Top 10 Powerpuff Girls Episodes

The Powerpuff Girls is a 1998 animated television series about Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three girls with superpowers who defend the city of Townsville from various villains.
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1 The Rowdyruff Boys

This is my favorite episode ever, this is the episode that got me more addicted and obsessed with PPG. I love the awesome fight and it was pretty funny too until the girls nearly died. This episode gets me all kinds of feelings. The Rowdyruff Boys are the best villians of the show, they may be very cruel, but very funny.

I like this episode, it was an epic fight. The Rowdyruff Boys are awesome. My favorite part was when the girls were first hit by the boys, then Buttercup attacked and punched Brick in the stomach many times.

2 The Boys are Back in Town

Awesome comeback to the Rowdyruff Boys! I loved it! Although I kinda got grossed out when Boomer caught Butch phlegm in his mouth that was just leeggh! Also Blossom becomes a total chicken! Seriously the brave and mature leader chickening about the boys being bigger than them? Seriously?! Bubbles gets scared easily she has an excuse. What's Blossom

This is my favorite episode of the whole show. The only part I didn't like is what they did to Bubbles with the gigantic slug Butch pulled out of nowhere. Other than that, this episode is awesome. But more than anything, I really think you should check the YTP of Jontron "reacting to PPG vs RRB", Anything is good in this episode, except the slug thing.

3 Speed Demon

This is actually a top ten worthy episode. Also, one of the most disturbing episodes, as well as one of my favorites. So, the girls wanted to go to the Bahamas, and Buttercup convinced her sisters to race to their house. They flew the fastest they could, with Buttecup winning. Then the girls flew into the future, realizing that everyone has turned into zombies, the Mayor died, and that there was a lot of destruction. Then Him told them that that's what will happen if the girls left their city, so the girls flew away back into the present. And they convince the Professor to not go to the Bahamas. Poor girls, they can't even vacation outside their city, that's how important they are.

4 Twas the Fight Before Christmas
5 Meet the Beat-Alls

Someone spent a lot of time, effort & creativity to cram so many Beatles references to create this classic episode, never tire of watching this episode, should have won an award.

I love seeing all of the references in this one! It's really hilarious to me and I'm so glad they dreamed this up.

One of the best episodes along with Speed Demon, it's awesome watching the 1st supervillain team in the series

6 Him Diddle Riddle
7 Bubblevicious

That's my hardcore Bubbles! You show the others how it's done! Also what you did to Blossom could you do that again? Please? Sorry to those of you who like Blossom and think she can do no wrong but she so deserved that! Also you who said Bubbles was selfish and rude Blossom always is! Bubbles you are my favorite animation character! You go girl! Bravo!

This should've happened in All Chalked Up back then before, right?

The episode were Bubbles comes out of her shell.

8 Slumbering With The Enemy

This was a good episode, but not top ten worthy and great as people make it out to be. But Mojo as Mojisha is funny! Lol! The only thing I didn't like about it was the Antidote X part, also, what happened to the girls after that? I only saw them wake up, but are their powers still there? I guess so, since in other episodes, they appear to still have powers.

You actually sympathize with mojo this time because what if that was you going through all this babysitting hell?

9 Mime for a Change

This episode has my favorite song from the series!

10 Keen on Keane
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11 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

This was my favorite episode of the series, from the singing to the acting to the visuals, it was just a blast of awesomeness.

12 Monkey See, Doggy Do

What a brilliant evil idea of turning all the people in the city into canines.

13 Helter Shelter
14 Knock It Off
15 Mommy Fearest

It is amazing. This is the first powerpuff girl episode I ever watched, and it still is the best one to me, because it is what got me so hooked in the show.

16 Live and Let Dynamo
17 The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever

This episode rocks! It is funny when Blossom stuffed so many animals in her chest to get her breasts like Miss Bellum, lol! And Bubbles makes a good Mayor! But my favorite part was when Buttercup said, "No one tells me when to come, I'm a monster, I suprise". This episode is really hilarious, Blossom makes the most hilarious Mojo Jojo.

This episode was very relatable when I was little, and watching as an adult makes me think of good times as an adult.

I liked when Buttercup puts on Blossoms bow, she looks good in it.

18 Collect Her
19 The Mane Event
20 Supper Villain
21 Forced Kin
22 Birthday Bash

That's my favorite episode of season 2 where the girls have a birthday party.

23 Power-Noia
24 Dream Scheme
25 Criss Cross Crisis

I honest thought it was a great idea of turning apples into oranges.

Bubbles does NOT like being bald!

Professor, your hand doesn't work.

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