Top 10 Best Naruto Shippuden Fights

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1 Nagato/Pain vs. Naruto Uzumaki

I honestly vote this fight the best as it showed a lot of emotion and also a lot of action. The time when Naruto jumps in front of Tsunade to save her from one Pain and then tells her to rest and drink tea shows how confident he was. I really loved this as it showed Naruto's love for his sensei Jiraiya and tells us to respect our sensei.

Easily the best in the series. From the actual invasion, to Naruto's badass Sage mode entrance, to Hinata's confession and Naruto's rage, to Minato's reveal to Naruto, and finally to Naruto's confrontation with Nagato, everything is epic and emotionally satisfying.

2 Sasuke Uchiha vs. Itachi Uchiha

Everything about this fight was awesome. It was breathtaking, action-packed, and emotional. It showed the relationship between the brothers along with intricate planning in the battle. The whole first part of the battle was entirely genjutsu and wasn't overwhelmed with meaningless chatter like almost all the other battles.

It also answered a lot of spoken and unspoken questions, giving us a sense of satisfaction and even developing the characters in the midst of the battle. It showed us a perfectly good reason for Itachi losing, and White Zetsu asked the questions we did, while Black Zetsu answered them.

It affected Sasuke's character even more than Orochimaru's fight against him, which caused him to leave Konoha. It was also relevant to future arcs and not just the current one. It well surpasses Naruto vs. Pain, which was epic but not as unique, original, or emotional as this one.

I have many more reasons, but I made my point. If I ramble any longer, people will think I'm over-exaggerating.

3 Kakashi Hatake vs. Obito Uchiha

This fight was a real raw ninja fight, just a 1v1, and probably one of the best drawn in the series. It was staged well too as there were moments of each person getting the upper hand, and it wasn't just a test of who had the more powerful jutsu, but who was more quick-witted, thought on their feet, and easily the one I couldn't take my eyes off of when it happened.

This is a square-off between one of the most notorious international criminal masterminds and a stereotypical, boring, tragic hero who happens to be the reason why Obito had to die. He saved this sorry individual and defeated his ideals because he failed as a team leader at some point. This had to be the most emotional moment for Obito. He not only had to face his former comrade, but he let it go with a single punch for breaking his promise to him.

I feel bad for Kakashi because he was never an effective character to begin with. Not only was he the reason why the mission was a failure, but he was also stubborn for not listening to his team when he was being lectured on it by their sensei beforehand. His father never gave a second thought to suicide and had to leave him behind just because he was ostracized by the very citizens whom he swore to protect.

The same village that Kakashi swore to protect vilified his image and used him as a tool. He was no more than a mere weapon Rin used to kill herself. Obito used him precisely and duped the hell out of him.

There's nothing poetic about the fact that the village used every ounce of them as killing machines, and he was okay with it all. He was a guy who went with the flow where the tides benefited him. Not really a solid character but a parody caricature catered to entice naive fans' curiosity from a surface-level scrutinization. Obito tried to justify his actions by diminishing the atrocities of their so-called fascist propaganda.

I'm not sorry for being sorry for Kakashi. He was mundane at the beginning and mundane at the end. That's all there is to this character.

4 Jiraiya vs. Nagato/Pain

This was a very awesome fight, seeing the full colors of Jiraiya's prowess. I think it was very cool being able to see Jiraiya fight harder than he ever has. He has lived for a very long time and seeing him fight till the very end brought tears to my eyes. I very much loved this fight and believe it to be one of the best fights in Naruto.

P.S. I find it the second most emotional fight. The first being Itachi vs. Sasuke, but nevertheless, it is truly amazing.

Best fight. But sad ending. Made me cry. Jiraiya, the legend in the series, went down. It is my favorite battle. Jiraiya wanted to know the truth even when he had a chance to escape.

5 Naruto Uzumaki vs. Sasuke Uchiha

This should be at least top three! If we're talking about all of the Naruto vs. Sasuke fights (including their final fight), then this should be number one, no question. This is the fight between the main character followed throughout the story and his main rival/friend Sasuke, which is the main conflict in the storyline. All the training each of them experienced ultimately is to beat each other, and this is their showdown. How does this not get number one or at the very least top three!

This fight clearly defines the whole series in this last battle, with good Taijutsu, epic Susanoo and Nine-Tails mode with awesome animation worked into it. It includes necessary flashbacks and a nice touch with the Rasengan by shinobi allies! Best fight ever!

6 Kakashi Hatake & Shikamaru Nara vs. Hidan & Kakuzu

(SPOILER AT END) Watching Shikamaru fight is always awesome because he's one of the show's weakest fighters in terms of just raw physical ability, but he uses his intelligence and analytical skills to beat much stronger foes. This fight blew my mind. PLUS, there was the emotional payoff of avenging (SPOILER ALERT) Asuma's death. Not only did he beat the evil Hidan, but he's forced to suffer forever in his immortality. Like, damn.

If we're talking about the best "Shippuden" fight, then I'll assume the best fight in the anime, which includes the animation factor. Naruto vs. Pain would be the best fight in Part II of the manga, but in the anime, its animations ruined everything. And Kakashi and Shikamaru vs. Hidan and Kakuzu's animations were unmatched.

7 Kakashi Hatake vs. Pain

When they met, Pain was courteous and Kakashi was rude. The results of their fight: Pain 1, Kakashi 0.

Shows the powers of Pain and makes you respect Jiraiya, who took on six Pains at once.

8 Sakura Haruno & Chiyo vs. Sasori

This was not only a long fight (eight episodes), but it was also a sad and interesting fight. It shows flashbacks of Sasori's childhood, which made him who he is now. It always makes me feel like crying. Poor Sasori. Nobody should have to go through that.

Sasori does die, but it would be incorrect to say that Sakura defeated him because she didn't. He chose to die. Chiyo even says so. In fact, Sasori would have killed Sakura for sure if it wasn't for Chiyo being there to aid her. RIP Sasori. You definitely made Naruto worth watching.

9 Tobi/Madara Uchiha vs. Konan

A badass fight. I think that it was a bit too short, though. Konan is awesome. I think she could take on any of the guys in the Akatsuki.

I also like the Naruto vs. Orochimaru fight. It looks so realistic without any asspull jutsus. I wish I could see a real fight between Orochimaru and Itachi that lasts more than three seconds!

This was amazing. Konan really proved herself and outdid her counterparts. Obito really should have died.

I thought that Obito fought Konan, not Madara, and Tobi is not a real person!

10 Hashirama Senju vs. Madara Uchiha

My god, this should be in the top ten. Like the previous guy said, those two are gods!

The battle between possibly the two most powerful ninjas.

Historically the first fight between gods (since Ashura and Indra). Of course, the wow factor of Hashirama's 1000 hands.

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11 Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, Kurama (Nine Tails), and Sasuke Uchiha vs. Madara Uchiha & Obito Uchiha/Tobi

This was the best battle by far. I think it is the best fight because the Leaf tries to face Madara and cannot seem to defeat him. Madara also kills Naruto and Sasuke. In the end, they kick ass with Six Paths power, but I think this fight is awesome!

Hey, this fight must be second. And where is Naruto, Sasuke, Obito, Sakura, and Kakashi vs. Black Zetsu and Kaguya! And Madara vs. Naruto and Sasuke! The Kaguya fight was the best and must be first, and Madara vs. Naruto and Sasuke should be third. These fights were very nice. Though the second had many fillers, if put together, it was a good fight. Those who didn't see them, see them now. Naruto vs. Sasuke final battle was also very nice.

12 Sasuke Uchiha vs. Deidara and Tobi

A showcase for Deidara with his incomparable skills and striking appearance. A pity that it ended so badly.

13 Gaara vs. Rock Lee

This was the fight that made Rock Lee my favorite character. Now that I think about it, this fight had been in the making for the entire arc: Rock Lee, the comic relief who somehow beat Sasuke and has no ninjutsu or genjutsu, against Gaara, the guy who kills without a second thought, effortlessly, and has never been hurt.

This fight was a story by itself. The tragic ending, with Lee unconscious and broken but still willing to fight, being saved by his sensei and Gaara simply walking away, even though he might have stripped Lee of his shinobi career, his dream, brought more than one person, myself included, to tears. Simply a work of art that deserves to be at least in the top three.

14 Minato Namikaze vs. Obito Uchiha/Tobi & Kyuubi

This should be in the top three because the backstory is so sad and it created the foundation of Naruto's character.

That moment when Minato threw his kunai and it went through Tobi, and then suddenly Minato teleported to the kunai to Rasengan him from behind... this scene shows what a badass Minato is.

Underrated, just because Minato gave his life.

15 Asuma Sarutobi vs. Hidan

People seem to forget about the great emotions behind this fight, and the animations in this fight were quite cool. The most emotional and thrilling fight in my opinion!

16 Kisame Hoshigaki vs. Killer B
17 Sasuke & Itachi Uchiha vs. Kabuto Yakushi

Loved when the brothers fought beside each other. Wanted more, but instead, Itachi said his final goodbyes to Sasuke!

The fight was awesome! Just seeing Sasuke and Itachi fighting together takes it to a different level. P.S. - The ending made me cry...

18 Five Kage vs. Madara Uchiha

This was truly the fight that showed how powerful Madara truly is. The fact that he wasn't even going full power until the very end made this guy even crazier! Top 5 at least.

This battle is awesome, and it shows that even though the Hidden Villages have had their struggles, the Kage can work together and put up an awesome fight.

Madara looked immortal and stronger than even the likes of Pain. That Susano'o, oh my god, it can cut off mountains in the blink of an eye!

19 Might Guy (Gate of Death) vs. Madara Uchiha (Ten Tails Jinchuuriki)

This battle is very short and straightforward by Naruto standards, having a distinctly different feeling too. The Inner Gates technique was introduced as early as during the Chunin exams arc, and here we finally saw its full power. Kakashi admitted himself weaker than his rival, and Gaara watched with eyes wide open, understanding how close he was to being killed in that famous fight.

Guy was used as comic relief as much as a fearsome Jonin, but seeing him sport one last winning smile, sacrificing his life with no second thoughts and proceeding to brutalize the god Madara had become was easily one of the most epic moments of Naruto.

The battle was cheapened a bit by Naruto saving Guy and Madara regenerating the fatal wounds in a second. That added nothing to the story.

20 Gaara vs. Deidara

Deidara was love at first sight for me, and in this fight, he is a real showstopper. Flying on his clay birds, mobilizing clay creatures that explode on command, elusive, and clever. I'm pleased that he was victorious over Gaara, and that Deidara survived this battle. A most exciting fighter.

Great fight! Gaara's sand shield blocked Deidara's C3 Ohako! Even though some of the villagers hated him, Gaara put up a good fight while protecting the village from giant bombs. In the end, he still used his chakra and put effort into erasing the sand covering the village.

21 Might Guy vs. Kisame Hoshigaki
22 Sasuke Uchiha vs. Danzo Shimura

It was an amazing battle! But they introduced a jutsu in the fight which should've been done before. Also, Sasuke's Susano'o was amazing with the upgrade and the final part where Sasuke and Danzo stab each other. Danzo says, "I've still got one eye left. I win." WRONG! It turns out that Sasuke's genjutsu landed on him to make him think that he still had another chance to use Izanagi (without using Shisui's eye). It was so cool when they revealed that! They were huffing and puffing after that!

This is one of the most clever fights in the series. This fight proves that there is at least one guy who is as intelligent as Shikamaru: Sasuke. I waited for this fight for a long time since Itachi died. This one basically established Sasuke as a power to be reckoned with and killed one of the filthiest characters of the show: Danzo.

23 Sasuke Uchiha vs. Deidara

The fight was okay, but I have always hoped Deidara would kill Sasuke's ugly and overrated self. I hate him with a passion.

Probably one of the most exciting fights, and it's filled with action. Deidara is probably one of my favorite villains.

Best last words of both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (not including reanimation).

24 Might Guy vs. Madara Uchiha

The most epic battle of the Fourth Shinobi World War! The only battle with Madara in the war in which he actually bled and got his ribs cracked! Might Guy seriously kicked Madara's ass, and Madara actually accepted the fact!

Might Guy beat the crap out of Madara Uchiha with the Eighth Gate of Death, the Night Guy.

25 Naruto Uzumaki vs. Kakuzu

Naruto matures during this fight and masters an S-rank ninjutsu. Overall, it was a crazy fight considering everyone's reactions when he kicks Kakuzu's 100-year-old ass.

All Naruto really does in this fight is use around nine shadow clones and use Rasen-Shuriken twice.

I rooted for Kakuzu. Didn't give a hoot about Naruto.

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