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ABS-CBN has amazing workshops for their celebrities. They know how to make each of their celebrities famous and known, not only in the Philippines but also around the whole wide world. They have a strong connection in terms of everything. They create really great shows, movies, and competition shows. Most of their celebrities are popular outside the country.

They also help people daily in a lot of ways. Everything in ABS-CBN is so good, full of fun, excitement, love, humbleness, talent, intelligence, and much more. I recommend ABS-CBN when you go to the Philippines. It's really great. You won't regret watching their shows.


HBO is a great channel. It shows movies for both boys and girls and is, in my opinion, the best movie/television channel out there. HBO rocks, and I believe it's the best channel ever. I like this channel a lot because it has consistently been the best for years. HBO is brilliantly created for television.

Not only does it provide tons of golden oldies and new flicks - most of them are good, with some great - but it also features intermissions with a good overview of upcoming flicks. Additionally, it provides some great shows - I'm looking at you, Game of Thrones - with low commercial interruptions and a cool name. It's a must-own channel.

3 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

Cartoon Network has both beloved older shows and exciting newer ones. Sure, it went a bit downhill in 2009 with CN Real, but it has since regained its stature. I'd much prefer watching this station over others that focus on making video diaries, underage builders creating inventions, an alien living on Earth, or a kid and a talking snake with a disturbing sense of humor. Cartoon Network rocks!

I totally agree with this channel's ranking. It produced the best shows that really fueled childhoods. With shows like Justice League, Young Justice, Batman, and Ben 10, this brought a certain kind of enjoyment from having a watch. And, in my opinion, the best show ever, Codename: Kids Next Door. Totally awesome, bro.

4 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.

Nickelodeon was my absolute favorite channel growing up! "SpongeBob SquarePants" was my favorite show when I was growing up, and it's gotten better in recent times. They've been improving. They've given us "The Loud House," which surprisingly managed to be the new "Fairly OddParents" after that show ended (yeah, "Fairly OddParents" finally came to an end).

They gave shows from the 90s second chances, like "Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie," "Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling," and (this may be cheating, but it might be worth it) the untitled "Invader Zim" movie. This shows that Nickelodeon is back and ready to outperform Cartoon Network, which has shows I don't like such as "Teen Titans Go!," "Steven Universe," "Clarence," "The Powerpuff Girls 2016," and "Mighty Magiswords." Nickelodeon is really back in action again!

5 Comedy Central Comedy Central is an American basic cable channel specializing in comedy programming. From stand-up shows and sitcoms to satirical news and sketch comedy, the channel aims to entertain a more mature audience looking for humor and satire.

South Park, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Dave Chappelle Show, plus random stand-up comedy, make this the best channel there is. I remember when I first watched Comedy Central. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. If I could pay for just one TV channel, this would be it.

I watch a lot of South Park and The Office on Comedy Central, but they also have a lot of bad shows.

Impractical Jokers, Friends, weekly movies, and Two and a Half Men - what more could you want?

6 Discovery Channel

This channel is the most educational, entertaining, and amazing one I've ever watched. The producers spend tons - and I mean tons - of money to create the shows we love. Mythbusters is my favorite show ever.

Throughout the years, I've learned from the Discovery Channel, perhaps more than from school. Now, I know a lot of interesting facts and information that only a small portion of people know. It's something to be proud of.

Who needs school when you have National Geographic and the Discovery Channel?


The best comedy and animated series include The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, Raising Hope, and the sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter. FOX also has Napoleon Dynamite (animated series) coming and The Flintstones remake in 2013. Additionally, FOX airs The X Factor USA.

As an Australian, FOX is my only chance to watch good shows (oh god, the Australian shows are bad). It has shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, and a lot of other good shows. And to any other Australians reading this, I'm watching FOX 8, not FOX.

8 ESPN ESPN Inc. is an American sports media conglomerate owned by Disney Media Networks, a division of The Walt Disney Company, with Hearst Communications as an equity stakeholder. It owns various sports broadcasting operations, including cable channels, a sports radio network, an accompanying website, and... read more

Don't look now because ESPN has the NFL, MLB, NBA, and, coming this fall, the National Hockey League. Also, this fall 2021, they're presenting their biggest slate of college football live games ever! Stay tuned. This ride will get wild!

Its Joeysworld.

The most watched sports channel in America. It features sports like Hockey, English Premier League Soccer, NFL Football, and more.

9 AMC AMC, short for American Movie Classics, is a cable channel known for its focus on film and cinematic storytelling. It features a variety of movies, from classic films to more recent blockbusters, as well as critically-acclaimed original series.

The best shows and actors I have ever seen on a TV station. It has an edgy touch to each show that makes it unique.

AMC has some of the best shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, Fear the Walking Dead, and others.

When you have Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and The Killing, how are you not first?

10 ABC

ABC airs some of my favorite shows such as Full House and Boy Meets World. The ABC channel made the Olsen twins famous. Additionally, my all-time favorite show, Pretty Little Liars, is on it.

How is ABC at number 18?! That's the channel that gave us The Flintstones, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Three's Company, Full House, Home Improvement, Boy Meets World, and George Lopez. ABC is number one!

Why is this channel not even in the top ten? It should be at number one! I wouldn't be able to survive without this channel. It's so amazing!

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11 BBC One

I mean, come on. HBO as the top? BBC One has the longest-running sci-fi show, Doctor Who, plus the brilliantly cast and written mystery drama, Sherlock. Plus, the detailed BBC Earth and the various documentaries. Where the heck can you go wrong?

Dr. Who, Sherlock, Top Gear, and Pointless are the bomb! The old shows from the 70s/80s like Porridge, Dad's Army, Monty Python, and Only Fools and Horses deserve to rerun as I love them all.

Given the variety of shows it airs, BBC One is a no-brainer of a choice. It features Strictly Come Dancing, Poldark, Countryfile, Antiques Roadshow, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The One Show, Mrs Brown's Boys, and many one-off dramas like War & Peace and The Night Manager.

12 Cinemax
13 NBC NBC, or the National Broadcasting Corporation, is an American television network that offers a wide range of programming including news, sports, dramas, comedies, and reality shows. It is one of the "Big Three" networks in the U.S. and has a long history of producing iconic shows and events.

Unlike ABC and Fox, this TV station allows viewers to watch the latest episodes without having to verify. Also, unlike ABC, it does not ask to allow cookies. There is a large selection of good shows.

NBC is the best. It has great classics like Seinfeld, Friends, and even the quiz show scandal was on NBC. A few years ago, The Office ended. More recently, Parks and Rec ended. Superstore is currently running. It features shows like The Voice (not so great), AGT, and Blacklist.

This American channel has great drama, news programs, and a few comedies.

14 Boomerang Boomerang is an American digital and satellite television channel owned and distributed by Time Warner through Turner Broadcasting.

Boomerang is the channel for all ages because it shows all the shows that adults watched growing up. Kids get to see what the shows were like back in the day. It features Scooby Doo, Huckleberry Finn, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, and more!

Boomerang is the best family channel. These days, Cartoon Network is terrible compared to Boomerang.

I watched this channel before. It has some of my favorite TV shows such as Sonic Boom and Looney Tunes.

15 Nicktoons

Way better than Nick itself. I love to watch SpongeBob, TMNT, Rugrats, anime, Fairly Odd Parents, and so much more.

16 CBS CBS, which stands for the Columbia Broadcasting System, is another of America's "Big Three" television networks. Its programming spans genres like news, sports, dramas, comedies, and reality TV. The network has a strong legacy in American broadcast history and has been the home for many long-running... read more

This channel is easily the best. It runs or ran the three best shows I've ever seen, in my opinion: NCIS (statistically, the best show), The Big Bang Theory (statistically, the best comedy), and How I Met Your Mother (in my opinion, the most underrated show). The finale of How I Met Your Mother got 13.4 million viewers, the highest rating for the show. The other two shows get roughly 4 million more viewers every week.

The best channel because of Big Bang Theory (currently the best comedy) followed by a prequel (Young Sheldon). They have NCIS (which lots of people love), Happy Together, and The Neighborhood, which are some really good sitcoms. It is currently home to the Super Bowl.

17 Disney Channel

I love Disney (channel & park). My favorites are Austin & Ally, Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up, Dog with a Blog, and ANT Farm (not in order). All these shows have improved a lot since their first season.

I love this channel. Disney Channel is my favorite channel in the whole world, and I want to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong to see and meet with my cartoons. This is the best channel I have ever seen!

Disney Channel has some of my favorite shows, like Jessie and the Suite Life series. Although it has gone downhill lately, it is attempting to climb back up.

18 Disney XD Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

This is the best channel ever! Lab Rats is so cool. It features three bionic teenagers living in a billionaire's mansion, going on missions. It's so unpredictable. Villains come out of nowhere. What is cooler than this? This channel should at least be in the top ten. Haters!

The best channel ever. With "Lab Rats" and "Elite Force," the powers actually make sense, unlike Nickelodeon's "Thundermans," where the powers are seen as fake. One more thing: "Gravity Falls." I don't get why Nickelodeon is rated higher, but eh.

This channel is just way too low on this list.

19 Showtime
20 Animal Planet

Animal Planet should be number one! Not Comedy Central, which is terrible. To me, they never had good shows. Animal Planet rocks, while Comedy Central is disappointing.

I love this channel personally because I love nature and animals. It has educational shows and many entertaining things!

Animal Planet is low on this list? And Disney Channel is higher? What is wrong with people?

21 National Geographic Channel

It's better than the Discovery Channel. It's all about science and society. It should be number one. Coraline Jones from Twitter.

National Geographic could be considered the gateway to the edge of knowledge.

I love National Geographic the most. The Discovery Channel comes second.

22 BBC Three

It's the best because animations like Family Guy and American Dad! are the best.

23 Gold

For a channel that shows endless repeats of programs such as Only Fools and Horses and Last of the Summer Wine, you can't go wrong.

The best comedies ever seen on TV. Just so good, better than most stuff on TV. It will brighten your day.

24 MTV MTV is an American basic cable and satellite television channel which is a part of the "Viacom Music and Entertainment Group" which is the flagship Property of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom, of which it is a subsidiary.

Teen Wolf! Starring the all-amazing, all-talented, good-looking Dylan O'Brien!

25 BBC Two
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