Top 10 Best Henry Danger Episodes

If you're a fan of 'Henry Danger,' you're certainly familiar with its winning formula: a blend of heart, humor, and high-stakes superhero hijinks that never fails to entertain. From the exciting adventures of Henry Hart, aka Kid Danger, to the wacky antics of his mentor, Captain Man, every episode is an unforgettable ride.

The show has a knack for taking us on a roller coaster of emotions, from laugh-out-loud comedy to edge-of-your-seat action, and even some genuinely touching moments. We've watched the characters grow, faced their challenges with them, and cheered them on through their victories. Each episode has its unique charm, but the question we're pondering here is: which are the best of the best?

Perhaps there's a specific episode that tickles your funny bone like no other, or one that really tugged at your heartstrings. Maybe there's an underrated gem you think deserves more love, or a fan-favorite you feel is overrated. It's time to make your voice heard! Remember, your vote isn't just a casual click; it's an endorsement of the episodes you believe truly exemplify what makes 'Henry Danger' so special.
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1 The Bucket Trap
2 Tears of the Jolly Beetle

I actually cried when those beetles cried. I was annoyed when Drake and Josh, one of my favorites during my youth, was billed as the funniest show ever, even though it's close. There are heaps better out there.

3 Jasper Danger
4 Henry & the Bad Girl

I really, really love this episode! It is one of the best!

5 The Danger Begins
6 Caved In

I love the fact that Charlotte and Henry tried their best to make Ray feel better.

7 Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems
8 Captain Jerk
9 The Time Jerker
10 Danger Games
The Contenders
11 Let's Make a Steal

Game shows are great and their prizes, but every episode is good!

12 The Beat Goes On
13 Hour of Power
14 Dream Busters

Kid Danger will always be my favorite person on the show, no matter what. He is so attractive.

One of the funniest episodes made, besides the Invisible Brad ones.

15 Too Much Game
16 I Know Your Secret
17 A New Hero

The part where Henry lost his super fast reflexes was sad, and I felt emotional.

18 Henry and the Woodpeckers

More thought-provoking than most Henry Danger episodes, but it's still just as funny as all the other episodes.

19 Text Lies and Video
20 Kid Grounded
21 Danger Meets Thunder
22 Mouth Candy
23 Love Muffin

I've been watching this show since yesterday and so far, I've really only enjoyed this episode and, like, another. Do I like the jokes? I don't really know. I laugh at how cheesy and unfunny they are, but I'm not sure that even counts. I hear people saying this is apparently the worst Nick Show ever, which I wish I could agree with, but can't.

Do I like it? Personally, not really. I only watch it for the cheesy and cringe, but honestly, there have been worse things out there. For example, Game Shakers? Please. Thundermans? No. I've tried Knight Squad, and while I can't judge on the first episode, it was incredibly bad. This is why I really have to say it's the only tolerable thing as of now. It entertains me, personally, because I like cringey stuff. I like to think they acknowledge this, which I really hope they do. You might not like the jokes, which is fine. I don't either. The acting is supposedly terrible, but watch other Nick Sitcoms and let's see what you think.

Anyway, the episode.

24 Danger and Thunder
25 Scream Machine
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