Best Sword Art Online Intro Songs

Sword Art Online is one of my favourites in not just animes, but cartoons in general. It's a fairly divisive anime but one thing both sides can agree on is the songs are downright amazing. I especially am a fan of the intro songs so I'm going to rank the intro songs in Sword Art Online. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Courage

The intro song used for the arcs in the second half of the second season, Calibur and Mother's Rosario, is without a doubt the best intro song in Sword Art Online. Not just in the anime but one of my favourite songs of all time. It's got such a different tone from the rest of the intros. It's really reminding of the greatest arc in the series, Mother's Rosario. So emotional and powerful. The piano in the beginning, the guitar, the chorus, and the fact it's sung by Asuna's voice actor. Well it's interesting because this song is actually both badass/nostalgic, and emotional/sad depending on which arc it's associated with. The Calibur intro is about Kirito and his friends on a badass adventure, while the Mother's Rosario arc is about Yuuki spending the last moments of her life having fun. This is one of the greatest songs ever heard by human ears.

2 Crossing Field

The original, the classic, the one we all love. It plays as the intro for the first arc, the original, the best arc of Sword Art Online (ok, Mother's Rosario arc is still better, sorry SAO haters). This song is the start of an adventure, one to not forget. It has really got that feel in it. An energetic and adventurous one. It brings back nostalgia to every Sword Art Online fan as it makes us remember the good ol' days of the Aincrad arc. So even if it's only at #4, it's really great.

It's the original. It's hard not to love.

3 Resister

Before hearing this song, Courage was an easy pick for #1 on this list. After listening to this one, it got more unstable. But the order I concluded I think is accurate and this stays below. Resister gives me the goosebumps every time I hear it, and for good reason because it's the most climatic and epic intro song of the bunch. It's one of three songs used as an intro in the Alicization intro along with Adamas and Resolution. This is superior to both of them though. The chorus and electric guitar..., it's about as badass as it can get. If you hate this song, lemme' book a trial, JK.

4 Ignite

Eir Aoi might be my favourite Sword Art Online singer, just beating Haruka Tomatsu. Her singing just nails every time I listen to her songs and this might be her best. Like seriously this song is just badass! Maybe it's the chorus, the verses, both of which scream badassery, or that I always accosiate it with Kirito wielding his lightsaber around in the middle of a battlefield like a crazy jedi master, as this song is used as the intro for the Gungale Online arc. It's just so catchy! I'm divided on wether this or Crossing Field is better but in the end this is better.

5 Innocence

There's an ongoing joke that this is the only good part/best thing about the Fairy Dance arc. For those new to Sword Art Online, the second arc, or second half of the first season is everyone's favourite punching bag. It's what caused a lot of people to hate Sword Art Online because of how it downgraded Asuna's character, the incest romance, and the villain Suguo raping one of the main characters. I still enjoy the arc although it's the weakest excluding the Calibur arc. The intro song is certainly great though, although one of the weaker ones. I especially love that short beginning with the piano. I dunno why it's just so iconic. The song itself though? It's great too. It's catchy, has an energetic feel to it. It stays in the top five.

6 Adamas

This is an ok song although my least favourite. Not great, not terrible. The first time around I heard it I wasn't really a fan. It has grown on me recently though and it has a quite decent feel to it. I like how it kinda sounds like the beginning of a conclusion to the Sword Art Online series, as this is the first of the songs used for the Alicization arc. LiSA is a pretty good singer as well, although not my absolute favourite. The song itself though other than feeling somewhat epic doesn't have much to offer. It's a slightly uninteresting. 3/5, not great, not terrible (PPPeter reference intended). Worst of the bunch.

7 Resolution

Maybe this song hasn't grown on me but this song just isn't very good. It's not bad at all but it's not that interesting. I like how it's quite epic and climatic but it's not nearly on the same level as Resister and in the end falls a bit flat. For what it is though, I'd say this is a solid song that makes it into the good tier. Haruka is a good singer so there's also that. Overall, it's clearly just a solid song