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1 Season 2

Season 2 was a great season as well, I also heard that during the production of this season, 2 episodes where cancelled and 2 episodes were post poned, the canceled episodes where the missing coach and gordon goes forigen, and the episodes percy's promise and double header (us title: time for trouble) where post poned to season 3. if you want to know the full bio of these episodes and they're production, look it up on google, or thomas wiki fandom, and it will tell you all you need to know.

Another good one not as good as season 4 but good non the less. Most of the episodes were super relatable and again like season 4 I felt like I was in it. But the only thing I don't like is that I would like to see diesel sent packing

2 Season 5

I remember watching these episodes when I was young and nowadays the top ten episodes in season 5 that I can remember that are darker are:
10. James and The Trouble with Trees: A weak tree nearly falls on top of James but luckily Thomas arrives to rescue him.
9. Oliver's Find: When taking the Mail Train around the coastal line, Oliver accidentally discovers an old mansion covered in moss after crashing into a old shed.
8. A Better View For Gordon: Gordon speeds out of control and creates a giant hole in a station wall and is badly damaged.
7. Something in The Air: Henry impatiently rushes with his train but dives head first into the sea due to hazardous conditions on the route.
6. Snow: An avalanche covers poor Skarloey in the mountains.
5. Toby's Discovery: Toby and Sir Topham Hart visit a new beach and then Toby meets a mysterious engine who is actually really friendly.
4. Haunted Henry: Henry believes that there are ghosts around and is easily scared.
3. Stepney Gets Lost: Stepney accidentally wonders into the scrapyard by mistake and is close to being scrapped or in other words being close to get killed until Sir Topham Hatt saves him.
2. Duncan Gets Spooked: After Peter Sam receives punishment and Rusty tells a ghost story Duncan doesn't believe it until he closes the steep long bright at a moonlight light a noticed a dead engine which gives him nightmares.
1. Rusty and the Boulder: This is what a true dark episode of TTTE is about. A mysterious and intimidating boulder rolls on the track and chases Rusty, Skarloey and Rheneas and then it finally stops right beside Percy but after it demolishes a shed creating a huge explosion and a causing a massive fire.

3 Season 1

This is the best season of the show. In fact I call the episodes of the first season 'the good old days'. None of the other seasons beat this one. That's just my opinion though.

How could the one that started them off be left out? It was based on the books written by Rev.W. Awdry and had an episode specially written by Awdy himself, it dosen't get much more classic than this.

Nothing beats the original where the stories of a blue tank engine and his friends began.

4 Season 3

My favorite season right here. You got A Scarf For Percy, Donald's Duck, Thomas, Percy and the Dragon, Henry's Forest, Toby's Tightrope, James Goes Buzz Buzz, All At Sea, Escape, Oliver Owns Up, and many other awesome episodes.

I personaly love this season. best soundtrack, stories, (Escape!, Percy's Promise, and Henry's Forest. Just to name a few.) good characters introduced, and felt very well done. of course Ringo Starr couldn't narrarate it, but Michael Angelis and George Carlin were still great narrarators! and it introduce the music video, which was Thomas' Anthem. But I think if there were a king of seasons besides 1, this would be it. Thank you for reading my opinion.

5 Season 4

This is the main season I grew up with. I prefer this season to Season 1 nowadays. I have always loved the narrow gauge engines more than the standard gauge engines because they're smaller. Overall, this is my only favorite season of the model series. The first 14 episodes of the season are the best of Season 4. If it weren't for the narrow gauge engines, I wouldn't love Season 4 much.

10/10 the cooler the background the sets and the music really set the theme of what there going for. I felt like I was in Sodor when I watched it. And when duke is gone forever I can only feel sad for Peter Sam and sir Handel to leave there home and "grand puff" still best season ever.

6 Season 7

Everyone except Duck got a role to play, though some episodes like Rheneas and the Roller Coaster and the Old Bridge are a bit questionable, but it's still better than Season 6. 193/260

The last season in the classic series.

7 Season 6

My favourite Thomas & Friends Series 6 episode is Gordon Takes a Tumble, reasons.. Gordon sliding off the tracks on a hill with a heavy load of cargo in into a farm by hitting a pile of hay, barrels and tires by leaving his tender behind and into a barn and almost running over a scarecrow, which that scene in my opinion is incredible and awesome

This is my second favorite season. Two episodes from this season were featured in the DVD "New Friends for Thomas." I think this season is funny. In my opinion, the following season 7 adds up to this season. The episodes with Jack and the Pack are my two favorite episodes from this season. The only thing that was off was that, even though this was Salty and Harvey's first appearances, Salty only showed up in 5 episodes (including a deleted scene) out of the 26-episode limit, and Harvey only showed up in 2. Other than that, the season was great. However, I always watch seasons 6 and 7 narrated by Michael Angelis.

8 Season 17

This saved the series. Andrew Brenner really seems to know what he was doing, and even in CGI, these episodes can start becoming classics again. So ironic that the series saviour is Andrew Brenner, the one who wrote "Henry's Forrest," an episode highly critisized by Rev.W. Awdry himself.

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Ferdinand?

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Dash?

9 Season 18

I'm exited for what Andrew plans for us.

10 Season 8

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Peter Sam?

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Terence?

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Duncan?

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11 Season 11

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Harold?

12 Season 20
13 Season 21

The best season ever in Thomas and his friends it is so excellent season

Emotional Yes, Goodbye Edward. But remove that episode and true Brenner

14 Season 19
15 Season 22

The episodes of this season are very enjoyable and fresh, quite a treat from Mattel Creations. The balance of episodes between Sodor, China, Australia, and India is by far the best in the CGI series. The new characters introduced are very likable; the return of Ashima, Rajiv, Shane, and Yong Bao was lovely. Thomas' adventures in China, India, and Australia give him time to explore life outside of Sodor. Lastly, the entire concept of exploring different cultures and countries is a very interesting and important series of life lessons for children. Season 22 is my favorite season of the CGI series. I definitely love these episodes even more than the special itself. It is my opinion that Mattel Creations has no intention of ruining something we love. So the older and younger generation of fans have nothing to sweat.

Overall rating for Season 22: 9/10.

16 Season 9

Why is this season so hatted, it has so many new characters with potential!

17 Season 15

Horrible season! The worst ever!

18 Season 12
19 Season 16
20 Season 10
21 Season 23
22 Season 13

Thomas and the Runaway Kite, Buzzy Bees, The Lion of Sodor and Playtime are some of my least favorite in the series. Awful season

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Mighty Mac?

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Freddie?

23 Season 14

Most underrated season ever. Hence seasons 13-16 of T&F aren't too bad in my book, though I think Arc's Thomas looked better compared to this.

24 Season 24
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