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Greetings! Let's talk about Nelvana. Nelvana is pretty much one of the most well-known brands in Canada and is known for some pretty well-known and iconic shows. And today, we will talk about the best of the best. The iconic of the iconic. And some of these, are considered to be the best that Corus Entertainment has to offer. With that out of the way, here are the Best Nelvana shows.
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1 Clone High

Now I haven't seen Clone High (or 6teen for that matter), but this show looks interesting! It's also worth noting that Clone High is one of the two adult shows from the studio, the other being Bob and Margaret.

2 Class of the Titans Class of the Titans is a Canadian animated television series produced by Studio B Productions and Nelvana Limited.

Firstly, awesome theme song. Secondly, this show is just awesome!

For a show that came out around the same time as Johnny Test, this show pretty much revolves around a group of adolescent children who are the offspring of Greek mythology icons fighting evil monsters created by the vile Chronos. I'm honestly surprised Toonami didn't pick up the rights to air this, considering the fact that Toonami did air non-anime shows during its run on Cartoon Network.

We Americans didn't get it until 2009 when Qubo picked up the rights to this show.

3 The Berenstain Bears

Yet another show about family. The Berenstain Bears revolves around a family of four bears.

While not as chaotic as the adventures from Willa's Wild Life, they're still fun nonetheless. Some episodes even tackle something that your typical kids do, such as not neglecting schoolwork or always telling the truth.

Sorry Peppa Pig, but there's another family out there that actually doesn't torment their father.

4 Babar Babar is a Canadian/French animated fantasy television series produced in Canada by Nelvana Limited and The Clifford Ross Company.

You'd all expect this show to appear on the list. Did you? Well, Babar revolves around Babar, the king of the elephants, telling stories to his children.

Though in the later seasons, they go on adventures outside of Celesteville. Aside from the beautiful theme song, this show is very wholesome and has some pretty clever jokes and gags here and there.

This show was apparently iconic enough to warrant a reboot known as Babar and the Adventures of Badou, which is a somewhat inferior reboot to the original series from 1989.

5 Willa's Wild Life

Next up on the list, we transfer from an awesome show (Class of the Titans) to a rather comedic one.

Willa's Wild Life revolves around the zany adventures of 9-year-old (I think) Willa and her house full of animals. This show is pretty wholesome (but not as much as Babar), and most of the characters are pretty likable (except for those three girls who were jerks to Willa).

Also, the made-for-TV segments too. Those as well. I forgot about those.

6 6teen 6teen is a Canadian animated sitcom originally produced by Nelvana, with the final season produced by Fresh TV. It premiered on November 7, 2004 on Teletoon.
7 Being Ian

Aside from the theme song, Being Ian revolves around a 12-year-old named Ian who wants to be a movie director.

From what I've seen, it's pretty much Home Movies, that UPN show but less of an adult show. I've seen some people call it a rip-off of a "show" named Lenny the Genius, but is it really?

Honestly better than Clone High in my opinion.

8 Rupert

This show was amazing! That's all I have to say.

9 Rolie Polie Olie Rolie Polie Olie is a computer-animated children's television series produced by Nelvana and created by William Joyce.

Yep, it's the one. If you grew up with Playhouse Disney, then you would've likely remembered this show.

Rolie Polie Olie was pretty much a kid-friendly version of Family Guy with Miss Spider mixed in. While the CGI looks like a shovelware Nintendo 64 game, most of the characters are likable and the concept is amazing.

10 Jacob Two-Two

Now we're getting into weird territory. Jacob Two-Two revolves around the misadventures of a kid named Jacob and his friends in a dystopian world that honestly looks like that one stage from Yoshi's Island (6-7).

Not to mention they have a balance between likability and someone you want to smash in the face. Even the most annoying characters (I'm looking at you, Principal Greedy Guts) have been made tolerable.

Not to mention that the plots are rather bizarre, such as one episode where they managed to end up in China.

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11 Pippi Longstocking

Next on the list, we have a show revolving around a 9-year-old girl named Pippi Longstocking, who appears to be rather strong.

Pippi combines the action of Grossology with the comedy of Willa's Wild Life. Also, the main protagonist of the show is actually incredibly strong. I'm known to carry as much as 50 pounds, but Pippi can carry actual 300-pound men! That's pretty impressive.

The theme song is catchy, and yes, while Priscilla is very unlikable, most of the cast remains dumb and average at worst.

12 The Adventures of Tintin
13 Pecola

Who wants to be square? Pecola is yet another show that's really chaotic and zany but knows its limits.

Pecola revolves around a young cube penguin named Pecola and his friends in Cube Town. This is pretty much Scaredy Squirrel done right. While the show did feel out of place for Cartoon Network (Toon Disney or Kids' WB would've been a better choice), it was still a decent show.

I wonder why the folks on the Qubo wikis think this is anime? Nelvana is Canadian, not Japanese.

14 Little Bear

In "The Red Thread," Little Bear has a beautiful sigh while relaxing on a leaf inside the watering can.

15 Grossology

Who knew that Canada would make even the most disgusting things somewhat entertaining? Here, we have Grossology, a sci-fi show revolving around two teenage kids (Ty and Abby) solving the grossest crimes known to humanity that even the bravest of adults shudder at.

That screams the "adults are useless" trope from a mile away. Not to mention that the villains have actual backstories, such as Lance Boil (the guy in the image) originally being a grossologist himself before pride and envy took over his personality, and Fartor, who was abused by his brother when he was a kid.

It's surprising to see a 52-episode show have that much lore, especially one that never really got recognized.

16 Redwall
17 Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe
18 Max & Ruby Max & Ruby is a Canadian children's animated television series produced by Nelvana Limited based on the book series by Rosemary Wells.
19 Detentionaire
20 The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.
21 Cardcaptors
22 Bakugan: Battle Brawlers
23 Beyblade Beyblade is a 2001 Japanese anime television series based on Takao Aoki's manga series of the same name, which itself is based on the Beyblade spinning tops.
24 Pandalian
25 Medabots
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