Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes

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1 The Hitch-Hiker

Beautiful premise and plot that sustains constant terror throughout all viewers. Tremendous actors who greatly potrayed one of the most essential morals exemplified during the Twilight Zone's run. Words couldn't describe how moving and magnificent that episode was, amd it was definitely something that can be enjoyed decades beyond it's time.

Favourite episode nothing can beat this one.

A great story with perfect pacing.

2 Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

The diverse cast of characters, well-paced plot, mystery element and epic ending make this a classic!

Suspicion makes it work. Great episode.

3 Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

A terrifying episode with believable acting, a well-executed story and William Shatner. Could it get any better?

William shatner alone mkes this a great episode. Also the plot for this episode was parodied many times.

Always great to see classic Shatner.

4 The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Rod Serling's closing narration still gives me goosebumps to this day. The script and acting made a powerful and timeless story resonate even more deeply.

Summary: everyone thinks everyone else is an alien trying to murder everyone because the power went off and some guys car turned on. The real aliens are like, "lol get rekt all we had to do was bust a few lights and turn on a car then they'll kill each other." The sad thing: this happens irl.

This episode has one of the best premises of the entire show with a fantastic moral.

5 It's A Good Life

The most inescapable horror imaginable--not being able to think or fell anything bad with your fallible and frail mind even in the most awful conditions. And, not a lot of people realize, a compelling allegory for monotheistic religions.

How could it get more terrifying? This episode was used the twilight zone movie too, for very good reason. It's like seeing a real life hell.

6 Eye of The Beholder

This was the first Twilight Zone episode I ever saw and it hooked me into the show. Its clever writing, great acting and surprising plot twist make it a solid episode. It also had a great, deep message at the end. If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have seen episodes such as To Serve Man or The Living Doll.

I use this in my English classes in foreign countries. I present it as an example of perspective, societal norms and social conditioning.

Honestly, this one is kind of overrated in my opinion. I've always found the ending super predictable and obvious, but it has a good message.

7 Living Doll
8 To Serve Man

What? Never watched Twilight before. Must be cool and popular? I might watch it soon or not who knows? I'm just a weird person not knowing what Twilight is and why am I on this post typing right now wasting my time saying I never watched Twilight..

First time I saw this, I never would have thought a cookbook.

9 The Masks

My favorite part of this episode is Jason Foster continuously roasting everyone like a straight-up savage!

10 The After Hours
The Contenders
11 Five Characters In Search of an Exit
12 Nick Of Time
13 One For The Angels

The dilemma between love for others and fear of your own death and a suspenseful story with just enough comic relief that no one dies of anguish makes this a highly underrated episode in my view.

This was a really impressive episode. I'm watching through Season 1 and this was honestly incredible.

So great! I cried the first time I watched it!

14 The Howling Man
15 The Obsolete Man

The execution of the plot is excellent with a great meaning.

"Any System that fails to recognize the freedoms of man is obsolete."

16 Time Enough at Last
17 The Invaders
18 A Nice Place To Visit
19 Number 12 Looks Just Like You
20 A Penny For Your Thoughts
21 Walking Distance

This episode was kind of sad. But so so true! We all wish to go back to our childhood at some time or another and relive those happy care free days. This episode was just so brilliant!

22 The Midnight Sun
23 I Shot An Arrow Into The Air
24 What You Need

More people need to see this episode and understand its message, that nothing we can buy can guarantee our success, and "what we need" can only come from inside us.

25 Where is Everybody?

Very first episode. An absolutely brilliant way to start a series.

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