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1 Running Man

It is absolutely the funniest show! : ) Have you watch the earlier episodes where everyone fear JongKookie? See them tremble in fear at the sound of the bell! Recognise the familiar faces of those who appear in the jail the most often! Be stun at the superpowers of the members or share the fear when they do bungee jumps! You will never get bored with running man!. Hweiting!

There's an infinite number of great things I can say about this show. It really is just That GOOD and it truly never fails to make me laugh hysterically. Especially on gloomy days, running man just makes my day so much brighter :) Moreover, the members are like family to each other, so there's always a heartwarming feeling I get from watching them.

Still the funniest korean variety show I've watched. But sadly, there's a rumor that their last episode will be aired in February due to some recent controversies involving two the members and the staffs.

Running Man isn't your regular style of variety show. With its unique and creative theme, hilarious regulars, and famous guests, RM will surely let you feel many emotions while watching the show.

2 Knowing Bros

Their dis at each other and to their guests are the funniest part... They also have different characters that people can relate with!
The show, cast and the staff are really unannounced, unanticipated, unexpected, unforeseen.
awesome, awful, breathtaking, fabulous, heart-stopping, marvelous (or marvellous), miraculous, portentous, prodigious, staggering, stupendous, sublime, wonderful, wondrous.
extraordinary, phenomenal, rare, sensational, and spectacular.

Best currently running show! Not even a boring moment in every single episode.. the cast are really good together! They make every and any guest comfortable and hilarity ensues! Lee seugeun the comedic genius and Kim heechul the overall show stealer!

The chemistry between the members is so amazing, and I love how they don't go easy on the guests and aren't afraid to win! They have quick, sharp retorts and remarks and it's easily my favourite show ever.

Really a hilarious show. One of my favourite Korean Variety shows of all time. I think Kim Heechul is just the star of the show because he is so savage and makes me laugh overtime he opens his mouth.

3 1 Night 2 Days

I'm surprised the variety show with the highest rating out of all of these isn't number 1 on this list. This show was able to become a legend without the focus on guests or celebrities at all (although some of our casts are drop dead gorgeous; ex: Kim Junho) and I love the fact that it was the chemistry between the casts and pure comedy that they produce that enabled the show to do so well. This is honestly the most hilarious variety show, no doubt. So, if you're looking to laugh until your stomach hurts, this is honestly the show for you

The chemistry amongst the members is truly the best. I love how they don't invite that many guests. So many other variety shows invite new guests so often it just becomes annoying. 1N2D isn't some show that just wants to gain money and promote some idols/actors/actresses. I also enjoy how the format is consistent throughout its whole run, but every episode is still enjoyabale. It's very refreshing to watch. Their reactions to sometimes bizarre situations are priceless. The production team is great and has great chemistry with the members. It's such a shame that the PD stepped down. I just finished the new PD's first episode. He doesn't look too promising, but the last PD didn't have a great impression on me first. There were times when the show drifted off a bit(season two), but it found a way to return and is fantastic.

So funny. I love watching them every week. There jokes are always fresh and their chemistry is amazing. When they're teasing each other, competing against each other, or simply just talking you can feel it. The games aren't repetitive and are fun. They know how to switch things up and guests are good to have every once in awhile. I love the members and their relationship with the production team. I really love this show.

It's a good show due to their chemistry with one another, unlike other shows. Their interactions with one another doesn't seem force as they are often are and share a brotherly bond, with the teasing each other along with the occasional teasing with the producers/directors/writers

4 New Journey to the West

I also agree that NJTTW deserves more popularity. The chemistry between cast members, despite their age gaps, and the chemistry between the production staff member and the cast are extremely likeable. The editing, CGs, Background music, games and missions, costumes and themes, everything is so fresh and funny ( unlike some other famous variety shows that are popular but getting dull and stale). This is the show you will never get bored watching it and also the show that will make you want to keep watching more and more. Can't wait to see the upcoming Kang's Kitchen and their new season with Kyuhyun.

Okay, but this show needs much more popularity. It's extremely funny, and I find myself choking with laughter! I highly recommend this show because not only are the cast members amazing, but the production crew is equally funny. They always play entertaining tricks on the cast, which are hilarious. Not to mention the flawless editing they add to the show, making it 10 times funnier. I guarantee that the funny games and sensational cast will leave you struggling for breath because you'll be laughing too hard. Please watch it and dare to enjoy the show.

This should be the best variety show.. They're so hilarious.. The chemistry between the member are awesome.. Each of them have their own roles.. The crew also awesome.. I want more of this.. I laughed so hard, and I can watched this show again and again.. Keep the members, and do more episodes..

My absolute favorite variety show and I'm always super sad when it ends! The new games are often creative, and the old ones are classic and never fails to make me laugh! The best part of the show however, is definitely the fantastic editing skills! :D

5 Master in the House/All the Butlers

Fantastic show where cast gets to learn from the masters! Although the masters are often very senior, or really amazing, there hasn't been a single episode where I felt awkward :) Always laugh a lot and cry a lot in the show :') Cast is amazing!

Funny show that makes me laugh my heart out every ep yet we can see some of the member's heart-warming and emotional moments,
we got to see differents sides of all the members,& learn with them different lessons from different masters...

the only Korean show I am following every week and I didn't miss any episode. Smart, makes you think and you learn things, funny, it makes you feel good, I really love the 4 guys, it's all balanced and perfect

I love this show! I learn so much about the Korean culture and there is such a good variety of masters. Plus the 4 guys are cute and entertaining. Live their personalities and how they interact

6 Infinite Challenge

Best of the best in its time, perfect concept for a variety show which makes them basically can try and do anything they want

7 Strong Heart
8 Return of Superman

The Return of superman is a nice korean variety show and the children were so cute I really like Seola Sua Sian and also Naeun Gunhoo and Jinwoo and a lot more...

Super cute and super funny. Have had me crying with laughter.

I learned all the parentinghood from this show. it taught a lot. and to be honest I miss Haru so much...

9 Busted!

This is the best variety show I have ever watched... I appreciate the plot and the thrilling part every ending of the episode will make you to crave for more episode.. it is a must watch and recommended for beginners and the casts are hilarious.. thriller, horror, some romance beacause of shipping the members, action, mystery, comedy and almost all sorts of genres.. the story, challenges and some parts are scripted but the solving part depends on the celebrities..

I hope there will be season 3! This show got me solving along with the cast. I get thrilled whenever I solve the cases haha! I love the diverse genres in this show. How it's mysterious, action-filled, thrilling, and funny at the same time makes you tune in for more. by the way I also kinda observe Se-Se couple (Sehun & Sejeong) because I really lowkey ship them

It's like an outdoor Crime Scene, although the comedy feels forced and out of place sometimes, it's still funny and manages to create an engaging story (you can't have both I guess) BRING BACK KWANGSOO FOR S3!

10 We Got Married

This variety show shows cuteness and gives you "feels" while watching your favorite celebrities swoon over one another.

It was super cute to watch couples dating and having fun. I truly miss the show. My favorite couples were Taemin and Naeun, Sunjae and Joy.

It's so cute and entertaining. I love the chemistry between the celebrities

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11 Weekly Idol

I got hooked on some of the kpop groups because of this show. The episodes featuring Big Bang were the reason why I became a VIP. *insert heart emoji* The Doni-Coni duo is iconic because both of them bring out the fun and embarrassing sides of the guests. Haha. The various funny segments also make this show a must-watch.

Love it more now especially as Kwang Hee & Eun Hyuk are the hosts :) Guests are made welcomed, and can often showcase their skills in a lighthearted manner!

I love their creativity

12 Roommate

You really feel really close to all these people. Really funny and fun that makes your day. Everyone have their own different personality

Roomate jjang! Season 2 was deabak! I am glad that I watched this variety show because it have variety of feeling in it. They are just like one big happy family.. I miss them!

Hilarious with a twist, its home-like ambiance and amazing regulars are awesomely funny.

I love this show. Really hope it has Season 3

13 Sister's Slam Dunk

The funniest variety show I've ever seen. I love the cast so much.

My favourite show ever!

I love the show so much!

I love the goal of this show because its empowering us to achieve our goals even if its absurd

14 Law of the Jungle

Always great to see guests struggle/excel on the show, great show to see the true/unknown sides of the guests & their teamwork! Byung Man is superb and I really admire him ~

Felt like watching Bear Grylls show but with asian touch. love how Byung-man shared all his survival skills and how these celebrities experience the jungle and survival life. keep it up guys!

It's really funny seeing the idols try to survive in the jungles.

My favorite variety show

15 Family Outing

I enjoyed watching games and how they have to wake up in the morning to get for breakfast. I missed this show badly

Lee Hyori is fun

16 Happy Together
17 I Live Alone

The Rainbow Club has amazing chemistry between them. Every member they currently have fits in perfectly.

I really like the way hoster handle situations. And I live 3 idiots. Especially the crazy Henry

It's a good show because it depicts the real life of a celebrity

18 I Can See Your Voice

What's better than a battle of guessing who can really sing just by looking at their appearance. A lot of twist

They are showcasing the singing abilities of many idols who are not able to shine

19 Ask Us Anything
20 Great Escape

Although this is a very new show, it has potential to reached great heights. It is about how people try to escape a building. May not sound that interesting, but add a bunch of comedians and idols, it becomes very interesting. This is no ordinary escape room, the scale is extremely large, very well thought out ideas and very challenging puzzles make it very entertaining to watch these grown men solve the problem. Definitely reckoned watching this sensational show

It's a really fun and engaging show. The cast are awesome and have their own uniqueness that complements each other. The scale is so big and well thought. And each episode has it's own stories that's related to the next one. They have like a multiverse of great escape through all the seasons. For those who likes zombies, ghosts, etc. They should like this one.

I absolutely love this show! A good mix of comedy & actual solving of escape rooms, and the scale of the sets never fail to impress me!

21 Village Survival, the Eight

So underrated! Chemistry between cast is great! Perfect blend of humour and suspense. So funny because you never expect what the members will say. Hopefully there's a season 3!

Reminds me of family outing. I guess that's why I love this show. hope this show still running and continue with the new seasons.

Season 3 please

22 Lipstick Prince
23 Mafia Game in Prison

Hilarious to watch them try and figure out who the mafia is, the games they play are funny, and it just gets better because they get better at being the Mafia.

Lots of laughter and twisted events.

24 King of Mask Singer
25 Come to Play
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