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1 Sakura Haruno - Naruto Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I can only feel happiness to share in the majority agreement that Sakura is anime's worst female character ever. Sakura is a poster case of domestic abuse and, in general, an insufferable person.

You know you've got a rotten apple when a main character deals more damage, pain, and bruises to her 'best friends' than to any of the villains. Sakura leads the revolution for character evolution by warping into being exactly the same useless crybaby regardless of how strong she gets. Her answer to any enemy or villain is to either rush ahead like an idiot or fall to the ground and blubber like a fool.

Just a note for anyone who admires Sakura: most people, including myself, would not be a friend to a nasty, manipulative cretin whose answer to any situation is punching her friends in the head. Truly a character who belongs in total fantasy or a prison.

2 Nina Einstein - Code Geass Nina Einstein is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

She is just an overall creepy and annoying character. The fact that everyone seems to like her, coupled with the fact she pretty much got away with anything throughout the whole show, drives me mad.

She also had the audacity to act like she was the moral one when she was talking to Lelouch. And don't even get me started with her ridiculously huge victim complex that she seems to have. Overall, she is just a terrible character that I cannot stand. I will forever hate her and her creepy table fetish.

3 Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball Z Chi-Chi is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

The moment she had Gohan, Goku became her enemy somehow. The way she treated him after the Vegeta fight is reprehensible. He should have divorced her, or accidentally killed her during training out in the secluded wilderness. She and Bulma should fight to the death and tie.

Just an annoying, screaming harpy that's only useful when she pops out Gohan and Goten! I hate how all the characters act scared of her when pretty much all of them could easily kick her butt. Wish Beerus would slap her and put her in her place.

4 Misa Amane - Death Note Misa Amane is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Death Note has very few females in the series. Sadly, the female we see most often is Misa Amane. I didn't even hate Misa at first. I thought she was kind of smart with her planning: how she got Sakura TV to play her video, how she tried to disguise herself as Kira during the video, and how she found Light.

I really didn't mind her until she actually started talking to Light. She was no longer a semi-decent character. She became an annoying and pathetic character. She constantly talks about how she wants Light to use her no matter what, even if it kills her. Then she starts crying that he doesn't care about her, but they just met! She thinks it's love at first sight, but to quote Garnet from Steven Universe, "Love at first sight doesn't exist."

Out of all the females in this show that could have gotten more screen time, we got her. Her voice was obnoxious to listen to, and I can't believe that Light kept going on and on tolerating her. She wasn't just a disappointing character but a poorly written one.

5 Pan - Dragon Ball GT Pan (パン, Pan) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She is the granddaughter of Earth's savior, Goku and the world champion, Mr. Satan. Pan's heritage is primarily Earthling, being the offspring of the Saiyan-Earthling hybrid Gohan and the Earthling... read more

I really hate this brat! She is really annoying, just like her bratty Grandma Chi-Chi! Bra is the better female half-Saiyan anyway. Dragon Ball GT is the worst Dragon Ball series, and Pan and Chi-Chi are the worst female characters. Anybody that disagrees is a Chi-Chi simp and a Pan simp!

Toriyama couldn't make her pretty like Bra-chan? Now she's not only useless but also ugly and awfully dressed like a homeless person.

There's absolutely no point to this character.

6 Blair - Soul Eater

Soul Eater would be exactly the same and pretty much child-friendly if Blair left. Why does she exist? Furthermore, I must add that Spirit has a crush on her. She is literally a cat. So, Spirit likes his daughter and a cat. Totally normal.

Even though she is sexy, I hate Blair. She doesn't even do anything to contribute to the plot other than being used for fanservice.

I hate Blair so much! She makes Black Star look NOT annoying compared to her!

7 Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail. Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world. She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing... read more

Lucy did have an unhappy past, but compared to Erza's, it's cake. Even so, Lucy's past can relate to some of us, like losing someone important to her, like her mother. When, seven years later, her father died, it felt to her like she saw him a few months ago. Lucy is one of the worst, but I wouldn't go all out saying she is the worst character in Fairy Tail.

Oh, and one thing: someone said that they haven't fully watched Fairy Tail and can tell she's horrible? Baka. In the manga (a year later), she actually can fight for herself now. Thank Zeref.

8 Orihime Inoue - Bleach Orihime Inoue is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

I don't understand why she isn't above Sakura honestly. I totally see why some people don't like Sakura, and believe me, she was annoying at times. However, she had so many strong points, whereas Inoue did not. I refuse to call her by her name because she was always a surface-level and superficial character.

In the beginning, I thought it would be a girl-likes-boy-but-sees-he-doesn't-like-her-so-she-moves-on-and-grows-to-become-her-own-person story. Sadly, that day never came. I was always so upset how her identity revolved around Ichigo, which is so upsetting. I say this from experience, and I don't want people to think this is healthy in the slightest. I am so happy to see why so many people also disliked her because there were so many reasons.

You could remove her existence from the Bleach universe and guess what? NOTHING would change. Actually, correction, Bleach would be better!

9 Hinata Hyuga - Naruto Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

She's not better than Sakura. Both are obsessive, selfish, creepy, annoying, and pathetic. People project onto Naruto so much that they worship Hinata because she's "nice" to him. I would even say she's not. She loves and admires his Nindo, NOT Naruto himself. She just admires him.

She uses his pain to better herself, rather than try to help him even in her own shy way (just smiling at him, leaving him a present - there are many ways you can help a lonely person even if you're shy). She guilt-trips him into a relationship he never wanted. She fights Pain just because she wanted to confess (not my words - hers. She herself admitted she was being selfish).

Care to point out three instances in the manga/show where she cared about someone else other than Naruto? No, you can't. She ignores Kiba, would rather cheer for Naruto and give ointment to Naruto. She only cared about Naruto's hand while her cousin's corpse was at her feet, who just died to save her. She would rather knit a scarf for Naruto, cry, whine, and mope about him than care for her sister, who was kidnapped and had her eyes gouged out. She tells her son to protect her God-level father.

What kind of person is Hinata? She's just a selfish brat who never grew up.

10 Karin Uzumaki - Naruto Shippuden

Karin looks like a witch and always gushes over Sasuke. They deserve each other.

Don't be a second Sakura. Seriously, she sucks in Shippuden.

She gets stabbed by Sasuke and still loves him. Yeah, stop being another Sakura.

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11 Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online

At first, she seemed decent. I didn't really pay her much mind, and when she disappeared for a couple of episodes, I didn't really notice her absence. Then she appears, all beautiful and perfect, and she just gave me migraines whenever I saw her. I wanted her gone, and the story to continue on with trying to get out of the game.

When she and Kirito got married, I just gave up. The idea of the show is really creative! I loved it at first, and then Asuna came. I don't know why my friend likes her so much. All she did was ruin the show for me.

12 Videl - Dragon Ball Z Videl is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Luckily, Videl got better as the series went on. I loved it in Super when Chi-Chi was trying to be her usual annoying self (I really hate Chi-Chi) and was actually telling Videl how to raise her own daughter and not let her fight. Videl was like, I'm gonna let her decide what she wants to do, thanks.

But I'll be honest, in the beginning in Z, Videl was irritating. She constantly followed Gohan around, yelled at him, stuck her nose into his business, and demanded he teach her how to fly, etc. I was worried she was going to be a Chi-Chi 2.0 since it was obvious Gohan was going to end up marrying her. Then she screamed at Chi-Chi and stood up to her, and I decided she wasn't too bad! Lol

13 Kirino Kousaka - Oreimo

She is so selfish, caring nothing about anyone else's feelings. She treats everyone like crap.

14 Sekai Saionji - School Days

This girl... I just wanted to hurt her myself. She is so stupid it made me cry one time. She seriously said, "Makoto said it was alright" when her friend told her about having an affair with him while he was dating someone else. I seriously wanted to slap her.

Then she acts as if she is the one in a relationship with him and gets mad when Makoto does it with like seven different girls! She knows what she is doing. If she could make him do those so-called 'practice lessons,' she very well knows what she is doing is not right. She is a hypocritical, stupid girl.

15 Yuka - Elfen Lied

I kinda liked her at first, then she started to get annoying. She makes fun of Kouta all the time. At first, I was like same, but then it started to get annoying. I don't know why the heck she's jealous of Nyu. Like really... jealous... of Nyu!? Look, I know she's actually dark as Lucy, but come on now. It's Nyu, one of the cutest anime characters ever.

She just kept on asking and asking weird questions about their relationship, and I just found it irritating and weird. She's not my favorite, but not my least favorite either.

16 Nagisa Furukawa - Clannad

This girl isn't even cute. She's just annoying.

Whenever she cries, it makes me cringe so much because it's for no reason.

A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G. She is a disgrace to womanhood.

She is so weak, cries a lot, has extreme self-pity, and basically makes the anime worse than it already is.

Useless, weak, attention seeker, annoying.

17 Misty - Pokémon Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’... read more

Always talks about her bike, over and over! Is she a broken record? She makes Nami from One Piece look good!

She's vain, prissy, selfish, and bratty. She behaves exactly like a spoiled princess.

I don't know why they want to ship Ash with Misty! That's pathetic.

18 Kikyo - InuYasha

It's the anime that ruined her. She was really tragic in the manga. And Kagome is not better than Kikyo. To be honest, I don't think Kagome and Inuyasha would go so well together. I don't think InuKik would work either.

Dislike if you want to, that's my opinion.

The best part of the anime was when she finally died for good. Can't stand her rotting, dead self around. She's too annoying.

The ONLY reason she was brought back to life was to fill space when Sesshomaru or the villains didn't appear.

19 Komori Yui - Diabolik Lovers

I hate her. It's the cliché helpless girl that can't do anything but talk softly. I like Diabolik Lovers, but I hated it because of Yui. She's a damsel in distress. She could have killed the boys but never did. She's always scared to find out more, never tries to escape, always wears an off-shoulder shirt, always has an ahegao face when bitten, is plain annoying, and I just hate her.

"Yay, I will let myself be a blood bank for the vampires that I live with! I will not stand up for myself and be useless all the time!" What a good protagonist.

20 Yuki Cross - Vampire Knight

She's always so indecisive about which guy she wants. Plus, she never stands up for herself and is always reliant on someone else to save her. I don't see why Kaname or Zero ever bother dealing with her. She's a weak, dull, and obnoxious character that ruined the anime for me.

She fell in love with her ancestor (ok...), while her best friend Zero, who was much better, was tortured by Kaname (she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!). Kaname reveals that he lied to her (no reaction...), and that he killed Shizuka (no reaction again!). This girl is submissive as she does everything Kaname wants her to do. When she becomes a vampire, there's no character development. And she leaves the academy with a guy who's 10,000 years old while she's 15! Plus, she leaves Zero behind when he lost his brother, is all alone, and now he hates her. Plus, this indecisive girl had a child with Kaname AND Zero! Just what the heck?!?!

21 Serena - Pokémon Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship... read more

And now in the new episode, we see that she's a controlling brat like Misty was. She threw a fit because Ash didn't respond like she wanted, like Misty does anytime Ash didn't do or say what she wanted. Yuck, she's ten times worse now due to this, and that's saying something. At least with Misty, she just yelled, threw a fit, and left. Serena pelted him with snowballs before leaving. Stupid, whiny brat!

She is by far the worst girl character on the anime hate list. She's cruel, cold, disrespectful, careless, and has such a garbage attitude towards her mom. She is such a baby and a whiny noob, and all she wants to do is make a scene in front of Ash. You shut your mouth, Serena, or you will become an orphan.

22 Malty S Melromarc - The Rising of the Shield Hero

Why isn't this higher? She's truly despicable.

23 Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail. Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her Nakama's calls that they want help... read more

Most overrated anime female character ever. All those who like her are insecure 13-year-old weeb girls who find a false idol in her. In terms of a person to look up to, Rukia from Bleach is a much more suitable role model. But then again, 13-year-olds don't know about Bleach.

24 Tennyo Masaki - Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

If she's Tenchi's sister, then where has she been all this time? She just shows up out of nowhere, dressed as their mom, and then drops the bomb that Tenchi has a fiancée.

25 Reiko Mukogawa - I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

Hate her so much. She constantly tries to force her hatred for men on the female students and treats the boys like crap.

She reveals Hibiki's secret to everyone and tries to turn everyone against him.

She does not care about the students' well-being at all. She only cares about proving some stupid point that men are nothing but stupid savages.

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