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1 Bad Luck, Teddy

Rachel Melvin is the best, no one will ever beat her.

2 Charlie is 1

I really liked this episode because it was just really funny, and I think that Charlie Duncan is really cute, and also I think that it was cute that Teddy, Gabe, and PJ, along with Bob and Amy pitched in to help make Charlotte's birthday party the best it could be, because it was her first. Thank you to the actors, and to the love of my life, Gabriel Duncan.

Charlie is 1 and every one was thinking it was good but instead they got stuck in jail.

This was funny. We should all wish Charlie good luck!

3 Special Delivery

Laugh out loud I loved it when Bob drove the car into the house and when Gabe said to PJ I thought you'd be the first one to dirve the car into the house. Then Charlie says Me too! Hilarious show!

Like Charlie, Toby had a crazy day of birth!

4 Make Room for Baby

I love this episode it's awesome. Harry potter sleeps under the stairs…why not the new baby? I wonder how many times bob dropped his own children. I almost cried when Amy pictured all of the old memories. I liked the new house but if I had to choose, I'd stay at my old house. It wouldn't matter if there is no more room, I'd stay. Can't wait until we find out if the baby is a boy or girl. I've always liked baby girls the most but some baby boys are adorable too. This message was written by Leigha Snider.

"He could be living under the stairs, like Harry Potter!

5 Up a Tree

I like this more than down a tree because its all based on the tree house, and the tree house wars make it my number one.

My personal favorite, I love at the end when the tree falls down

6 Futuredrama

This is new concept. I love that scene when charlie and tobby fought and teddy helped her...

It shows what would happen to charlie and toby and mostly bob with his beard

7 Charlie Shakes It Up

I like this 1 because it is really funny!

I love this episode! It was really funny when teddy and her mom were fake twin sister just so her mom is on T.V. it was also funny when that little boy likes teddy

8 Nurse Blankenhooper
9 Charlie Did It

This episode was hilarious! It made me laugh so much because of its funny characters, and the events that happened throughout this episode.

I loved this episode! I feel bad for the duncans! They keep getting bad luck! Laugh out loud!

10 Study Date

This episode is so funny! I love when bob is in the car with pj a nf pj starts singing "my butt is on fire it's like the size of a tire! " and I like when bob comes home and says I have a bruised cocix and then he kisses Spencer.laugh out loud!

Just because Spencer is HOTT! And at the end I love how Bob kisses him because he is on medication

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11 Boys Meets Girls

This is definitely the funniest! Jo throws Teddy across the room!

12 Double Whammy
13 All Fall Down
14 Sun Show

This show is so funny and it takes place in a different setting: Hawaii! It's so unpredictable and awesome! I love the plot; Amy gets the whole family cursed by dancing on sacred grounds and bad luck starts to happen to everybody, the funniest part is when Amy gets trapped in an elevator with a woman who is scared of closed spaces.

When Gabe tries to undo the curse on his family, the gardener tells him it was just a joke. They decide to have fun and make the rest of the family perform a hilarious fake ceremony to undo the curse. While the mom is doing the robot, and the Dad and Teddy and PJ are chanting and dancing around her, Gabe is recording everything.

15 Butt Dialing Duncans

This episode is so funny, It's my second favourite episode of all, my favourite one is when Teddy got mad at something and Spencer didn't care then Mr Duncan gave some advice, and he said "You don't re-act, you OVER re-act" Then he said "Ok pretend your Teddy and I'm you" Then Spencer said "Umm a girl at school didn't like my hair today"n Then Bob said "WHAT?! HOW COULD SOMEONE NOT LIKE YOUR HAIR!? " Then Spencer said "Ok calm down" Then Bob said "I JUST can't BECAUSE YOUR HAIR IS SO AWESOME! " (Remember Bob is pretending to be Spencer to help him when he didn't re-act when Teddy got mad, and Spencer is pretending to be Teddy) Then Bob said "How do you feel? " Then Spencer said "That you really care about my hair... " (Bob bows) Then Spencer said "Wow Mr Duncan this is really good stuff! "

16 Down a Tree
17 Bye Bye Video Diary

One of my favorite quotes in the whole series. Teddy: Your first trip to the pet store didn't go so well. You put something in Mom's purse when we weren't looking, a "bunny". (Amy holds Kaboodle dressed like a bunny) Teddy: Ok this isn't working that is so obviously Mrs. Dabney's cat with bunny ears!

18 Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas
19 Team Mom
20 Ditch Day
21 Baby Come Back
22 Go Teddy!
23 The Serious Case of Mr. Dabney

PJ & Gabe were hilarious in this episode - my all-time favorite! I watch it over and over.

This epsiode ROCKS! It's so funny how pj and Gabe think Mrs. Dabney murdered her husband and then there's the showdown! Laugh out loud

24 Good Bye Charlie

It made me cry to see that my favorite show, cutie pie charlie, sweet tobby, naughty gabe, silly PJ, my favorite teddy and superd parents will no more be now in some new episode.. I cried at end of my favorite series.

Last episode ever charlie looks very cute older I love it it made me feel like a baby again x

25 Duncan vs. Duncan
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