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1 Alex Russo Alexandra Margarita "Alex" Russo is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Selena Gomez.

Alexandra (Alex) Margarita Russo is the best! She is the main character of the show and so we get to see her point of view most of the time. She can be devious and cunning, but what I like about her is that once you get to know her she is really kind-hearted and compassionate (although she tries not to show it). Unlike every other Disney girl she is a troublemaker and is definitely not a cookie-cutter role modal, but she always get's there in the end. Alex is shown to be a rebel, she's always in detention and frequently talks back. However, and she can be very sarcastic, I think that rather than trying to be mean, that is just a core part of Alex's personality. Alex Russo is one of the best role models there is for kids, she's kind and compassionate and very realistic, she is shown to be going through all the normal ups and downs of a teenager. So, I'm on team Alex!

I just love Alex cause she's so real.
She seems like she is a selfish and irresponsible person and a bad role model, but deep down she really cares about people but doesn't always show it. She is like a lot of girls too. Sarcastic attitude, rule breaker, makes fun of her brothers, doesn't like school and yet she doesn't try to be so perfect unlike a lot of Disney girls these days. In the end she always does the right thing, that's all that matters.

She's the most realistic girl that Disney ever created. You can actually relate to her. Understand her motives and everything. Perhaps not all the time, but most of the time is a huge achievement coming from the company that has females as helpless wallflowers that you just want to punch.

I love her! Selena Gomez is the best actress/ singer ever. I have always loved wizards of waverly place. Other shows like good luck charlie are stupid because they try to take its place. A dad who is fat and a mom who can't sing is only funny once Disney Channel!

2 Max Russo

Max is the best character. He is very funny and likes to make himself a better person but fails to do so. But still he is awesome character and he reminds me of myself

Max is the BEST! He doesn't care about everything that make him more cooler. And the way that he pretends to be smart, he is so hilarious!

He is hilarious, and he always see the good side of the things. He is very supportive and he cares for everyone.

A little rascal

3 Justin Russo Justin Russo is a singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist from Upstate New York. Russo began his career as a musician at the age of 18 by joining his older brother's band Hopewell, which focused mainly on psychedelic rock balladry and lengthy "shoegazing" soundscapes.

Don't judge me, but I absolutely hate Justin. I mean, he's selfish sometimes for his own reasons, and yet he scolds Alex for being selfish. Justin is so mean to Alex and always blames everything on her. Even when Alex does the right thing, Justin just wants to do whatever can benefit him. When they were disqualified from the wizard competition, Justin did whatever he could to make Alex suffer. He's also just so annoying. Even though all the Russos are a little mean and annoying, I always hate seeing Justin whenever he comes on. In conclusion, Justin is the worst character in the entire show, and he deserved to lose the wizard competition.

Justin should win the Wizard Competition for several reasons: (1) He is the most responsible and the least selfish. (2) When at WizTech, he won the Twelve-Ball championship, which is something only great wizards can do. (3) Alex narrowly won the original premature wizard competition in "the Movie" and so having her win again (or having Max win) would make Justin look like a real loser.

Justin is very responsible, mature and intelligent. He is a better wizard and works very hard.

He is such an older brother, love it!

4 Harper Finkle

Harper is the only character, that has not been recognized by many, despite of having awesome qualities. She is adorable, innocent, charming, energetic, conscious, ethical, humorous, caring, understanding, reliable and even crafty at times. Her character has been shaped to be the dream partner for every guy and and ideal friend for every girl. She is one such character that deserves the love the whole world can give.

She has never been embarrassed by her self, neither she hesitated to show her real self despite of being mocked by people around nor she ever demanded anything from her best friend. She gave the best for her relation with her best friend and her boyfriend to keep alive. Even though it's Alex that gets the praise of being realistic, I think the trophy deserves Harper more than Alex as she never had any problems with accepting the realty (Well, realty according to the story).

In the episode named harperalla, she has been presented to be the princess (not ...more

Harper is unique creative funny and smart and a amazing friend

5 Zeke Beakerman

Clogging, aliens, robots what more can I say?

6 Jerry Russo

He is awesome

7 Stevie Nichols

I don't know if Stevie's plan was good or evil but if they don't explain why its wrong I'll have to suppose that it was good. Stevie was treacherously murdered,and then shattered into thousands of pieces,and all the protagonists laughed and left her mutilated corpse lying on the floor. With heroes like them, who needs villains! Go Stevie, go! Come back to life and overthrow the wizard council!

What would have been so bad about more than one wizard per family? It happened in the end anyway...

I mean, I don't want to lose my powers.

8 Professor Crumbs

I think that Dumbledore is better than Professor Crumbs... But Professor Crumbs is just more funny!

Professor Crumbs should be number 1! He reminds me of Dumbledore, but Professor Crumbs is way better. You rock Crummy

He done the stinky leg! I died of laughter

Alex is the best but he's up there too!

9 Theresa Russo

She's a main character

10 Mason Greyback

Better than Dean, and the cutest accent!

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11 Hugh Normous
12 Kelbo Russo
13 Juliet van Heusen

She's really cute and I think she deserves a greater applause.

A vampire and she's not annoying like, she easily could be.

14 Felix

He's just funny

15 Megan Russo
16 Franken-Girl
17 Nelly Rodriguez
18 Uncle Ernesto
19 Dean Moriarty
20 Chase Riprock
21 Rootie Tootietootie
22 Owen Emmett
23 Hershel Laritate
24 Riley
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