are both consenting adults who can make their own decisions and face whatever consequences those decisions would entail. Sometimes, especially in a show that doesn't really give you much time, if you like a person, then you should be forward about it. Their skinship is a great way to make them both feel closer and more comfortable toward each other.

4 Yura and Hong Jong Hyun (JjongAh Couple)

Their progress is hard to believe, just for the sake of the show. It really feels like reality when two human beings can't help but fall in love with each other and hold back for something. As one of the audience members who watched them, I have to take a deep breath before every new episode and remind myself that it's all a show. Yet, I can't help but fall for them. Why? Simply because we are all human beings who have felt love at least once in our lifetime, and we can feel others' love as well. Whenever I watch them, my memories and feelings call back to the past when I was in love. At that moment, I'm really happy. It's okay for them to be slow in skinship. Sorry for my English.

If you ever want to watch a couple with NO pretense, watch these two interact. They really go through the steps of getting to know each other little by little.

Hong Jong Hyun is your typical "ice prince," and Yura, with her bubbly, innocent, and sweet personality, melts his heart. Although he seems distant at the start, he always takes care of her because she is so clumsy. They describe their relationship as "dating," and yet their commitment to each other, even outside the show, almost makes you question what is behind their secret glances, touches, and whispers. WATCH THEM and relive being in love!

For me, this couple is a classic. They're like characters in a cold guy-meets-bubbly-gal drama. It's amazing to see people with seemingly opposite personalities match well without compromising each other's character. They behave just the way they are, and they naturally complement each other. Although they are relatively "slow" in the skinship department, they connect in a very unique manner. The stares they give each other speak volumes. They are like an old couple. Although they tend to be awkward around each other, their actions are always sincere. I am happy to have shipped them. I hope they'll end up together in real life. They have the makings of a great couple.

I think this couple is playing the "real deal." Neither of them bought into the fact that they were virtually married from day one. They just became friends first. HJH is all about honesty. He never says things just for the camera. Yura is a "smart innocent" who is just trying to figure out how to hang out with guys comfortably. It's been cute to see their awkwardness. Yes, they have been awkward for a long time because they never really thought of themselves as a couple. I think their honesty is what makes me like them the best. They are different, but personality-wise, they complete each other perfectly.

5 KhunToria, The Samgyeopsal Couple (Nichkhun & Victoria)

I was never able to get into watching We Got Married at first due to a lack of interest. However, that all changed when I saw Nickhun Oppa and Victoria Noona on the series. If someone were to tell me now that their relationship was fake and scripted, I wouldn't be able to believe it. Their relationship throughout the entire series was so natural and cute that they really looked like a very much in love, newlywed couple.

Victoria is basically the kind of wife I hope to be like in the future: reliable, pretty, a good cook, and more. Nickhun Oppa is essentially the kind of husband I hope to have: kind, handsome, talented, funny, and a true gentleman. Although I know the show features make-believe couples, I still genuinely hoped these two would start dating after they finished We Got Married. Fighting~! Khuntoria Forever~!

This couple is extremely different from the others. Khuntoria is a couple that has made Khuntorians love them so much. They've shown great chemistry and have even displayed cute jealousy effects with each other. Khun is so sweet and never fails to surprise his wife. Vic also made a surprise for her husband. They're so sweet that they made us fall in love with them. Their sweetness together looks so real, and they are perfect for each other. Khuntorians can't describe how great this couple is. Forever KHUNTORIA.

This is the sweetest couple ever. I think Nichkhun is such a caring and perfect guy. He was so sincere, kind, capable, and cute. I believe both of them have real feelings for each other, which is why they seemed happy in every episode. You can feel their happiness. I think if it weren't for their idol status, they would have really dated.

Nichkhun and Victoria seem just like a real couple. It's not surprising if Nichkhun is confused about whether it's a virtual marriage or a real one. I think they're the sweetest. They don't act. They just show what they really want. I hope they can become a real couple because they're such a sweet pair. I love the way Nichkhun treats Victoria and the way Victoria treats him. They can still be together no matter what! Even when 2PM comes to their house, Victoria can still accept it. Among all the couples in WGM, I think they're the most natural. I hope the We Got Married producers can make a new season and add Khuntoria as a couple so they can create an even sweeter story.

6 Henry and Yewon

They are the most natural couple I've ever seen. From each interaction, I can see they really care for each other. Even though it's barely possible for them to date in real life because they are both stars, I think they can at least become quite close friends. They have experienced many unexpected ups and downs together. Friends who support each other in hard times will be unforgettable! I wish they could be together in real life.

The mature kind of relationship that everybody wants to have. A relationship that will enlighten you and make you forget everything just by being with one another. They are the most natural couple I've ever seen. There is no space for awkwardness with these two. You will fall in love with them. I love how they support each other and are each other's strength. They have a lot of differences, but you will see these two enjoy each other despite their differences. They teach us that there is no difference when it comes to love. I wish they are real, not now, but maybe someday.

They are the most natural couple, and in the short span of time together, you can see how close they are - like a true couple. The tenderness he shows her and the comfortable silence they can have with one another is remarkable. Out of all the couples I have watched, they both have such strong feelings for one another. Now, after WGM, they have been seen many times together. No other couple has confidently taken pictures together with friends and posted them online on Instagram, etc. Regardless of what anyone says about Yewon, I trust Henry. He has good judgment of people and is a person of integrity. If he likes Yewon, then she must be a great gal. What I see on screen tells me the same. Aja-aja & saranghe Yewon and Henry - may God keep you both together always. As your horoscope says, by fortune teller, you both are so incredibly suited to one another that even if you hate each other, you will never break up. Now, how many people in this world would have such a match? One in a ...more

I really enjoy seeing their chemistry together. They complete each other. Even though there is slight controversy, I really support this couple. I hope to see them dating in real life even after the show ends. Even though this is a virtual marriage, the feeling between them is sincere and natural. Fighting, Bom Bom Couples! Spend the day together with joy and happiness. May God always bless both of you. Just ignore the negative thoughts from the haters.

7 Wooyoung & Seyoung (2Young)

It's all about the way they look at each other. Their stares are filled with love and attraction, and the people around them just don't seem to matter. I got lost in their loving stare, and they are definitely number one for me, and no other. Their relationship started beautifully, but they had differences of expectations in the middle. However, they took the time to solve their problems and discovered the wonderful truth in each other, and there was no turning back. Any fool could see what they sometimes try to hide - the love and care they have for one another. It's simply breathtaking. Park Seyoung is such a kind soul, and Wooyoung is such a great man to match.

Ah, I love this couple so much. I stopped watching WGM a long time ago, but I immediately started watching it again when I found out Wooyoung was going to be in it, since I'm a huge 2PM fan. I was so interested in this couple that I skipped the other two couples just to get to them. This is the first couple to which I've felt attached because they went through a lot of ups and downs. There were times when I felt like Wooyoung was acting. However, the later episodes proved me wrong. I shed a tear on their last episode. It was such a fast ending for a good couple. I hope they start dating in real life. P.S. I normally don't do these kinds of things, but you can tell how much this couple moved me to take this step.

When you see the 2Young couple, you really feel butterflies in your stomach. You just feel so happy watching them every day. They are always doing something or the other, and that is really interesting to see. Wooyoung is so well-behaved and such a baby, and Park Seyoung handles him so well. It's such a delight to see them both. I love them and miss them. One thing that disappointed me was that it ended just like that. I was literally in denial and in a state of shock. Otherwise, you would love watching them grow and understand each other. 2Young Fighting!

At the beginning, I was interested only because these two looked good together. Talk about judging a book by its cover, eh? But as their relationship (and skinship) developed - and I say developed because there were ups and downs, like the conflict they had about holding hands - I grew more interested. They're not all lovey-dovey. Sometimes they bicker, just like real couples do. I love how Woo is such a baby sometimes, just like every other man when he's alone with his partner or spouse, even though most men pose as manly in front of others. I love Seyoung's bluntness. She's truly one of a kind. Like most women, she scolds her husband when it's needed.

8 JoKwon & Gain, The Adam Couple

I love how natural they are. It seems like they're meant to be together. Everything about them is full of coincidence: the fact that they are each other's type, the fact that Jo Kwon really liked BEG and their song 'Abracadabra' before they got married, and the fact that they were already close before the show. It all feels like fate.

Jo Kwon & Gain are the most authentic couple on this show. They have the deepest relationship among all the pairs. I love them because their physical affection flows naturally, just like a real couple. They can hug, hold hands, and show affection without any awkwardness. This sets them apart from the other couples. They act very naturally. They're extremely comfortable with each other, so there's no awkwardness in doing anything. Jo Kwon keeps the show entertaining with his kkab style. He is cute and immature, while Gain is chic and mature. This dynamic makes them an interesting couple. Because of their noona-dongsaeng relationship, Jo Kwon can sometimes lean on Gain as his noona, and Gain can lean on him as a man. Before making judgments, you should watch this couple from the first episode to the last. They truly resemble a real couple and are considered legends of this show in Korea, alongside Crown J & Seo In Young.

They are very natural together. I love how Gain got angry at Jo Kwon for something he did, and then a minute later, she went along with it during the mission card scene. They don't hold back too much in an effort to win over the netizens.

I love how they care for each other. They faced hardships when they got married but still provided me with a lot of laughs and enjoyable moments. Their marriage is also a BEG-2AM marriage, making it feel like a true family. When they had their 'real' wedding, I loved it.

9 Kim Hyun Joong & Hwangbo (Lettuce/Ssangchu Couple)

The most perfect pairing I've watched on WGM. They complemented each other in all ways. You can see their development as you watch them and know that they have helped each other become better, especially for Hyun Joong. You can see how he knows that Hwang Bo's pure and big heart has helped him, and he is grateful to her for it.

He admitted that outside of his friends, no one knows him as well as Hwang Bo does. He also knows that deep inside, Hwang Bo is not as strong as she appears to be. My heart yearns for them. They should bring these two back together.

I love them both. I only noticed and watched them for the first time in October 2016. With just one click, I became especially fond of Hwangbo, whom I admire for being a strong, sincere, and loving woman. Both of them deserve a good and peaceful life.

I love this couple to bits. At first, I wasn't too thrilled that he was going to be on the show with an older woman, but as I continued to watch the episodes, I fell for them. They complement each other so well and make you want to keep watching.

My first reality TV show and WGM couple. I love them forever. I just want them both to be happy, whether together or not. This drama really made me laugh. I loved every bit of their burgeoning gentle romance!

10 Nam Goong Min & Hong Jin Young

They are truly my favorite couple on the show. They aren't awkward, and they really seem like friends in real life. There is attraction, of course. You can literally feel it. But more than that, they are very comfortable with each other. I really want to see them together in real life. Even if they don't date afterward, I'm very satisfied just knowing in my heart that they had good memories, great laughs, and genuine friendship. That kind of bonding cannot be faked, so I really think they're good friends with a lot of physical attraction. I'm really surprised they aren't voted higher.

I've watched so many WGM Couples, but this one is truly the most beautiful and real one. They fill each other's empty spots and pull each other forward. I don't know how many times I've laughed so hard, smiled from ear to ear, and become emotional. They have made my heart flutter so many times. God, they were so sweet, caring, funny, and entertaining.

JinYoung brought out a side of GoongMin I had never seen before, and I'm very thankful for that. They cared for each other so much and listened to each other mindfully. They had so many inside jokes that only real couples have, like spitting things out, talking in historical language, peeling an apple, being very honest with each other, and being very proud of each other. They did everything the other wanted, overcoming their fears and weaknesses.

Oh, and they were very... *cough* physical. God, I loved it.

There was such strong chemistry, and definitely a strong physical attraction to one another. Namgoong Min has changed so much from when he first met Hong Jin Young to who he is now. Previously, he was introverted, calm, and quiet, but now he has become a much more cheerful and bubbly person. This shows how much Hong Jin Young has affected his personality just through their marriage.

These two need to get married in real life. Every week, I look forward to this couple because of their sincere skinship and conversations. Nam Goong Min is so handsome, and Hong Jin Young is so bubbly and cute. They fit each other so well. They are one of my favorite couples!

The Contenders
11 Taecyeon & Gui Gui

I really like this couple! I was a fan of Gui Gui before I even understood what she was talking about, as I come from Europe and don't understand without subtitles. I really appreciate her natural aura, which brings happiness to people. Initially, I wasn't sure if Taecyeon was the right man for her - I was looking for someone better looking - but as time went on, I started to think, "Wow, this man is actually really good-looking!" I looked forward to every episode each week, even without waiting for the subtitles. After episode 15, which made me happy, I realized how much I truly enjoy this couple.

TaecGui is what got me watching WGM. It's no secret that communication is an important aspect of a successful relationship, but despite the language barrier, these two understood each other wonderfully. Maybe it's because I see myself in Gui Gui, but she brought so much life to the show, as did TaecYeon. She was also able to bring out the fun side of TaecYeon, revealing that behind his serious facade, he also wears three-eyed alien onesies and gets jealous - mainly whenever NichKhun was mentioned.

They showed us that despite all differences, understanding one another isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Plus, they looked cute together. Gui Gui is ridiculously photogenic.

They are the couple who showed their true colors. Even though they had communication difficulties due to Gui Gui's poor English, they still did their best to care for each other. I think that's the most important thing in a marriage. They've shown us a style of happy marriage filled with love and humor. Despite cultural differences and language barriers, they still shine on screen. I would say it's true love.

The Taecgui couple is my choice. Although the show ended almost two years ago, I still miss them terribly. Their interaction is very natural and unpretentious. Watching the Taecgui story feels like watching two strangers meet and evolve from friends to a couple. They have very good chemistry, and although they don't engage in much physical affection, they look perfect together.

Taec is a smart and clever guy. He always knows what Guigui wants, even when she struggles with English. Guigui is like sunshine. She always makes him happy. Especially meaningful is their eye contact, which seems full of love. I won't forget the Taecgui couple, and I hope they can be together in real life.

12 TeukSo, The Dimples Couple (Leeteuk & Kang Sora)

Chemistry, compatibility, and visuals, although undeniably present in these two, are not the reasons why I picked them as the best. The reason I loved them is how well the show and their relationship integrated, despite their busy schedules. Both are famous personalities. They would go on dates like how idols and actors actually do - short, simple, yet memorable. Given their busy schedules, their actions and dates felt authentic.

Back then, Lee Teuk seemed to really want to be in a relationship, but So Ra was young. Although she was mature for her age, she was still on the cusp of rising to stardom. It felt like a perfect love at the wrong time. If they actually get together in the near future, I wouldn't be surprised. And I really hope they do get married for real.

I really love this couple. Initially, I was just a big fan of Leeteuk from Super Junior. When rumors started circulating about him and another girl, I felt they weren't a good match. However, it's different with the TeukSo couple. Now, I've started to like Kang Sora a lot. She looks adorable, pretty, and kind. Most importantly, she's caring and kind to Leeteuk. I love seeing them together - their awkward moments, conversations, and habits all feel genuine. When they interact, they both blush, which is adorable. Step by step, they get to know each other, just like a real couple would. I really hope they become a real couple. I love Leeteuk so much, and I hope he finds someone who loves and cares for him as much. I hope that person ends up being Kang Sora.

One strong piece of evidence that they might be a real-life couple came when the MCs announced a vacation ticket prize, redeemable only 10 years later, around 2019. The only person who confidently said yes was Lee Teuk. I see that they are still in touch, even after his military service. Sora has been there for Teuk as moral support, almost like family. Apart from their appearances on WGM, I think TeukSo are the most authentic couple who have stayed in touch. Considering Lee Teuk's fairy tale proposal and the couple rings, I won't be surprised if they end up together in the future.

I think that among all the We Got Married couples, especially among the women, Kang Sora genuinely developed feelings on the show. I like this couple the most out of all WGM couples. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Sora and Leeteuk confirm that their relationship is real one day. I feel like ELF (Ever Lasting Friends, Super Junior's fan club) also wishes that they're real. When I see Sora, I think her feelings are truly genuine and honest. I can't imagine anyone more suitable for Leeteuk than Sora. I hope the media catches this couple soon. I can see some signs from both of them.

13 JoonMi, 4D Couple (Jung Joon Young & Jung Yoo Mi)

This couple is still awesome, and it's not just because they're funny. They offer a warm sense of humor that feels natural, not forced. Their interactions are sweet without going overboard on the lovey-dovey act. I've become addicted to watching WGM online in the Philippines because of these two. I love when Jung Joon Young sings and plays an instrument for his wife. Jung Yoo Mi is a fast learner who loves sports. Both of them have distinct interests, allowing them to learn from each other and become in sync.

Every time I watch them, they give me positive thoughts and energy. Through Yoo Mi, I've learned to smile in any situation, even though she has a somewhat eccentric husband. Joon Young has taught me the importance of enjoying life and living freely. This couple has helped me become a better person, and I never get bored watching them. I make it a point to watch an episode every night before bed to foster positive thoughts for the next day. I love them.

Hands down, my favorite! They are an unorthodox couple who bicker on air instead of trying to be all lovey-dovey, which we've seen happen with most previous couples. They're really fun and entertaining to watch. I think Yoo Mi is beautiful and Joon Young is mesmerizing, as he's a rockstar. I'm always excited to see what will come up next.

Joon Young should perhaps tone down his boyish concept, maybe even just for one episode, to lead a romantic married life that Yoo Mi craves for in a husband.

I really love this couple. They're so comfortable in each other's presence. Even though they bicker, it only shows how genuine they are, not pretending to be someone else. In real life, they act like a couple who've been married for more than 10 years. They don't rely on overt affection but understand what each other needs.

14 Lee Hon Gki and Fuji Mina (Hongmina!)

This couple outshines others, particularly in how much music plays a role in their relationship. When Hongki struggles to find the right words, he's brilliant at expressing his feelings through songs. FT Island's music is emotional, and Hongki modifies the lyrics to better fit situations, making hearts melt even more.

Mina, who seems pure and innocent, is actually bold and active, making for a delightful surprise. They both push each other's boundaries but end up getting embarrassed themselves. Their timing on their shy outbursts is particularly funny, and as a viewer, you often feel second-hand embarrassment.

This pair leaves you wanting more. Their facial expressions during events are absolutely captivating. What's more, their final episode is not disappointing like others. It feels like the end of something virtual and the start of something real. Some of their best moments are in the "making" episodes. Also, YouTube episodes cut off many of their epic moments, so ...more

Honestly, I wasn't interested in watching this kind of show because I expected to be disappointed in the end. We all know it's scripted. However, Hongki & Mina changed my mind. They are the best couple in WGM/GWGM history. Some people may not like them, but those who believe in love and honesty will. They are genuine, not just putting on a show for the cameras. There's a lot of unseen footage, and I'm grateful to the producers for respecting their privacy. In real life, they are truly amazing as a couple.

Watching Hongki and Mina never fails to warm my heart. They're naturally endearing, even though they come from different cultures. Watching them, you can sense their sincerity, honesty, and respect for each other, without them even trying. I truly miss them and wonder if it's too much to hope for a new show featuring them.

I never used to watch this type of show because they often feel fake and silly. However, Hongki and Mina changed my perspective. They were, and perhaps still are, the real deal. I loved watching them fall in love, and unlike other couples, their ending felt like a new beginning. I miss them and wish for a reunion show.

15 LJH from CNBlue+GSY

This lovely couple, JungYeon, is one of a kind. They are paired to be in WGM, and I'm always speechless and feel so in love every time I watch their episode. They are so perfect and full of love, and you feel your day is just so romantic when you remember their gestures toward each other - the hugs and the way they stare at each other. They are perfect and beyond compare. This sweet and lovely couple stands out from the other couples in WGM. I love them, and I'm here to support them. I wish that whatever they have shared and started in this virtual show will develop into something special for both of them. JungYeon or Gong Lee is perfect.

I love this couple! LJH is genuine with his feelings towards GSY and vice versa. There may be a script and whatnot, but I am sure there's more than meets the eye with this couple. I wish Saturday would come every other day so we could see more of them. It's upsetting to think that they will have to part one day!

This couple is very cute, and their feelings are true. I love this couple.

I wish they were a real couple.

16 SunHee Couple (Secret‘s Sunhwa and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee)

They were very dorky and full of laughter. Their efforts and gratefulness towards each other are worth an applause. The bond that grew over time as they got closer was amazing, and the parting was devastating. It's a heartfelt story that's both fun and touching. Sunhwa and Kwanghee were both supportive of each other and eventually accepted each other. I hope they are keeping in touch behind the cameras, even now.

They both have so much chemistry and no awkward moments between them, probably because they were already friends to start with. What makes it even better is that they ended up seeing each other as a man and a woman. They're also really entertaining, and each episode never fails to make me laugh.

I think they were right for each other. I liked how Sunhwa was shouting at Kwanghee and how Kwanghee made Sunhwa laugh. They cared for each other, and it felt real to me.

This couple is so entertaining and funny. You'll find yourself falling for them simply because they make you laugh so much.

17 Shinhwa's Andy and Solbi (AnSol Couple)

I just love both of them. The way they show affection for each other is so real. I hope they still keep in touch with each other.

Solbi had a crush on Andy. Love it.

18 Campus Couple (Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eun-jung)

I love that their families grew close during the show, even going on an overseas trip together. Jang Woo's mother even cried during their wedding in Indonesia, I believe. The mothers became close at their first meeting. This couple really made me emotional when they had to part after a year and a half of their faux marriage. I truly hope they stay in touch and consider dating in real life, despite past scandals. By the way, I'm looking forward to a possible reunion in a movie where they'll be cast together.

They have the approval of their parents, and off-camera, they're really connected. They text and support each other when starting new projects. I'm so proud of them, and I believe their mothers also support their relationship.

The ending revealed the depth of their chemistry. Unlike other couples, Eun Jung couldn't hide her sadness about the breakup, showing not even a single smile but only tears. Jang Woo, even though he knew about the breakup, couldn't hide his despair either. They are the best couple for me.

Sad ending. They showed us the real pain of a breakup and what genuine separation looks like.

19 Kim Heechul and Puff Guo

They look so close, and they have a lot of dubious acts which make our adrenaline rise. I think they are meant for each other. They hug, they kiss, they are close to each other just like a real couple. All their acts look so natural. It would be glorious if they really got together. I hope they will be a real couple one day! Happy forever!

They are actually in a good relationship. Considering the fact that Kim Heechul is the best at hiding relationships, I think they are dating for now. I mean, Heechul is in Dream Girl's book, and Puff asked him to write. So, communication is still there!

I laughed out loud while watching. Can you pick up your favorite episode? At least I can't. They made me laugh and cry, and then laugh again in the last episode. I had misunderstood Puff before watching this program (junk news!). I realize now that she is really a nice girl.

Heechul and Puff are the most matching couples in history! We can definitely see the real, genuine love between them, both off and on-screen. They're still in a good relationship now. Hoping to hear some good news soon!

20 HwanHee & Hwayobi (GaeDdong couple)

Bad man and kind wife.

21 Red Velvet's Joy & BTOB's Sungjae

Of all the WGM couples, the ones I've loved the most are the Adam couple and Yongseo. But I'm not one to idealize things, so I've never thought they were a real couple. When it comes to Joy and Sungjae, however, it really makes you wonder if they are dating. Their relationship is just too natural, even in their awkward phase.

Although Joy seems to be the one who is head over heels, I always see Sungjae as if he is being very careful not to show more affection than he has to. It's just suspicious to me. It's like he puts too much energy into avoiding romance, which makes me think he has real feelings for her. They're really funny and cute to watch, and I just can't bear the thought that someday, not too far in the future, it will have to end.

I loved this couple so much because it was so real. Whenever I think about WGM, I think of a variety show where everything is scripted and there's nothing really 'there' between the couples. But when I saw the Joy and Sungjae episodes, even the most naive person could see that there's real chemistry between the two. They laugh and smile together all the time and always look like they're just radiating sincere happiness and love around each other.

Not only do they look like they have real feelings for each other, but they also share a true bond of friendship. I could instantly tell that they really trusted each other and loved each other. I can't count how many times I laughed along with this awesome couple. This is the only couple on WGM that I want to stay together even after the show. I don't care what anyone else thinks. The relationship between Joy and Sungjae is so sincere and loving - you can tell just by how happy and flustered they are around each other!

I personally think this couple is one of the best in WGM. They showed how a real couple develops by knowing and accepting each other. They went through the lovey-dovey phase step by step. This reflects how real couples are supposed to behave, rather than just immediately holding hands and such.

I love how Joy tends to make the first move and Sungjae always seems to be shy. I would love it if they are revealed to be a couple in the future, but for now, I am happy if they keep in contact after this.

I like Joy a lot because I find her to be unpretentious about what she truly feels inside. She's also so cute, very pretty, and adorable. Sometimes, she even goes for the hot-chic style. Sungjae is also handsome and cute. They match well physically, and their personalities complement one another.

They're not much like a husband-wife tandem but instead, more like a fresh couple type. I really like how their story is unfolding. I've been following their episodes. I'm a fan of their team-up. Go SUNGJOY BYU!

22 HyungDong & Taeyeon, The Jelly And Pudding Couple

They might not be the best match, but they are a pretty funny couple.

23 Jung JinWoon and Go JunHee

Real life is really different from what I had hoped for them to be. But being able to meet someone and be part of their lives is really amazing. To my dearest couple, the Long Couple, I hope you both find happiness, live well, and stay strong. Find your loved one immediately. Life is too short, so find love right away.

After watching them, I silently prayed that they could still be together after the show. I fell in love with their interactions, and I felt like they were both genuine about their feelings whenever they were together. Sadly, they are on their own lives now, but I'm still hopeful that someday they'll be together again, and it will be a real and official relationship.

Aww, where do I start with this couple? They are just a ball of fun. It's ridiculous how much fun they are. They talked to each other and saw each other outside of the show! Oh, I wish they had stayed together after the show, but who knows, right?

They're the best couple ever. They're so natural, lovely, and hilarious. I love them to death.

24 Liu Wen and Siwon Choi

You could really see a more mature and slow-growing affection between these two. Despite Liu not being as affectionate as Siwon at the beginning, by the end, it was her I felt the most empathy for. She put her true feelings into it, and I could feel her every smile and heartbreak as if it were my own first love.

Siwon played the role of Prince Charming perfectly. I could see his lingering glances revealing more true emotions as he began to appreciate Liu's sincerity. Overall, it felt like a mature yet simplistic love between these two - more real than any other TV couple I've ever seen. 16 forever~

25 Mamamoo's Solar and Eric Nam

This couple is cute! They always play & laugh together like they have their own world. And their laugh is contagious. When one of them does something, the other automatically follows. Right now, they're like two persons in a comfortable friendship stage, which is slowly heading towards the romantic one. Eric Nam always shows that he cares for Solar by his mannerly behavior, like letting her to pass the door first or giving the more comfortable seat for her. Solar takes care of him as well by her subtle gestures, like fixing his hair, feeding him, or wiping dust on his eyes. They're not trying to be romantic, they're just showing how comfortable they are with each other. Yoon-ddong & Yong-ddong, FIGHTING! :D

This couple was really awesome, I admired how they shown their true self. For their first meeting, I noticed that there was only a little bit awkward feelings between them but now it's WOW, I hope that my first impression for them will last. YONGNAM couple fighting!

Eric is such a gentleman and though they had a bit of an awkward start, the romance and feelings continue to build up more and more until you can longer think of any other couple. Solar and Eric, HWAITING!

Beautiful chemistry, you could see their friendship and relationship growing with every episode. Not afraid to tell each other how they really feel..

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