Top Ten Moments from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is really one great big moment, but anyway here it goes.

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1 Hank's final moment (Ozymandias)

Hank's last exchanges with Walt and telling off Uncle Jack before he's killed, Hank really went out as the great man he was. Walt's paralleling reaction to Gustavo's in 'Hermanos' was truly powerful. The beginning of where Walt and his surroundings really crumble.

A very emotional and big moment of the show.

2 Gus Fring's last scene (Face Off)

One of the greatest moments of television.

3 Walter's meltdown in the crawl space (Crawl Space)

A sinister feeling started creeping up on me the moment Walter burst out in that maniacal laugh followed by the brooding music, the phone call, and then the camera slowly panning upwards with Walter just staring in silence. What a scene!

This was the finest piece of acting I've ever seen in a TV show. The music, the acting, everything was just done so perfectly.

Easily the best scene, it was phenomenal.

4 The remote-controled M60 machine gun wreaks havoc (Felina)

The perfect ending, unexpected, shocking, and satisfying. The Nazis dropping like the pests they are as the bullets cut through them like a knife through butter. Jesse going feral on Todd after he killed a child, chained him up, and shot Andrea in front of him.

And finally, Walt shooting Jack in the head mid-sentence (like Jack did Hank), just staring down at him coldly while he pleads for his life. The musical score is chilling. The intense music as Jesse strangles Todd and that electro-violin that kicks in as Walt picks up the gun. A true work of art, something that will be looked back on as a masterclass on how to end a story.

5 Walter White's death (Felina)
6 The Cousins ambush Hank (One Minute)

So many great details made this one of the best and most intense moments of the show.

7 Hank discovers the book (Gliding Over All)

That awkward moment when you realize that your brother-in-law is the meth cook/drug lord you've been searching for for the past year and a half.

The most important minute of the entire five seasons, in my opinion.

The moment when Hank realizes that Walt is actually Heisenberg.

8 The train heist (Dead Freight)

An extremely well-made and suspenseful sequence, then we see Todd by the end of it, in a different light.

9 Jesse goes to shoot Gale (Full Measure)
10 Walt's "I am the one who knocks" speech (Cornered)
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11 Gus kills the cartel (Salud)
12 "This is not meth" (Explosion)
13 Walt runs down the dealers (Half Measures)
14 The ricin being used successfully (Felina)

The numerous times the ricin was mentioned and failed to be used to any advantage, I felt like it couldn't have gone any better than it did in the finale. It was just perfect.

15 Jesse escapes (Felina)
16 The Standoff (To'hajiilee)
17 Walt discovers the plate piece missing (...And the Bag's in the River)
18 Walt Kidnaps Holly (Ozymandias)
19 Walt kills Mike (Say My Name)
20 Walt tells Jesse with satisfaction that he watched Jane die (Ozymandias)
21 The exploding tortoise (Negro Y Azul)
22 Mike's speech (Half Measures)

This was one of the big messages in the show. We see countless examples of half measures not ending well.

23 Gus threatens Walt (Crawl Space)
24 Saul Goodman's introduction (Better Call Saul)
25 Gus kills Victor (Box Cutter)
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