Top 10 Scariest Judges

This list is made just for fun and make fans of these judges fear of them or just like creepypasta! A lot of judges are angry, cruel, give cruel punishments and sometimes are really annoying or more nicer to people in courtroom!
The Top Ten
1 Judge Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy)

She's the creepiest judge in real life, but she doesn't gives cruel punishments like her twin in The Simpsons Constance Harm! Judge Judy is always yelling and scary, but fair and the best judge from all judges and scariest for all times! She's not number one creepiest judge, because she's not cruel like Judge Constance Harm to give punishments! Judge Judy is my favourite judge with Constance Harm and Marilyn Milian! These are my top 3 favourite judges!

2 Judge Constance Harm (The Simpsons)

She's my favourite judge like Judge Judy and Judge Milian, but the creepiest for me, because she gives very cruel punishments to criminals and guilty people, whose are making her nerves more worse and her rage (same as Judge Judy, but Judy is more nicer while she's not punisher machine)! Judge Constance is voiced by Jane Kaczmarek! She makes me laugh and scares me with her punishments and some words! She's really good judge and better than Roy Snyder and Female Judge! She should be the god of judges with Judge Judy and Marilyn Milian!

3 Female Judge (The Simpsons)

Female Judge is appearing in The Simpsons as first judge in Springfield and she appeared for more shorter time than Constance Harm and Judge Roy Snyder, because a lot of people dislike Female Judge than Constance Harm and Roy Snyder! Female Judge is quite creepy with some punishments, but more creepier than other judges whose are below top 3!

4 Judge Marilyn Milian (The People's Court)

She's my favourite judge, but she's on third or second place, because she's not aggresive and angry always and low-tempered judge! She's very nice, but talks too fast! She appears in The People's Court in 2001! She's judge in The People's Court for whole 13 years..

5 Judge Mills Lane (Celebrity Deathmatch)

He was in show Celebrity Deathmatch.. He's judge like others, but he has less fans than Judge Judy and Judge Mathis.. He has funny voice while he's talking.. He's not cruel, but not creepier than these whose are above than top 5..

6 Judge Joe Brown (Judge Joe Brown)

He was arrested around 2013 and he doesn't appears anymore on T.V. ,but a lot of people like him to watch on T.V. or in internet! I didn't have been watched him on T.V. or internet, but I know him.. He looks like Judge Mathis, but a bit more creepier than him!

7 Judge Mathis (Judge Mathis)

I didn't have been watched this judge and his show, but I don't fear from him, because he seems be nice to people like Marilyn Milian and these three new judges from Hot Bench.. He has more likes on his Facebook page than Judge Judy! His show is continue 40 minutes like The People's Court! But he's not my favourite judge!

8 Larry Bakman (Hot Bench)

He's from Hot Bench with Tanya and Patricia! I don't fear from him too, because three judges can scream each time on plaintiff and defendant in their courtroom.. So other judges are working alone in their courtroom, not like Hot Bench three judges on one bench and courtroom!

9 Tanya Acker (Hot Bench)

She's looks like one judge from Divorce Court! Tanya is with other judges Patricia and Larry Bakman! These three judges are working together in Hot Bench from 15th of september 2014! These three judges from Hot Bench are not really scary and we don't fear to see them!

Seems she has several chips on her shoulder. Waves her hands and smirks when she's outvoted in the back room. Laughs at how some lesser folk express themselves in an unfamiliar setting. And calls them names eg "you're a total idiot!" "You two are so full of it" well if a judge demands respect, those before her should set an example and display some. But then, that kind of behaviour doesn't make good television. I find her haughty, disrespectful and overly mouthy for a person in her "class".

10 Patricia DiMango (Hot Bench)

I didn't have been watched Hot Bench and these three judges how they control over their courtroom! She looks like Marilyn Milian (judge from The People's court).. It's very useless to have 3 judges on one bench and one courtroom! So one judge is really enough or two maximun!

The Contenders
11 Judge Roy Spleen (Billy and Mandy)

He's scary because he looks so ugly!

12 Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd) Judge Joseph Dredd is a fictional character created by writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra. He first appeared in the second issue of 2000 AD, which is a British weekly anthology comic.

Judge Dredd is the ultimate ass-kicker! Criminals cower in fear when Dredd is nearby!

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