Top 10 X-Files Characters

The X-Files is an American science fiction television series that revolves around FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate paranormal phenomena.

Which character on the hit TV Show "X-Files" do you think is the best and one that show couldn't have done without?
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1 Dana Katherine Scully

One of the best, most beautiful, and complex characters I've ever seen. Played wonderfully by Gillian Anderson.

The heart and soul of the show, in my opinion. There's no X-Files without her.

Haha, 81%, how awesome is that? The sexiest woman on TV, the only actress who can produce a scared face when needed or a shocked face when needed.

2 Fox William Mulder

They both have their annoying qualities, but Scully's stubborn refusal to give Mulder's almost-always-true theories any credence until right at the end of season seven, when she suddenly switches around, got on my nerves when I watched it again recently.

I like Mulder's goofy humor and his lonely lifestyle too. Though the last season especially did his character a disservice, we can comfortably forget those seasons ever happened.

There would be no X-Files without him! The moment he left the show, things started to go downhill.

I feel like his personality adds so much to the overall feel of the show. It is simply impossible to imagine the X-Files without his presence!

3 Marita Covarrubias
4 Diana Fowley

The most attractive woman in the X-Files. Mulder dreams of a peaceful life with Diana Fowley, not Scully. Besides, she was a better coworker and FBI agent and loves and respects Mulder.

5 Samantha Mulder
6 Melissa Scully
7 Theresa Hoese
8 Amanda Nelligan
9 Pam
10 Cigarette Smoking Man

Overall a solid character. He adds mystery and intrigue in a show that's all about just that.

I rate him as my favorite character because, in a lot of ways, he really isn't as villainous as he is made out to be.

Amazing character. He is the mystery and darkness itself.

The Contenders
11 Walter Sergie Skinner
12 Cassandra Spender
13 Alex Krycek

Best character by far. Never should've killed him off.

The most interesting and mysterious. It annoys me that we didn't get to know him better. Seemed like a great fighter and survivor.

14 John J. Doggett

I feel that John Doggett was the only "real" character on the show. He sort of brought everything back down to earth, in a manner of speaking, which was refreshing. Perhaps that's why so many disliked the last two seasons, though, given the entire pretense of the show itself was anything but "down to earth."

15 John Fitzgerald Byers
16 Melvin Frohike
17 Tooms
18 Teena Mulder
19 Richard Langly
20 Deep Throat
21 Robert Patrick Modell
22 Margaret Scully
23 Monica Reyes

Had a difficult role. Loved her humor and the way she saw other cast members' problems.

24 Flukeman
25 Phoebe Green

Played by the wonderful, amazing Amanda Pays, one of the most talented actresses in the world. Phoebe also loves Fox Mulder, the real hero, the drive behind the X-Files.

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