Top Ten Reasons John Simm is the Best Master

I recently saw an opinion post by Screen Rant explaining that Michelle Gomez's Mistress was the best version of the Master. While I believe Gomez's Mistress was amazing, I couldn't help, but shake my head in disgust. In the post they actively discredited John Simm's Master. In this list I will be explaining why John Simm's Master is the best Master from Doctor Who.
The Top Ten
1 He Embodies Everything the Master is Supposed to Be

The Master is meant to be a foil to The Doctor. He is in fact the complete opposite. While The Doctor saves, The Master destroys. The Doctor is merciful, The Master wants revenge. The Doctor is calm, cool, and collected, The Master is absolutely insane. John Simm embodies all of this. The Master should always be this way.

2 He Has an in Depth Backstory

The Master's backstory is most explored under John Simm. They explain his fall into insanity in depth. They explain the process of him looking into the Time Vortex at a young age and it drove him insane. Inserted a drumbeat in his head that drove him into madness. John Simm portrays that madness at an amazing level. He's not just insane for no reason.

3 His Master is Most Threatening

When you look at the stuff John Simm's Master did, it is a lot. He takes out a tenth of the world's population using the Toclafane and most likely even more. He becomes Prime Minister using the Archangel Network. He nearly kills The Doctor multiple times. In The End of Time he becomes the human race and brings back The Time Lords and eventually sends them all back to Gallifrey's original position.

4 His Laugh

His laugh is, perhaps, the most iconic laugh I have ever heard. It is literally planted into my brain. The most recognizable thing ever. John Simm's laugh is the best. An example of pure evil.

5 He Kills Another Version of Himself

The Master literally kills another version of himself. You may ask, how is that good? Well I'll tell you how. It shows how self absorbed his Master is.

6 He Has the Most Iconic Moments

This is something that Sacha Dhawan's Master is about to pass him in, but for now John Simm's Master has the most iconic moments. Here's some examples. You got his regeneration, you got the scene where he gasses out his cabinet, you got the scene where he is reincarnated, and I could go on. Simply iconic Master.

7 He Saves the Doctor

In The End of Time. The Master saves The Doctor from Rassilon. He may hate The Doctor, but The Master is more focused on revenge and stops Rassilon. It's not a change of heart, it was just revenge which is what The Master wants.

8 His Acting

John Simm is a fabolous actor. There's is debate as to whether or not he is as good as these other guys, but there's no denying his talent as one of the best. John Simm has good mannerisms only equaled by Sacha Dhawan. His way of speaking is intense and sarcastic. He also has a lot of moments.

9 He Controls Everything
10 His Reveals

The Master reval is very important and every Master has a great reveal. His may not be the best, that crown goes to Derek Jacobi or Sacha Dhawan, but it is very, very good. I especially like his reveal in the End of Time and, if BBC hadn't of spoiled it, World Enough and Time.

The Contenders
11 We End Up Feeling Sorry for Him

At the end of The End of Time, we definitely end up feeling sorry for him. He has a bad disease and the Time Lords play him as a fool. Poor guy.

12 We Got to See How He Died

Hands down the best Master. Missy was BORING! John Simms Master was truly entertaining...and isn't that the point. I loved him and hated him, and loved to hate him all at the same time. Thanks to Russell T. Davies writing, this Master had so much depth to his character, which John Simms acted upon brilliantly. I wish he could come back too (with David Tennet's 14th Doctor).

True, with John Simm's Master we get to see his full story. Beginning to End. They invested a lot in his character.

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