Top 10 Anime Teachers You Wish You Had

School for me was very... unpleasant to say the least. What would have made it better was if the teachers were nicer. So which of these anime teachers, do you wish was your teacher?
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1 Korosensei

He teaches his kids even though they are trying to kill him. He cares about their grades, and always wants them to do as well, if not better, than Class A. He cares about their future and even has conversations with them about what they want to do with their lives. This is what all teachers should strive to be like. So many just don't care about their students having a good future, they just want them to pass to make them look good. Koro Sensei is someone that all teachers can learn from.

He seems like he would be able to help boot grades a lot more than other teachers. He probably should also be fun to hang around. Imagine a teacher who helps you boost your grades and is funny at the same time.

Why would anyone not choose Koro Sensei (unless they have never heard of Assassination Classroom)? He's awesome! He can move at Mach 20 and can do one to one teaching with an entire class thanks to visual clones.

This teacher knows what it truly means to be a teacher. He's risked his own life multiple times to teach his students valuable lessons and almost died to save them. He's a teacher above all else and won't hesitate to save them. He's supportive despite the fact that he knows, that he could be killed by them. A+ teacher for me.

2 Kakashi Hatake Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. In the story, Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series' primary characters, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

I just had to add him on there. He takes responsibility on his shoulders, protects his students with his life and doesn't tolerate if they act like brats. Yet he's dependable and caring to them. A truly great teacher and ninja.

The BEST teacher one can have! He acts like he's all tough but at the end of the day, he's the one that will take u home on his back. He treats his students like a family and always has everyone's back. Everything he does is for the students better interest.

3 Franken Stein

There's a possibility of him dissecting you but if your life was on the line, you can count on him. He's defended Death City from threats and helps his students grow stronger. Maybe taking risky chances but all in the name of helping them.

4 Eikichi Onizuka

The original basis for koro-sensei. He is the ultimate man, puts himself in the shoes of the student every time and is a former gangster too.

This man used be in a motorcycle gang...sounds perfect. Yet he kind of is. He had the best set of expectations for his students and cares about the lives of the students. He didn't start out perfect but slowly became the best teacher in the anime.

He's just great. Great Teacher Onizuka

5 Master Roshi Master Roshi is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

This old man was the one who taught Goku long ago. He's also a master at martial arts and is very witty. He's also a bit of a pervert so if any ladies are interested, watch out.

6 Shouta Aizawa

I feel like it would be fun because he would just fall asleep on the middle of class let the students take over. It would also teach us responsibility. Although it would be scary to be threatened by your own teacher.

He's similar to Kakashi but Kakashi is still supreme!

He is so strict and determined yet pretty sweet.

Aizawa is cool.

7 Karasuma (Assassination Classroom)

He seems like he would care about his students a lot. He would also be a great PE teacher.

This guy is cool and at the same time hot.

8 Hibiki Amawa
9 Izumi Curtis Izumi Curtis is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

She taught the Elric brothers everything. A master alchemist at heart and one of the best martial artists ever. Although she doesn't usually take on students she accepted the Elric brothers. She became their second mother and became close to those two. A great badass teacher.

10 Ur Milkovich
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11 Jiraiya Jiraiya is a fictional character in the Naruto anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Introduced in the series' first part, he was a student of Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and one of the three "Legendary Sannin" along with Orochimaru and Lady Tsunade, his former teammates.

Other than the fact that he's a big pervert, he is a good teacher.

Biology and sex ed teacher...

12 Junichirou Kagami

First for anyone who doesn't know, this red head is a guy. I thought he was a girl originally but it's true. Anyways, he's into the anime, manga and otaku culture too. He see's his students in a different light that most people wouldn't notice. Yet he's not distant in anyway. Just a truly great teacher.

13 Irina Jelavic

I think it would be fun to have Irina as a a teacher. Sure she has a dirty mouth but it would be funny to see her get mad.

She inspires her students that they should be happy with what they have

14 Iruka Umino Iruka Umino is one of the main supporting characters in the Naruto series. He is a ch┼źnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure who serves primarily as an instructor at the Academy.

Iruka isn't a teacher, he's a dad.

15 Might Guy Might Guy is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

A very encouraging sensei who cares about his students wellbeing.

He's just amazing. Such a motivator.

16 Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge)

Nino here teachers her boyfriend Kou how to enjoy life to the fullest. Don't rush your life and learn to appreciate the little things. She has a rather strange look on the world but you can understand why she feels this way. As she teaches you lessons from under the bridge...

17 Usami (Monomi)
18 Ginpachi-sensei
19 Mizuho Kazami (Please Teacher)
20 Kamogawa Genji

He trains both Ippo and Takamura to do boxing and founded the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He's stoic and rarely shows any emotion to anyone. He also doesn't tolerate slacking and will get mad if his students under achieve. Still, he's a great teacher.

21 Silver Rayleigh

He became Luffy's mentor during the two year time skip. He's pretty casual and fun loving despite his appearance. He's normally one who thinks before attacking, a very promising skill. Him bonding with the Straw Hat Pirates was endearing and heartwarming to the show.

Rayleigh is awesome.

22 Igneel
23 Kisuke Urahara (Bleach) Kisuke Urahara is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.
24 Light Yagami Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

How the hell is he a teacher?

25 Glenn Radars

Well his laziness would give us a lot of time to spare, in which we could use it to sleep or play on our smartphones.

Acts extremely stupid and his lessons look anything but boring

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