Top Ten Object Show Characters

There is so many object shows and so many characters but which is your favorite?
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1 Yin-Yang

Best object show character ever, glad they are no. 1. Dough is very bland and I was very disappointed about how he represented bow. If there is a rejoin, I am hands down voting for yin-yang, they are absolutely hilarious.

I don't like yin-yang to be honest, he's annoying and also made the Bright Lights lose in episode 5. Yin Yang is one of those characters who I dislike yet everyone else loves!

Oh come on, he may fight with himself a lot but that's funny. It's what keeps us watching inanimate insanity 2. He is the most entertaining character I have ever seen!

2 Rocky

He is more of the silent type. But yet barfing is just so satisfying for viewers. Sometimes it helps him with challenges.

Dude this guy was so funny in battle for dream Island but in BFB he is not funny anymore

3 Bow

Bow is my ABSOLUTE favorite! She is so cute, funny, and my favorite color is pink! It's sad that she was dead, but at least we saw her in ghost form and she revived from the dead in Season 3! And I'm glad that she hasn't been eliminated yet! I love this character! Go Bow!

Bow has given me more laughs than any other character on any show ever. Her voice, her personality, her obsession with chairs, EVERYTHING makes Bow an incredible character. Not to mention that she came back from the dead! That's awesome!

Hilarious! From her chair obsession to her moronic personality, is all amazing. Bow was amazing and nobody can convince me otherwise, period.

4 Leafy

She's nice. Sometimes disturbingly nice. Her and Firey are the perfect comedy duo. I do not entirely know if I like her character, but I do enjoy watching her and I do find her funny a lot of times. She deserves to be this high.

5 Woody

He was not much of a character in the first two seasons. He got an interesting and enjoyable personality later on in BFB, but he gained too much character near the end of the season to where he got a little pretentious and obnoxious. He's still pretty funny.

6 Needle

Don't call her needy!

7 Ice Cube

Straight outta compton

8 Tennis Ball

The only character who hasn't murdered anybody, picked on anybody, or did anything in hope to get something in return. He is not a character that will get annoying or unlikable over time. He's chill. I like him.

Yay tennis ball

9 Pen

Gotta be number 1 he's the best.

He's a good character

10 Shieldy
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11 Donut
12 Teardrop

The fact that she still has said literally nothing for over 10 years!

She is one of my favorites!

Her and bow is the best.

13 David
14 Tune

He is a devil but people still want him in the competition probably because they will think that he will turn good at the end, I still love him though

Tune... He has turned into a devil. I feel bad

15 Lollipop (BFB)

Lots of kids hate her, but I admire lollipop. She has loads of funny moments and she has development, but she was better off not defending taco.

16 Marshmallow

She's just the best and she should definitely from 1 - 5 and not 17.

17 OJ

THE voice of reason character. THE leader character. THE caretaker character. when I think of object show characters who fit those tropes, he's the first to come to mind. very cool.

He is such a developed character and he tried to help balloon. His personality is amazing and he shared the one million dollar to everyone. He is the best whilst my second is Leafy.

"His Kind and Funnest led him to win

18 Baseball
19 Fiery
20 Boxing Glove

Poor boxing glove...

21 Coiny

Of all B.F.D.I characters, Coiny is my second favourite (Yellow Face is 1st) coiny is hilarious and some of the best team leaders in object show history and he along with Pin was the reason W.O.A.H Bunch is my favourite team in all of B.F.D.I.A, it literally became an empire.

I don't care what you guys think. Coiny is awesome!

22 Suitcase

Broken, pitiful, and mentally and physically abused by the other contestants, she needs help.

FINALLY somebody who likes Suitcase! It's sad some people don't care about her.

She's just so kind and generous and that's what I like from object shows.

23 Loser

I don't know why I feel like this, I just... really like Loser. He's not very popular in the BFDI community, and he was voted off in BFB 7, but he was a really fun character. He was very kind to his fellow teammates (and others) and a clever competitor when it comes to strategics and plans. He tried his best to help others and I respect that. It was always super fun when he was on screen. Also, his voice was adorable. It's sad he won't be getting much more screentime now.

Why did we vote him out

24 Pencil

You gotta like her in the first two seasons. Though, she did sort of turn into a dictator in the later seasons.

25 Pin

She is better then the first pin we saw more nice and better to her team

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