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Welcome! Today we'll be examining the hit Cbeebies show, Numberblocks. More specifically, the characters. While most of them are okay at worst, some of these are the best of the best. And to be honest, it's one of the most iconic shows on British television. With those said, let's go!
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1 Three

Three is a funny Numberblock! She's always there to change the mood of the episode. While her boastful personality can be irritating to some, she's still a memorable numberblock. Also, everybody knows that three is the best number. That running gag is basically the British version of the My Leg gag from SpongeBob.

Its true! She is entertaining even if she is irritated sometimes,but she is always there for us.

2 One

It was inevitable to see One here. One is the main protagonist who is always ready for an adventure. She's rarely on the obnoxious side (other than the fact that she can be a bit arrogant at times) and has a nice-sounding voice.

3 Seven

Rainbows everywhere! That's Seven. Seven, like One and Eleven, is surprisingly likable and is always a colorful buddy. While Seven's luck may make him look like a Gary Stu, he is still pretty fun and likable.

4 Twenty-Three

Small face aside, Twenty-Three is a pretty neat Numberblock! He likes being himself and has nothing really based on him. That's what I like about him. He doesn't really care about appearance and just likes being himself.

5 Six

While Six's design may go off as ugly to some, I personally think Six is a fun Numberblock. She also likes to rap and rhyme so why not we do it? Six in the mix is rolling a die and making pie! Do you see? We can release our inner Six.

6 Eight

Octoblocks go! Eight (or Octonaughty if he was made by the Terrible Twos), is yet another comedic block that often makes the mood of the episode better. Eight is supposed to be based on an octopus (hence why he has eight appendages) and a superhero (hence his alter egos Octoblock and Octonaughty).

7 Eleven

Now Eleven is an upbeat block that has a passion for football! While she is a good and likable numberblock, I've seen a whole lot of people getting mad about her gender. So what? I personally think it's cool to see a cartoon female savvy with sports. She is also seen as pretty supportive and somewhat friendly.

8 Thirteen

Ah yes. Thirteen (also known as Ten and Three). I honestly enjoy his personality of the cowardly and cautious one of the bunch. As he's based on the fact that people consider 13 as an unlucky number, he always gets into a running gag where whenever 13 is uttered, something bad happens to him. You just might call him a punching bag!

He is designed as the unlucky number. But he is a punching bag!

9 Thirty-One

Thirty-one is rather creative. He is based on a calendar and is the only Numberblock (aside from Seven, Three, Twenty-Six, and Thirty) to have actual details on top of his head!

10 Twenty-Seven

So the final member on the list (currently), is a cube I see. Twenty-Seven made her most major appearance in the episode "Now in 3D" (because 27 and 8 are cubes) where she takes on the form of a superhero fighting an evil clone of 8 known as Octonaughty. Not to mention that Twenty-Seven doesn't give up and that's why I like her. Even with Octonaughty (who's tiny in Now in 3D) splitting her into two 10s and 1 seven, she still builds herself and even assists normal Eight to stop the evil Octonaughty.

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11 Ten
12 Two
13 Zero

Zero is cool and funny.

14 One Hundred
15 Twenty
16 Five
17 Four
18 Sixteen
19 Fifteen
20 Thirty-Two
21 Thirty-Six
22 Nine
23 Twelve
24 Sixty-Four
25 One Thousand
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