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1 ChillTown

I am so glad ChillTown is number one! Will Kirby and Mike Malin were just unstoppable. If you disagree, look at how both members won their own seasons. Will won Season 2 and Mike won Season 7. Now that is amazing. They told other players they were "in" ChillTown, but of course, they were lying. Mike and Will were the only ones.

The reason they got their name is because they didn't have to worry too much, not to mention the name is just awesome. They both won their fair share of comps and their fair share of money. I love both of them and ChillTown. BUT, when Mike tried to say that kid in Season 14 (I forgot his name) was in it for real, I was just like, "I am so sorry, Will. Your ally is being a butthole."

No, but they both rock. LOVE CHILLTOWN!

2 The Brigade

While in a boring season, they played a very low-key game, which allowed them to take control. They had all votes because of their side alliances. Led by one of the best social gamers in Enzo, they took the game by storm.

This could have been number one had Matt been in the final four.

They had the best plan and made it work. The Brigade controlled the whole house from day two and never looked back. The power moves they made are the reason why they were so special.

They ended up bringing three of their members to the final three, which is unheard of in any other season. Evil Dick himself proclaimed them to be the best alliance of all time.

3 The Donatos

The only dynamic duo to make it to the end of the season together. They were targeted week after week and used their manipulation of alliances and strength in competitions to get them through the game. They played a great game, both on an individual competition level and for the entirety of the game itself.

I don't like ChillTown, but I do not discredit their gameplay. I just do not think they were a better team than the Donatos.

I would put this lower since this duo would have gotten broken up if America had decided to evict Dick. This single move, in my opinion, got them further because right after, they aligned with Eric and Jessica briefly. However, they were clear targets and won a lot of comps.

Deserved to be top 10. I wouldn't put it third, but maybe sixth.

4 The Renegades

BEST alliance in Big Brother history. No other two-person alliances have gotten to the final two. The Donatos had LOTS of help from America, so I don't know if you can really say they got to the final two by themselves. Chilltown had two chances and couldn't get it!

Renegades are perfection. Despite Memphis winning the car and Dan being called Judas, they were able to make it to the final two.

Made it to the end together. Dan played a better game individually. He was targeted early on and was able to build a weak persona, which got him to the end. When he was shifted from the target, he started to win comps and was a beast.

Memphis made deals with everyone in the end, but he wasn't as good as Dan was. Together, they had each other's backs and were able to slide by even though they were under many radars.

5 Danielle/Jason Alliance

The first pair to make it to the final three with no one knowing about them. They're the reason two people working together is dangerous in this game. They set the stage for working in secret with one person, hence Dan's strategy with Memphis (the Renegades).

This is also why all the houseguests accepted the Season Six twist leading into Season 13 with dynamic duos (only one were a duo. The other two were just showmances).

Someone explain to me how the Brigade (nicknames: Lame, Hairy, Bozo, and Shorty) are higher than Jason and Danielle. They had a secret alliance like the Brigade, but the difference is Danielle actually deserved to win her season, even though she didn't.

6 The Hitmen

I think that the combination of strategy and loyalty of this alliance was fascinating to watch. I believe Derrick was the best player I've watched in the history of the show. He remained calm, used his intelligence, remained loyal to his alliance, and did not act with arrogance or disrespect toward the cast members in his season.

Cody was a strong player too and was very smart teaming up with Derrick and avoiding the pitfalls of a showmance. In Big Brother history, alliance loyalty has paid off and resulted in many alliances making it to the final four, three, and two.

It will be interesting to see if Cody will use a similar strategy in the 2020 season.

7 Quack Pack

The Quack Pack dominated BB14, with only losing one member (Britney) due to Dan turning on her and getting her evicted. Then the remaining four (Dan, Shane, Ian, Danielle) aligned again and made it to the final four.

But sadly, Dan turned on Shane and surprised Danielle by evicting Shane. But overall, they stayed loyal and are definitely one of the greatest alliances ever (besides ChillTown and The Brigade).

The Quack Pack was created by Ian trying to find an alliance and being willing to backstab his old alliance. Even though Dan dragged Danielle and made an alliance with Jenn and Frank in his mastermind plan, they put Britney on the block and sent her out the door.

He ended up putting out Frank and Jenn right after, and the remaining Quack Packers made the final four.

8 Soveriegn

Maybe not the best in gameplay, but certainly the best to watch. Loyal (the Sov 4), fun, and an actual team that didn't turn on each other. Howie, Janie, Kaysar, and to an extent Rachel, were real friends. I loved watching them.

If it wasn't for James the scumbag, they might have gone far together as well.

This team should have won. Luck, fluke, and a couple of honest mistakes got in the way. The Friendship was so hateful and stupid that it made it hard to watch this season.

Best alliance ever for popularity, not gameplay.

9 Jon and Neda

This is a perfect way to play: loyal to one person the entire game. They were targeted a lot but never put on the block unless it was necessary. 100% the best alliance in Big Brother Canada.

Actually, they're more like a showmance considering Jon and Neda were pretty much dominant in BBCAN. Plus, they had two of the best players in the Canadian version.

10 4 Horseman

This four-person alliance, consisting of Jase, Drew, Scott, and Cowboy, was an unsuccessful but then successful alliance. Scott was voted out early in the game, and Jase was also voted out pre-jury due to Nakomis's six-finger plan's alliance.

Although that didn't stop the remaining two Horsemen, they fought their way to the Final 2, and Drew became the winner of BB5.

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11 Nakomi's 6 Finger Plan Alliance

Back then, when the Veto was recently introduced, all players were eligible to participate in the Veto competition. This changed the year when the "6 Only Players" rule was introduced. This was also before the random draw was introduced, causing the HOH and two nominees to choose one player each to participate.

Nakomis, the leader of the alliance of six, purposely nominated two alliance members to "hide" the alliance. Who would put their own alliance members, let alone two of them, on the block? Nakomis and the two alliance member nominees then chose the remaining three alliance members to be in the veto competition.

Regardless of who won, the veto would take one person off the block, and Nakomis would put up Jase. The alliance would then vote him out. This was one of the best strategic moves because it took out an enemy while hiding the alliance.

Although this was one of the best moves, the alliance didn't fare so well due to the two remaining horsemen.

12 Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche

This alliance was created by Daniele, who recruited Kalia and Porsche. This alliance was loved and hated. Two weeks after making the alliance, Daniele was evicted by Jeff, but the next HOH, Kalia won, putting Jeff and Rachel on the block. The next POV, Porsche won and she obviously chose not to use it, thereby ensuring Jeff's fate.

Kalia was evicted two weeks later, but Porsche made it all the way to the final two with Rachel and lost by a 4-3 vote. This alliance fared pretty well, although each alliance member was evicted every two weeks since it was made.

13 Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom was a good alliance, with Danielle leading the pack. Their reign of terror came to an end after Chilltown took them down one by one.

14 Freaks & Geeks/Scamper Squad

Led by Vanessa Rousso (who won seven comps and was a strategic player) and Steve Moses (who won six comps and won the season), this alliance was made up of a group of misfit game players who controlled and dominated the Big Brother 17 game. Austin was the social game player who managed to stay off the block until week 10. The Nolan Twins were also social and comp winners who made it further than previous twins Natalie and Adria from BB5.

The group won a grand total of 21 comps, and all the alliance members cracked the Top 6! Definitely one of the best alliances to have ever played Big Brother.

15 Friendship Alliance

People just want to say that the Sovs were better because they were the more popular team. But, the Sovs lost because the Friendship played like the better team and won because they were the better team.

No matter what, if Ivette or Maggie made the Final 2 against Janelle, they would have had four Friendship votes. Both of them would've beaten Janelle in the end.

This is probably the most hated Big Brother alliance, with the Brigade not far behind. Although they were severely hated and called the "Nerd Herd," they earned their place in the Final 2, where the leader, Maggie, ultimately became the most undeserving winner ever in Big Brother history.

16 Boogie and Frank
17 Ryan/Adam Alliance

This alliance was made nearing the end of the game, and they made it to the Final 2. Not much to say about them...

18 Jeff and Jordan

Without a doubt, the best showmance. Love them. They played the game great. Jordan was the cute southern girl, and Jeff was the guy every girl wanted to be with. Admit it, he's beautiful.

I also love Chilltown, baby!

Too cute together not to be up here, and Jordan won because of Jeff.

19 Late Night Crew
20 Porsche and Rachel
21 The Exterminators

Most underrated alliance in Big Brother history.

Great alliance, but I still wish Judd won.

Okay alliance. Just wish they wouldn't have started playing until the end.

22 The Detonators

This alliance, which was formed after the breakup of the Bomb Squad, consisted of Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Christine, and Cody. It was created by Zach once they all turned on Devin. With nine members left in the house, not a single member had been evicted yet.

They may not get along very well and are very loose, but they know they have the numbers to knock everyone out one by one. They've had control every week but one, and in that week, Jocasta was sent home. I thought they should have a spot on this list.

23 Dan / Jenn / Frank / Danielle Alliance
24 Brenchel

Brendon and Rachel were a force to be reckoned with. With the majority of the house hating their guts, they still managed to win seven Vetos and HOHs in a span of two seasons, and Rachel won Season 13. They knew how to play when they needed to.

You can't argue that they played a great game physically, even if their mental game wasn't all that great. Aligning with the other vets in Season 13, though not really by their choice, was obviously a great move if it got all the members (those who were loyal and those who were not so loyal) to the jury.

In the end, Brenchel played a great game and continue to be in the top five on my list, with ChillTown being my number one.

25 Alison / Jun Alliance

Best female duo of all time. These two HATED EACH OTHER, but they put their feelings aside and RAN the rest of Big Brother 4. Also, their real alliance name is the Alliance of Mistrust.

In my book, they both are the best females to ever play the game (yes, I said it, they're better than Janelle!). Together, they dominated season 4!

Jun dominated this game! She was the first BB winner to never get a vote against herself, and she let Alison do the dirty work for her. Jun is the only one who was able to win while floating.

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