Top 10 Best Helluva Boss Characters

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1 Blitzo

Awesome and funny, he does have his major issues, but has already had some MAJOR character development. Great dad to Loona, and already a great stepfather to Octavia. I have also decided that Stolas x Blitzo is my top favorite ship, because it started as a fling and turned into a budding relationship! So much development in it! It seems that they really care for each other. 10/10

- Fire'spirit of SkyClan

Personally, he is the most badass character in the entire series. He is the best.

He needs help. I mean, all he cares about is death and being paid.

2 Moxxie

He is a good character with a bit of a mixed backstory. Overall, he has good design and personality.

Totes fave. Am I right?

One of my favorites because I can sort of relate to him. He seems like he was forced into the I.M.P.

3 Stolas

Probably my favorite. While he does seem to enjoy torturing Blitzo, I do like that he cares about his daughter. Plus, his voice is so soothing...

My favorite, he is a good character with a good design and nice personality.

I think he can kill Doomguy because of that thing he did to Agent Two. He could probably kill Doomguy that way.

4 Millie

Love Millie! Her eyelashes are cute!

She's a killer queen.

5 Loona

Hmm, I gotta say she needs more votes.

6 Octavia

It's so annoying when people say she's hetero/ace. She should be a lesbian!

She has a good design and personality as a character.

She needs more love.

7 FIzzarolli/Robo Fizz

I hated him at the start, but in the more recent episodes, I started to like him, and now he is one of my favorite characters in the entire series.

8 Striker
9 Verosika Mayday
10 Sallie May
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11 Beelzebub

She is a good character, and her design is very good.

12 Bratty Kid
13 Vortex
14 Crimson

I feel bad about liking this guy, but his character design is like PERFECT.

15 Mrs. Mayberry

She didn't deserve to go to hell. She was kind of a tragic character.

16 Doctor
17 Collin
18 Nurse #1
19 "Some" Demon Guy

I need his shirt, please.

20 Nurse #2
21 Loo Loo
22 Asmodeus

I'm sorry, how did CRIMSON beat this man?!? Someone, please explain.

23 Chazwick Thurman

He is an, uhh, how could I explain this... an interesting character...

24 Lyle Lipton
25 Stella
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