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1 House, M.D. House is an American television medical drama that originally ran on the Fox network for eight seasons, from November 16, 2004 to May 21, 2012. 

The MOST amazing show ever! Addicting, eye-catching, and mind-blowing. Hugh Laurie is so intriguing. You can't even tell his accent is fake. Sadly, it ended too early. As House says, "Everybody dies." Laurie, even off-screen, is just as sarcastic as on-screen. His Twitter account proves that.

The entire cast: 13, Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, Cameron, Wilson, Kutner, and undoubtedly House, are all fantastic. I'm happy Laurie has more family time now. The show teaches you life lessons. It's just one of the best shows ever. No other medical drama can beat House, M.D.

2 Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy is an American medical drama television series that premiered on American Broadcasting Company as a mid-season replacement on March 27, 2005. The series focuses on the fictional lives of surgical interns, residents and attending physicians, as they evolve into seasoned doctors while trying... read more

Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show ever! It definitely deserves number one on this list! From the complex and interesting medical cases to the multi-faceted characters, this show has it all.

Sure, there's a lot of drama (don't get too attached to one character, they'll probably die), but it makes the show great. The characters are easy to love, and you're sure to binge-watch this show!

House used to be my favorite program on US TV by a country mile. After watching the first six series of Grey's, then going back to House, House now seems very far-fetched, overacted, and a little too fantastical. Grey's is not as medically accurate, but the characterization and realism are better.

3 ER

Let's keep things realistic - ER is the best.

I honestly think all the seasons were fantastic. It was so popular, it kept fans entertained for 15 years! That statistic speaks for itself. All the cast - especially the original - were incredible.

We all know the first few seasons were when ER was at its peak, but it never ceased to amaze me. I couldn't tear my eyes away. It should be #1!

Grey's Anatomy and House are nowhere near as good. ER is the closest to real life. Grey's Anatomy had a musical episode, and the whole soap opera aspect kills it. House had an episode with an alien in it - are you kidding me?

ER is the most realistic, and that's what makes for a good medical drama, not phony stories no matter how entertaining they are.

4 Nip/Tuck

So over-the-top with storylines that took comical turns and graphic surgical depictions that made squeamish viewers turn away for certain scenes, Nip/Tuck was a sometimes fun, sometimes deadly-serious drama about plastic surgeons.

BFFs Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) and Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) managed to maintain a joint practice despite their chaotic personal lives and conflicted friendship. This friendship was sorely tested when Sean found out that his randy friend, Dr. Troy, was actually the father of Sean's son Matt.

Scandalous, yes, but nothing some ripped-from-today's-headlines cases (a woman attacked by a friend's chimp, for instance) and a string of big-name guests (Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donnell, Larry Hagman, Brooke Shields, Alanis Morissette, Vanessa Redgrave, Joan Rivers, and Mario Lopez) couldn't help the docs through.

5 Private Practice

Kate Walsh makes the show absolutely relatable but at the same time so attention-grabbing with her amazing acting skills. The storyline is also filled with surprising twists and turns that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The setting in a private practice instead of a usual hospital also gives the show a refreshing feel, yet it does not lack the do-or-die element present in many hospital-based medical shows. A must-watch.

I love this show. I wish it never ended. It was great. I love Kate Walsh in this show. She's so pretty and a great actor.

6 Scrubs Premiering in 2001, this American medical comedy-drama follows the lives of doctors and nurses working at Sacred Heart Hospital. The series blends medical realities with humor and emotional moments, and has been acclaimed for its writing and performances.

Scrubs is refreshingly honest. No generic laugh track to back up its jokes because they're always stellar. No constant crying adults to emphasize the drama because it's always heart-wrenching.

What makes this show incredible is the way it can switch between the two almost effortlessly, seamlessly binding humor and drama with the daily struggle of the noble medical profession.

And JD's inner monologue? You can't help but love the goofball.

Laugh out loud at the guys who said either Grey's Anatomy or House, M.D. Both of these suck big time. Scrubs is genius. Every episode of it is a masterpiece and way more dramatic and intriguing than anything in the rest of the medical shows.

7 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
8 M*A*S*H Debuting in 1972, this American television series is based on a 1968 novel by Richard Hooker. Centered on a mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War, the show blends drama and comedy to explore the lives of military doctors and nurses. The series garnered critical acclaim and became one of... read more

A very realistic medical show about the Korean War. Hawkeye is a great character. His insanity is one of the things that keep the whole unit from breaking down under the stress of wartime, yet he never lets anyone forget that they operate on living human beings, no matter if they're a North Korean soon-to-be prisoner of war or a child hit from shelling.

9 Chicago Med

Chicago Med is about doctors and nurses saving people's lives. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Dennis, the medical advisor for Chicago Med, this show is so successful. Their next step should be family practice. Make sure they are doing it right, then they are ready to do it in real life for the next 10 years.

At first, when I saw Chicago Med, I thought it would be one of those weird types of medical dramas. But the second I finished the first episode, I couldn't stop watching. It is so amazing and realistic. It is the best series in the world.

10 Body of Proof

The series is top-notch. Dr. Megan Hunt was a very interesting character who delights from episode to episode.

On my top choice for sure. Brilliant.

Why only 3 seasons? Great show!

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11 Mercy

I really liked the background of the whole show. It isn't just your average hospital show. It's something different, and that's what got me hooked and attached to the characters, like I personally knew them.

Entertaining, humorous, and intriguing! A brilliant medical drama! It keeps you on your toes and makes you anticipate and savor every moment!

I wish this show was still airing. It was great. I enjoyed it.

12 Saving Hope

One of the best shows, hands down.

13 Casualty

Why isn't this at the top? I'm so obsessed with it. It's the best long-running medical drama out there.

Casualty is definitely the best medical drama I've seen!

14 Code Black

One of the most thrilling and realistic, and above all, ACCURATE portrayals of emergency medicine! Love it!

Great show! I find something in my emotional DNA being stirred with each show! Impressed healthcare worker.

Each episode keeps me glued to my seat from start to end.

15 Emily Owens, M.D

Very entertaining show! I felt really connected with Dr. Owens and felt that the things she often discussed were really relatable. She inspired me.

It was a good show. They should not have canceled it, but it makes sense because they rushed into everything too fast.

Fun show! Wish they would bring it back!

16 St. Elsewhere

This is such an underrated show. David Morse is amazing in his role on St. Elsewhere. This show is amazing.

17 Trauma

Great show! Amazing characters! I'm really hoping for a second season!

I really miss all the characters. Knowing that I am going to wake up with nothing to watch is not pleasant. I miss you, Cliff.

18 Holby City

My favorite medical drama ever! It has honestly taken over its sister show as the best on television and really needs more recognition.

19 Untold Stories of the E.R.
20 Hawthorne
21 Marcus Welby, M.D.
22 Chicago Hope
23 General Hospital

All the procedures look real. I like it very much. Best drama ever.

24 The Knick
25 Medical Center
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