Top Ten Things We Want to See in Doctor Who Season 12

Season 12 is coming very fast. It premiers on New Year's. The last two seasons have been disappointing (still really good, but just not up to standard). Let's look at some things we want to see next season.
The Top Ten
1 A Good Story

Last season there was no story. They have already implied that there is a plot this year and it won't just be a bunch of random stories bunched together like last year.

I personally think last season had a really good story arc.

2 Good Villians

Last season had no good villains besides in the special which featured the Daleks. In the trailer, it looks like this year will be a lot better. I saw the Cybermen, the Racnoss, and the Judoon.

I thought we had some really good villains. Others, not so much.

3 A Running Plot

This one is a lot like number one. All the episodes last year were random. I want to see a plot that they stick to and develop throughout the season.

And this leads to my fourth one.

We definitely had a running plot.

4 The Return of the Master

Apparently, on the set of Doctor Who, civilians were finding Vote Saxon signs posted everywhere. That is obviously a reference to Season 3, where Harold Saxon turned out to be the Master, one of the Doctor's most famous villains.

This could just be a publicity act, but maybe not. Even if he doesn't appear this season, maybe next year.

The Master was on the top of his game last year. I was very impressed with Sacha Dhawan, and while I don't think he should come back next year, I do definitely want him back at some point.

5 Companion Arcs

This is why I like the one-companion system. I feel like it will take time to develop every character, and honestly, we just don't have the time to watch that. I would much rather watch a one- or two-companion system like Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy and Rory, and Clara. Three is just too much.

All these companions seem like good characters with good potential, but they just aren't being developed.

This is something we didn't get. Even if there was one, it was weak.

6 The Setup for the Next Companion

I also want to see them introduce the next companion, a lot like how they introduced Clara. I'm not saying add a 4th companion, but maybe just introduce the character.

7 Risk Taking

The first episode of Season 6 started with a bang. Someone killed the Doctor, setting up a plot for the rest of the season. I want to see bold stuff like that this year.

It is Jodie Whittaker's second season, and when you bring a Doctor back with their companions, you have to do something bold. This has only happened twice: the example I just used in Season 6 and in Season 9, when the Doctor went to Gallifrey.

They definitely took big risks.

8 Good Historical Episodes

Last year had two not-good historical episodes. Rosa had potential, but it disappointed, and the King James one was trash. Demons of the Punjab was good.

I want to see really good historical episodes, though. There is already one confirmed about Edison and Tesla. Hopefully, it doesn't disappoint.

We had some really good historical episodes. I loved both Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror and The Haunting of Villa Diodati.

9 A Truly Creepy Episode

Every season of new Doctor Who has one super creepy episode. Orphan 55 is their hyped-up creepy episode. It will be the 3rd episode.

Developers have put it up there with Blink and Midnight. It has potential, and I'm hoping it will scare the crap out of me.

10 Jodie Whittaker Making A Mark

Every Doctor in New Who has made a mark in some way. Christopher Eccleston was battle-worn but still had a great sense of humor, always happy until he saw a Dalek.

David Tennant was hilarious, serious, intelligent, and dark all at the same time, with epic moments and allons-y. Matt Smith was known for his great speeches and humor, and his classic Geronimo. Peter Capaldi was old and cynical but also delivered some good speeches.

What is Jodie Whittaker?

I mean, it was better than Season 11. There is room for improvement, though.

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