Best Yu Yu Hakusho Characters

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1 Hiei

Awesome guy! Love him

All I can say is Wow

2 Kurama

He is just the smartest character in YYH and is so sweet and warm, bright and funny, and he'll be there no matter what to protect you

Eep! My main man!
He's such an amazing character! I can relate to him a lot!
Even if I developed new crushes over time, Kurama will always be my Number One!

I really love Suichi/Kurama.. He's so kind, loving, very clever, always calm even if he's pissed off, and so handsome! The red hair was so cute, oh and the white too. ! Hehe! He's the best!

Why is there a picture of the demon fox of Naruto? I know they have the same name but they're two different characters.

3 Yusuke Urameshi

Yyh was the first anime I ever saw, it was the reason I fell in love with anime yusuke is a person whom I can relate to he's strong. Brave. And a fierce friend I'ev cried and laughed with him, he was someone I wanted to be like and he is and will always be the most ridiculously stupidest,most amazing and loveable charecter ever✨

4 Kazuma Kuwabara

The best character, his morals, love of fighting, and humor are awesome.
His iconic spirit sword is one of my favorite attacks in all of anime.
And the fact that he can cut through to dimensions is BADASS.

May not be the strongest but reminds me a little of Vegeta their both badasses.

The toughest... plus a big heart

Is the true warrior.

5 Botan

That's Brianna's favorite character at Yu
Yu Hakusho. One of Phil's girlfriend's favorite character at Yu Yu Galliano
named Brianna. Her favorite character
at Yu Yu Hakusho is Botan, too & also.

She is so hot, I love everything about her, one of the hottest girls in anime history

6 Keiko Yukimura
7 Koenma
8 Yukina

Yukina is Jemela Bacchus's favorite character at yu yu hakusho.
And Kylie and Austin's favorite too.

9 Mukuro

She have a tough background, and she cannot free herself from the past but managed to be one of the strongest in Demon Realm. She's underrated but relatable.

How can she be so low?

Her childhood was full of sexual abuse, but she still persevered and triumphed in the end

10 Genkai
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11 Shizuru Kuwabara

...I personally hated him through most of the beginning of the series but he got better and I think he is ok.

I thought Shizuru was female?

12 Gama

Wow! He actually reached the Top 10! Congratulations, my guy!
Y'all know, I really love his devotion to his team!
He's such an underappreciated character. Aight, I've been hiding this for a good amount of time now, but today I proudly proclaim that 3 months ago, I officially became one of his fans!

13 Roto
14 Koto

She continues her job and duties despite of danger.

15 Minoru Kamiya
16 Juri

Even hotter than Koto

17 Shachi
18 Luka
19 Shigure
20 Byakko
21 Seiryu
22 Sasuga

My god her top and shorts accentuate her boobs and ass as sexily as possible

23 Jin

Precious wind bae! *melts*

24 Genbu
25 Toshin Raizen
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