Top 10 The Office Running Gags

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1 Jim's Pranks

One of the funniest parts of the show sees Jim Halpert pull elaborate pranks on Dwight Schrute. From putting Dwight's stapler in jello to making him believe he received a fax from future Dwight, this is easily the show's most creative gag.

I love the show when I do watch it, but admittedly I have not seen very many episodes. I am aware of Jim's pranks, and even for a novice like me, they deserve the top spot.

The first ever prank is my favorite (stapler in Jello), it set the tone for the next pranks.

2 That's What She Said

No doubt a fan favorite and the longest running gag in The Office. Whenever someone says something that could be interpreted as sexual, Michael Scott comes in and says "That's what she said!" The writers didn't come up with the joke, but the show definitely popularized it.

It definitely popularized the joke. Great list, considering I've recently gotten into the office

Michael you came! That's what she said!

3 Michael's Hatred for Toby

Michael is usually super nice to his coworkers, with one exception: Toby Flenderson, the human resources representative of the paper company, which is exactly why Michael hates Toby since his job is to make sure nothing that can get the company in trouble happens in the office. Michael being the kind of boss that doesn't shy away from making a joke and being inappropriate, this obviously makes him dislike poor Toby.

Michael's reaction to Toby replacing Holly and taking back his old job is priceless.

4 Jim Staring Into the Camera

When things get crazy, weird or funny, Jim is always there to look directly at the camera, usually with a look that reflects what the viewer is probably feeling. This gag resulted in some very memorable scenes.

Haha he's so hilarious when it comes to awkward moments.

5 Assistant to the Regional Manager

Dwight is Dunder-Mifflin's recident suck up. He is hard-working and has earned the title of best salesman, but one thing's for sure, he wants more responsibilities and the power that comes with it, which is why he likes to brag that he is "Assistant Regional Manager", but Michael and Jim are quick to remind him that he is only Assistant TO THE Regional Manager, a less important position.

6 Creed Bratton's Past

Creed is this weird and mysterious character in The Office. But he's not just a character, he's also a running gag. He always has weird anecdotes about his past, which makes the viewer question if Creed Bratton is his real name. He doesn't even seem to know what his job consists of.

7 Michael's Obsession with Ryan

Michael always goes out of his way to include Ryan in things he doesn't have anything to do with, and tries to find excuses to talk to him or talk about him with coworkers. He even goes as far as copy Ryan. Michael seems to view Ryan as cool, hip and good looking, so knowing the character it's safe to say he wants to be considered the same.

8 Schrute Farms
9 Angela's Cats

Angela is the uptight character on the show, but one of her funnier traits is her excessive love for her cats which led to some hilarious moments on the show.

10 Michael's Ignorance

He almost reminds me of Homer Simpson. God he does some really stupid stuff.

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11 Kevin's Stupidity
12 Andy Calling Jim "Big Tuna"

When Jim moved to another branch of the Dunder-Mifflin paper company, he ate a tuna sandwich on his first day, which prompted Andy to call him Big Tuna, or some other variations seen from episode to episode. This gag is usually very creative, like this one instance where Andy hugs Jim and goes "Oh! Tuna wrap!"

13 Dundie Awards
14 Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
15 The Scranton Strangler
16 Andy's Disdain For Nellie
17 The Mysterious Creed
18 Kelly and Ryan's Relationship

The relationship between Kelly and Ryan is portrayed as very shaky. Ryan was just in it for fun the first time, but Kelly always hints that she wants more of Ryan, in a serious romance that is, while Ryan always looks like he just wants to break it off.

19 Meredith's Alcoholism
20 Meredith's Weird Behavior
21 The Party Planning Committee
22 Phyllis Getting Hit on All the Time
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