Top Ten Reasons Total Drama Revenge of the Island is Better Than Pahkitew Island

I liked RotI better then TDPI and I'll tell you why.
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1 A Defined Antagonist

Scarlet would be a good antagonist if she wasn't bad for only 1 episode. Max sucked a lot and he was a wannabe. Sugar was unlikable. Scott was better than these three all together he is sneaky and smart.

The antagonists were 2 in pahkitew island: the first was Scarlett and the second was Sugar.

The primary antagonist was Sugar... She got Ella and Jasmine eliminated.

2 Less Annoying Characters

I deeply agree! The characters in TDROTI had a wide personality with deep emotional journeys combined with strengths and weaknesses! You had Beverly who was extremely intelligent and was a mastermind at making machines! You had Dawn who was attached to nature and seemed to have a deep spiritual connection to finding everyone's aura! In TDPI you have lazy written characters! Leonard "The Wizard" for example was absolutely ridiculous and his stupid spells caused deep trouble in the team and he was incredibly stupid to! There was another guy who I can't even remember who did awesome sound effects but barely had a personality! For Beverly it was different, his silence seemed to weave something that made you connect with him! For the sound effect guy he just showed his skills at beatboxing! Oh and that other guy the big one who loved every girl he saw?!? Yeah this was funny the first time but on re-watch it gets a bit awkward and the character does nothing but be a slave for love- Star Lord Out

3 Cameos in Revenge of the Island

Even though it was a new cast, fans felt at home because of some of the best OGs making cameos and starring in the challenges. I love that the two generations got to meet each other!

I loved the hidden cameos or "Easter eggs" that were cleverly placed in the show.

Cody's shoe made a cameo in Mo Monkeys Mo Problems.

4 More Exaggerated
5 Back to the Birthplace of Total Drama
6 Better Finale

I absolutely agree! The TDROTI finale was a proficient ending to a fantastic build-up of multiple episodes weaved into one! The finale was an incredible special testing the contesters skills! It was a great brain vs brawn battle that was enormously entertaing and engaged me the entire time! The TDPI finale? I didn't find it trash I just found it not as engaging and for me it doesn't have that re-watch value-Star Lord Out

Lightning vs Cameron was super cool unlike Shawn vs Sky. I dislike Lightning and he's dumb but he isn't as boring as Sky and the finale was way more exiting.

7 More Realistic Characters

I personally thought the producers were running out of ideas when they made Leanord, Beardo, Ella, Shawn, Max, and Rodney. In my opinion, all six of them only had one dimension of them and you could always expect them to act the same way. Dave got a little bit delusional at the end, but before that he was a decent character. Topher was an original character that seemed more realistic because there ARE some psycho fans of shows similar to Topher. Amy and Sammy/Samey were both good characters who entertained me for quite a while. Jasmine and Sky were also quite good. Sugar may have been a jerk, but her design and personality were original and I liked her more than some of the fodder mentioned earlier for that. I personally liked Scarlett because she had tons of different sides to her, creepily knew everything about everyone, and was a bit cynical at times.

8 Nobody Goes Insane
9 No Sugar

I can't believe Chris let her off without any repercussions (unlike Scarlett and Max, far superior villains of TDPI than Sugar).

10 Better Relationships

The only relationship I care about in season 6 is Jasmine and Shawn the rest can burn in hell.

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11 It Has Dawn

Dawn is the best Total Drama character ever!

She's a sweet character but got voted out early.

12 It Has Dakota

Let's get this to number 5, at least.

13 It Has Mike

Mike was a sweet and hilarious character. His conflict about his disorder and also telling Zoey about it was entertaining. In general, I'm a huge fan of Mike and of Zoey, too.

14 Beardo Isn't There Spitting on Everybody
15 It Does Not Have Kelly

@Anon. Kelly wasn't in that season. She didn't debut until three seasons later with "The Ridonculous Race".

16 More Lovable Characters
17 It Has Anne Maria
18 The Characters Aren't Clinically Insane
19 No Annoying Songs
20 Macarthur Doesn't Take the Show Over

To the one who put this reason on the list, congratulations, you made me want to suicide slowly and painfully, thank you very much

21 Gwen Makes an Appearance
22 Better Characters

Amy is cool (and Sammy is cool too of course) and she's better than the unless and boring Stacy.

23 Chris Gets Punished

TDPI was Chris' last year as host of "Total Drama". I kinda wish his character got some closure, before he gets replaced with someone better than him: Don (the host of TDRR).

24 Ezekiel Makes an Appearance
25 No Ella
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