Top 10 Best Helluva Boss Characters

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1 Blitzo

Awesome and funny, he does have his major issues, but has already had some major character development. Great dad to Loona, and already a great stepfather to Octavia.

I have also decided that Stolas x Blitzo is my top favorite ship, because it started as a fling and turned into a budding relationship! So much development in it! It seems that they really care for each other. 10/10

- Fire'spirit of SkyClan

Personally, he is the most badass character in the entire series. He is the best.

He needs help. I mean, all he cares about is death and being paid.

2 Moxxie

He is a good character with a bit of a mixed backstory. Overall, he has good design and personality.

One of my favorites because I can sort of relate to him. He seems like he was forced into the I.M.P.

3 Stolas

Probably my favorite. While he does seem to enjoy torturing Blitzo, I do like that he cares about his daughter. Plus, his voice is so soothing.

My favorite. He is a good character with a good design and nice personality.

I think he can kill Doomguy because of that thing he did to Agent Two. He could probably kill Doomguy that way.

4 Millie

Love Millie! Her eyelashes are cute!

5 Loona

Hmm, I gotta say she needs more votes.

6 Octavia

It's so annoying when people say she's hetero/ace. She should be a lesbian!

She has a good design and personality as a character.

My favorite of them all. She is so cute in baby form. Also, she is confirmed to be ace, so yeah. 10/10

Fire'spirit of SkyClan

7 Fizzarolli

I hated him at the start, but in the more recent episodes, I started to like him, and now he is one of my favorite characters in the entire series.

8 Striker
9 Verosika Mayday
10 Beelzebub

She was actually one of my favs. Her bubbly personality was literally perfect, and the comparison to Loona's sharpness was so adorable.

She and Loona would be amazing friends in another universe I recon.

She is a good character, and her design is very good.

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? Vassago
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11 Sallie May
12 Bratty Kid
13 Vortex
14 Crimson

I feel bad about liking this guy, but his character design is perfect.

15 Mrs. Mayberry

She didn't deserve to go to Hell. She was kind of a tragic character.

16 Doctor
17 Collin
18 Nurse #1
19 Asmodeus

I'm sorry, how did Crimson beat this man?!? Someone, please explain.

20 "Some" Demon Guy
21 Nurse #2
22 Loo Loo
23 Chazwick Thurman

He is an... how could I explain this... interesting character.

24 Lyle Lipton
25 Stella
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