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1 Bloo Bloo is one of many lovable and eccentric characters in Cartoon Networks "Fosters home for Imaginary Friends".

Although Bloo is self absorbed, kinda an a-hole, and quite rude, he's great. It's not his fault he's like that, it's Mac's fault. He was the one who made him that way. I love Bloo's humor, his design, his nice side, and seeing his relationships with other characters is quite interesting. In the end, we all have to remember ghetto Bloo suffers more than most of the characters. He's been through a lot (whether by Terrence, Duchess, the Extremasaur, Kip Snip, his own friends, and others I can't remember), and I feel so bad for him. He gets tortured all the time, and it makes me want to kill whoever hurt him. He's so lovable and cute, and I think we can all get past his bad side to see how great of a character he really is.

Uhh why isn't Bloo number 1! Here's what the top 5 should look like:

1. Bloo
2. Mac
3. Cheeze
4. Eduardo
5. Frankie

Bloo is a great character. Along with Cheese.

Bloo is awesome he is so funny I do a good impression of him he's a jerk sometimes but he suffers a lot when he suffers it makes me wanna kill the person who tortures him bloo is an innocent guy he's awesome!

2 Frankie

I think she deserves to be number one on this list, because she has to take care of a home filled with thousands of imaginary friends, she has to clean up after them, as a cook all the meals, gets overwhelmed but manages to hold all that inside, also acts kind of like a big sister to Mac, and treat him like a better younger sibling than his actual older brother does, she's basically the strongest character on the show.

She's the best character in the whole series and the most sympathetic one, she's treated more like a slave than an employee.

I'm surprised Frankie didn't gain weight from all the stress she goes through everyday throughout the series.

Frankie is such an amazing character. She cares for all the imaginary Friends in Foster's.

3 Mac

I honestly think Mac is a great character. It is kinda funny with that sugar thing he has.

He's really cool and nice.

Personally my favorite character I don't like bloo he's annoying

4 Cheese

Cheese is just absolutely hilarious! I love his personality. I laughed when he would scream, say "I like cereal." "I like chocolate milk." I also though it was funny when he said "Candy is broken." He is probably one of my favorite characters in the show.

" I like chocolate milk."
" I'm screwin the wheel! "
Cheese is the funniest character on fosters but I do have a soft spot for Bloo. :) It's just that I liked Cheese better because he falls into that catergory of cartoon characters that you don't see quite often but when they are on screen it makes the show funnier and better. I love Cheese!

I like Bloo but Cheese is better AND funnier by a landslide.

I don't understand why people hate Cheese. He's so funny!

5 Wilt

Wilt should be higher than idiotic overrated Cheese, I hate Cheese!

I like Wilt. He is very sweet and kind to others!

"That was not okay"

Should be first

6 Eduardo

He's so sweet and furry! If I were a kid, I'd love to have him as an imaginary friend.

He's so nice to everyone!

7 Coco

I would kill to have a palm tree-headed friend.

Coco coco coco!

8 Madame Foster

I can't fathom how this lady is not number 1. She has the rebellion of Bloo (Ex: Blowing a raspberry at Mr. Herriman in Busted), the energy of Mac (Throwing off her clothes in World Wide Wabbit without even needing sugar), is warm and welcoming to everyone without it coming across as fake like Frankie, and brings out humility in the stuffy, pompous Mr. Herriman. My goal in life is to be like this lady when I am her age.

9 Mr. Herriman

He's actually a great character. I understand if people don't like him though.

While I pour acid into my eyes and ears so I could NEVER see this again.

10 Goo
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11 Bendy

Ok, why the Bend is Bendy here? I wish like other Bendy yes the Ink Demon and also Bender from Futurama along with Bloo decide to murder him at night and he be gone forever he is such a jerk!

Bendy is my favorite character, along with Wilt.
Everyone should stop hating on Bendy! He was created by a child who has strict parents. Bendy was created to break house rules just how Wilt was created to say sorry. Bendy didn't steal the cookie because he was hungry. He stole it because the note on the jar said not to touch it.

Bendy broke a vase and a window and stole a cookie.

Bloo stole Frankie's bus and ran everything over, broke Madam Foster's bust, destroyed the house to prove that Bendy stole a cookie, ruined Wilt's socks, made Eduardo cry, blames other imaginary friends or people for his mistakes, starts crying if something doesn't go the way he wants, he never listens to Mac, sees others as his servants (especially Wilt), stated in episode "Good-bye to Bloo" that he is going to kill Mac and visit his grave every day, asked Frankie to jump in the swimming pool and pretend she can't swim and while the shark is eating her he will jump over the shark, etc etc ...more

My favorite imaginary friend!
I don't get why people hate Bendy so much. Bloo, Berry, Terence, Duchess and Lincoln Pen are far worse. Bloo is a cry baby too, breaks things too, breaks house rules too, lies too but on top of that, Bloo is also sadistic (Bendy isn't), Bloo also blackmails (Bendy doesn't), Bloo sees others as servants, especially Wilt (Bendy was actually cleaning the toilets as an act in front of Frankie and Mr Herriman and he used Bloo's toothbrush BUT he did clean the toilets), Bloo never helps anyone- not even Frankie (Bendy was helping Frankie for show and complimented her for show but he did do it, compared to Bloo), Bloo stated that he wants to kill Mac when Mac was about to leave (Bendy was sad when his creator left).
PLUS - Bloo knew exactly how to set the traps to catch Bendy after he stole the cookie and that's because they think alike.

I oughta bend him alright, then blood shoots out everywhere.
Bloo be like: YESSS! That snitch is gone forever!

12 Berry
13 Jackie Khones

He's great comic relief

14 Dylan
15 World

He's a unique and complex imaginary friend in that he's a pocket dimension instead of a tangible being, and is a tragic villain whose loneliness drove him insane

16 Terrence

Funny ass character

17 Uncle Pockets
18 Duchess
19 Fluffer Nutter
20 Bloppy Pants
21 Yogi Boo Boo
22 Billy the Squid
23 Red

Why is Red so underrated?

24 Sunset Junction
25 Goofball John McGee
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