Top Ten Saddest Deaths in Supernatural

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1 Bobby Singer

In the scene where he's experiencing his last memories and that is the boys having a normal life, or any time when he referes to the brothers as his own, it just breaks my heart.

That was the saddest moment especially when the boys faded away in the scene.

I bawled like a baby when he died.

2 Charlie Bradbury

My poor lesbian nerdy wife didn't have to die. Why did the writers take her so soon? And why did they make her funeral in the next episode so depressing?

She should never have died I loved her. She was my favourite female character. I poured my eyes out on that episode

She shouldn't have died

I loved charlie!

3 Kevin Tran

"Hey, do you notice anything a little bit off about Dean lately? Between you and me, I'm a little bit worried about him." - Kevin Tran

Those were his last words. :'(

4 Jo Harvelle

People usually put her death with her mother's, but it was different, seeing that she died before the place exploded. Poor girl.

5 Ellen Harvelle

She held her dead daughter in her arms and killed herself to save Sam and Dean.

6 Sam Winchester (Season 5)

The time when he basically killed himself to save the world from lucifer.

He died so much we had to clarify which season he died in.

7 John Winchester

He was a jerk and horrible to his kids as they grew up, but he ultimatley sacrificed himself for Dean

8 Mary Winchester

Her death was what started her children the horrible path of being hunters.

9 Crowley

Supernatural humor has always been a little juvenile - mostly because Dean's the only consistently funny character.

Crowley was actually witty - but he could go cold as ice on a dime. It was invigorating. I also loved the British accent.

He took his own life to save everyone else's to trap Lucifer in the other world. I sobbed for hours.

10 Dean Winchester (Season 3)

Never cried so much over a T.V. show

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11 Gabriel (Season 5)

I cried every time I thought of him he should be number 1.

He was the best.

12 Castiel (Season 7)

Cas is and was such a loveable character. And I was super attached so it completely broke me.

13 Sam Winchester (Season 2)

Are we going to forget how Dean held him and cried? Or how in the next episode he sold his soul to bring him back? I've seen that episode 4 times and every time I'm reduced to a pile of tears.

14 Eileen Leahy

She deserved SO much better. her and sam were going to be so happy together, I just know it.

15 Balthazar

The... the heartbreak on his face. As god! Cas stabbed him. I will never be able to unsee it.

16 Bela Talbot

She may have been a jerk and all but she had a reason, she was sexually abused and the poor girl was eleven and sold her soul, and still had to run from her home and she acted selfish when really she was trying to make the most of her time, Sam and Dean were bigger jerks to a lot of other characters and got those people killed yet everyone loves them doesn't she deserve more?

I see a them here. She was clever - on the cursed rabbit's foot episode she lost a bunch of money when they had to burn the rabbit's foot to save her life - but Bela picked Dean's pocket, lifting the 10 grand in scratchers Dean had bought when he had the rabbit's foot.

17 Mick Davies

Just when I started liking him. And he died wanting to do the right thing. For a moment I thought he was going to be a regular. :(

18 Pamela

She was so cool. I din't like it when she tried to get the boys to stay in Heaven but I was glad she was in metal band Heaven.

19 Meg Masters

Is no one going to bring up megan masters! Seriously she was just a teenage girl who had a demon ride around in her meat suit watching them slaughter people in front of her. When she died laying on the ground choking on her own blood being cared to by the ones, who shot her stabbed and threw her off a building that was incredibly sad!

She was such a nice demon and her last words were "Go save my unicorn." She was referring to Cass. She saves all of them and deserves more credit. This made me done for hours.

She evolved and her thing with Castiel was almost epic.

20 Ash
21 Jess
22 Rufus Turner

Of all ways to die he was killed by his friend who was like a brother to him, I don't care if it wasn't the real Bobby still.

I like curmudgeons.

23 Samandriel / Alfie

Why doesn't anyone ever mention this angel not only was he the most adorable character, but he was one of the few good angels, and he died all because he was forced to tell the king of hell stuff he didn't even know he knew. He deserves to be brought back, he deserves to be in the top five at least!

He wit was sooo sweet. It was one of the few episodes that I found Castiel utterly loathsome.

24 Rowena MacLeod
25 Dean Winchester (Season 15)
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