Top 10 Best Ideas for a New South Park Episode

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1 Back to the Classic

YES! The old voices should come back and nothing too complex or maybe they journey through time and see all the seasons (not all episodes)

I've thought about this same thing kinda. I can also do a pretty good chef voice too. This definitely has my vote

Yesss where the boys travel back in time and see the old episodes!

2 Pulcino Cartman
3 The Omen: The Return of Damien

Great I also think pip and damian should become best friends.

4 Gingerdead

Scott returns with many Ginger Children, To destroy Cartman.

5 Cloudy with a Chance of Monsters

All monsters in the series, return to destroy and dominate South Park. And only the children with the help of a monster (Scuzzlebutt or Robert Smith in his monster form) will be able to stop the evil monsters

6 A New Mr. Slave For Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison wants to have a new boyfriend. On another occasion, Cartman wants to kiss Patty Nelson

7 The Stick of the Truth
8 Lorde vs Lorde

The Real Lorde appears in South Park, To kill Randy.

9 A Soul a Day

Based on the book, "Every Day" by David Levithan, an unexplained "spirit" takes the place of a different South Park resident every day. Every resident is "possessed" until this spirit moves on to a new town.

10 Kenny Moves

As a parody of the movie 8 Mile, Kenny's family can't afford to live in south park anymore and have to move to Detroit where kenny becomes a famous rapper.

As a parody of 8 mile Kenny's family moves to detroit and kenny becomes a famous rapper

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11 Someone Gets Pregnant

Random 4th grader gets pregnant and the class (apart from from Cartman, because he has made a bet that she will abort it, and will try and make that happen no matter what) will try to convince her to keep it, she does at the end and Catman ends up put in a simulator where he has a girlfriend who is pregnant and won't abort it. Then the random 4th grader becomes all main character and gives birth 9th later in a future episode while Cartman remains trapped in the simulator for 9 months and his story in the simulator gets followed. Meanwhile a clone of him gets made who believe he is the real one, but farts when he swears. Until 9 months later when Cartman gets out, they battle to the death and the clone ends up trapped in the simulator.

12 Terrance and Phillip in: The Final Fart
13 Girl vs boys

A new girl comes to town. Pretty much a tom boy but smart to
She likes Kyle but in order to get his attention
Makes every boy miserable she also find a best friend in Wendy.
But inside her wealth home is a father and mother who doesn't love her because of her younger siblings.

14 Going, Going Nude

The boys discover that there is a 48 hour nude famine occurring in South Park. The famine is forcing all the South Park residents to wear no clothes and become all naked.

15 South Park 51

The mayor wants to use a astronaut from USA to destroy the world

16 NFL Nightmare
17 House of Cartmans

After the grill accidentally catches on fire while a barbecue party is at Cartman's house, it causes the whole house to burn down which means Cartman and his Mom, Liane have to find a new house to live in South Park. None of the houses that Liane can afford are ones where Cartman feels the most satisfied. Cartman decides that he will be the one who chooses whatever house he wants no matter how expensive that particular house is.

After the grill catches on fire at Cartman's house during a barbecue, Cartman and his mom, Liane move out to find a new house in South Park. The problem is that most of the houses that Cartman likes around his neighborhood are ones his mom can afford. Which makes Cartman want to pick the house himself, with the help of Stan, Kyle and Kenny.

18 Of Girls Thing
19 Blame Canada, Again!
20 Black Metal

South Park should make a black metal episode.

21 Terrance and Phillip Retire
22 PC Principal Vs Police Chief Harrison Yates

I think it would be really funny to see social justice warrior PC Principal storm into the the South Park police department who go out of there way to be as racist, bigoted and corrupt as possible and tell them that they aren't doing their job properly, which would make the chief angry at being told how to do his job. Create some bad blood in South Park.

23 The President vs. the Dictator

This episode is about Mr. Garrison who got fired as president and sent to jail after terrorizing the citizens of South Park and after he is free he decides wants his revenge on whoever is president of the U.S is currently instead of getting his old job back as a teacher.

24 City Sunset Heights

City Wok hasn't had a customer in two straight weeks, and Mr. Kim is feeling fed up of waiting for money and customer. So he decides to renovate City Wok into a hotel called City Sunset Heights.

25 Kenny Unhooded

An episode where Kenny is seen without an completely unhooded head and speaking clearly not in a background, not for a short while... but a whole episode. The idea would be brilliant since we'd get to know more about him.

So the whole plot is just Kenny not wearing his hoodie?

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