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1 Josh Nichols

By far the best character in Drake and Josh, who is embarrassing at times but always funny to watch. Drake already has girls. He doesn't deserve a crown. Go Josh!

Gotta go with Josh. I love the episode where reality really sinks in for Drake's life without Josh in it.

Josh is my favorite character on the show. He's smart, he's funny, and he makes a good brother.

John Nichols is a funny geek, has hilarious screams, and is a good actor. He is hilarious!

2 Drake Parker Drake Parker (Drake Bell) is depicted as a laid-back, charming, immature, and womanizing teenager. Although he often appears unintelligent, his under-achievement seems to be caused by apathy and he has been known not to think before he acts (making straight D's). Drake has great interest in music, playing the electric guitar in a band throughout the series and liking all forms, his favorite being rock. He can also play several percussion instruments, shown in "Megan's New Teacher" when he tried to play drums and guitar at the same time and in "Josh Runs Into Oprah" where he played the bongos. He usually takes advantage of Josh to get what he wants. He has a lot of success with girls and much more.

I love Drake. I don't really know why. There was just something about him that made me like him. Maybe it's because he kind of reminds me of me. I mean, he doesn't really care about school, gets bad grades, and doesn't like his teachers. I think we'd make a good team.

He's okay, but he needs to get a life, get a real job, stay in school, do his schoolwork, do his homework, and not pick up girls all the time. One day he's going to have a wife who has a real job, went through school, got an education and a diploma, and what's he doing? Not a damn thing. No wonder Mr. Haffer hates him.

I think he's really awesome, and he gets all the girls. And he's like me because my name is Drake and I can play guitar. I have a friend named Josh, and everyone makes jokes about it.

All the way, Drake is my favorite one. He always gets the girls, is always messing with Josh, and he is a major rock star. He's good at it too. Sometimes I wish I were just like him.

3 Crazy Steve

Crazy Steve: Cock-a-doodle-do! The cow says moo!

That's a line I'll never forget!

Crazy Steve plays Spencer, so of course, I'm gonna vote for him.

He was funny on iCarly. He is still funny on this show, and kind of attractive

Well, of course! Crazy Steve? Drake is second to me, then Megan, then Josh.

4 Megan Parker Megan Jessica Parker is Drake's younger sister and Josh's step-sister and is one of the main characters of Drake & Josh. She is portrayed by the American actress Miranda Cosgrove.

She's like 10 and already easily outsmarting Drake and Josh. It's funny when the pranks last through the whole episode.

I like Megan. She is sadistic yet so hilarious. I wish I could prank people like she did!

What if she and Carly Shay were born as identical twins? Huh?

I like her because she plays Carly in iCarly.

5 Helen Ophelia Dubois-Baxter

She is like the most awesome person ever. That is not my job is her famous line on the TV show Happy Ties (not a real show). She is hysterical. Every time she talks, I start laughing really hard. Plus, she was back on Victorious but only once. She needs to have her own show (The Helen Show).

Helen is hilarious! I love how Helen is always nice to Drake and mean to Josh. She is my favorite female character on the show.

I love Helen. She is really funny! She is my second favorite. Drake and Josh are joint first.

She is kind of a stereotype of black women, but she still is iconic

6 Walter Nichols

He thinks he knows everything. Like capiese, he says it's capisce. Or, Ships don't sink, Titanic was just a movie. And no wonder Bruce Winchell always wins the award for best weatherman. Then the one where the police officer tells Drake that Walter said it wasn't going to rain on his daughter's birthday, and it did.

He would be #3 for me. He's really funny at times. My favorite line by him is, "I hurt myself in the face!"

He thinks he knows everything.

7 Gavin Mitchell

He doesn't really do his job, and Josh keeps telling him to clean the mousetraps. He says, Nah. Later, he comes carrying a rat and a wig in a toilet and says, Drake's mom is hot, and I'm going to sleep on the roof.

"I got the hippie," laugh out loud.

8 Craig Ramirez
9 Eric Blonowitz

You know he punched Drake, right?

10 Mindy Crenshaw

Before Josh was her boyfriend.

She's kind of a know it all, but shes a good match for Josh, and doesn't she look asian?

She is so mean to Josh.

Cuckoo, cuckoo, crazy.

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11 Clayton

Needs speech therapy. Can't understand a thing he says.

12 Mrs. Hayfer

She's okay. I'm with her when she says, I hate you, Drake, or I still hate you, Drake.

I would love to have her as a teacher.

13 Dr. Glazer
14 Papa Nichols

Put him in an insane asylum.

15 Trevor
16 Audrey Parker-Nichols
17 Thornton Locke
18 Sam
19 Suzie
20 Sheldon
21 Lucy
22 Grammy
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