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1 Aku Aku is a fictional character and the main antagonist of Samurai Jack, an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network.

It should come as no surprise to see the "Shogun of Sorrow" himself at the very top of this list. Aku has been the sole driving force of Jack's mission to return to the past, sending the samurai to the distant future a corrupted and almost unrecognizable world. Although often comical (and downright hilarious at times) Aku is no joke as a villain, and he's ruthless in his endeavors to spread his evil across the Earth and beyond.
Is not easy to forget just how powerful Aku is, but instead the show view him as a cowardly antagonist who is prone to fleeing, but if it wasn't for Jack's magic sword, the demon would have likely destroyed the samurai ages ago.

2 The Guardian

Jack has met with many failed opportunities to return to the past. This is usually because every time portal Jack comes across ends up being destroyed, or pulled out of reach by Aku. But one portal serves as a special case, and it's protected by an celestial being known as the Guardian. The Guardian claims that only one person in existence has been prophesied to defeat him and gain usage of the portal, with no winners thus far.
Jack attempts to prove that he's the one meant to use the portal by engaging its defender in battle, but by the end, he's shown to be severely outclassed. The Guardian prepares to finish the samurai off for good, before realizing that Jack is, in fact, the one destined to pass through the portal but he just isn't ready yet.

3 Minions of Set

Stuck wandering a corrupted and futuristic world, Jack hardly knows what type of enemy he may face next. The Minions of Set, however, are a rare example in which the samurai knows exactly what he's up against from the beginning. Having spent time in Egypt as a child, Jack is aware of these powerful dog-like creatures, and he seems quite alarmed when he discovers that they've been released from their tomb. The minions offer no hesitation after this revelation, and begin their merciless assault before Jack can even prepare to defend himself.
Although Jack is able to hold his own against the three for a short while, they easily overpower him, quickly recovering from any damage dealt by the samurai's sword. Eventually, Jack realizes that his only hope in defeating the minions is to complete an ancient prophecy by collecting pieces of a golden beetle. After an intense chase, and many close calls, Jack is able to summon Ra, the Sun god. Ra effortlessly kills the Minions of Set, saving Jack's life.

4 The Scotsman The Scotsman is a fictional character who was an ally of Samurai Jack from the American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network of the same name, who was first introduced in Episode XI: Jack and the Scotsman, Part 1. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Loud-mouthed, brash, and vulgar, the Scotsman is everything that Jack is not. Despite this, however, he's also a big fan-favorite, and one of the only recurring characters in the series besides Jack and Aku. Although arrogant, he's not just all bark and no bite. Between his hefty sword (engraved with magic runes which even Jack's sword is unable to break through) and a machine gun for a leg, the Scotsman is well-equipped, and he knows how to use what he's packing.
When Jack and the Scotsman first meet, they're quick to butt heads, and after a long, equal fight, the pair discover that they are equally matched with one another. The two eventually become great allies, but never shy away from competition with one another whenever an opportunity arises. Jack may excel farther in certain areas, such as sprinting (or building sand castles) but the Scotsman has his own strengths as well, which Jack falls short on.

5 Ultra-Robots

Jack has easily faced thousands of robotic adversaries during his travels, but none have been nearly as skilled or lethal as the Ultra-Robots, knowledge of Jack's fighting style, and are powered by the evil essence of Aku himself. The most terrifying thing about these bots, however, is that they so durable that even Jack is unable damage them with his own sword.
After a brief fight, Jack is ready to give up altogether, when the very scientist that created the Ultra-Robots offers to help defeat them – explaining that he was forced to create the robots for Aku before being betrayed shortly after their completion. With the aid of a mechanical gauntlet, Jack is able to slice through the Ultra-Robots " like butter ". Seven of the bots are destroyed in a great battle, before the gauntlet eventually runs out of juice. In a last effort, Jack prays for his ancestors to empower his sword so that he can deliver one final deadly slice to the remaining Ultra-Robot

6 The Imakandi

After countless droids and bounty hunters fail in their mission to find and destroy Jack, Aku decides to expand his hiring methods and employs a race of hunters called the Imakandi. Having lived for eons on a planet where hunting is valued over anything else, and always on the search for more difficult prey, they accept Aku's offer to hunt Jack while also refusing any payment.
The hunters live up for hunting, and quickly track down the samurai, who in turn finds no choice but to flee the relentless Imakandi. What quickly ensues isn't really a battle, but instead a game of cat and mouse, with Jack desperately trying to escape capture. After a high-speed chase through one of Aku's dystopian cities, Jack eventually finds himself at a dead end, which leads to him being knocked out and apprehended by the Imakandi. Respectful of meeting such an elusive prey, however, the hunters refuse to give Aku his prize, and instead set Jack free.

7 The Sirens

This is where things start to get serious. While previous foes have gotten progressively more challenging and ever closer to beating Jack in combat, the Sirens are the first listed so far to have technically defeated him. If you have basic knowledge of Greek mythology, you may recall that sirens are deadly creatures of the sea who resemble beautiful women and lure sailors to their doom with their alluring voices. Jack is unable to resist the charms of the Sirens, and he ends up losing all memory of who he is due to their enchanting melody.
This is where the Scotsman comes in. Somehow, the awesome Scottish brute is immune to the call of the Sirens, even claiming that the three creatures are "tone-deaf". After the Sirens realize that their old tricks won't work on the Scotsman, they transform into their true form, a three-headed monster. Thankfully, after playing a grating song of his own on the bagpipes, the Scotsman is able to awaken Jack, who swiftly beheads the monster with a single slice with his sword.

8 Daughters of Aku

With fifty-two episodes of monsters and baddies preceding them, it's pretty impressive for the Daughters of Aku to make it this far on the list. When seeing the training that they had to go through in the fifth season premiere, it's easy to understand why. Trained from their very birth, up into young adulthood, the sole objective given to these seven daughters by the evil cult that raised them was to kill our hero, Samurai Jack.
This training paid off, as Jack found the seven of them and their multitude of deadly weapons to be more than just a handful. In fact, if it wasn't for the tuning fork sword taken from the defeated Scaramouch, we're not so sure that Jack would have escaped his first meeting with them alive. Still doing what he does best Jack regained his composure after his initial encounter with the daughters, formulated a plan of attack, and kill all of them, one by one.

9 The Demonic Spirit

Only Samurai Jack could go from having one episode dealing with giant robots to another involving a possessed house. Alternating between scenes of a ruined traditional Japanese home and creepy, roughly-sketched animation sequences, "Jack and the Haunted House" is possibly the most disturbing episode of the series.
Jack isn't easily fooled by the evil spirit haunting a poor family and their home, but that doesn't save him from letting his guard down after being tricked by one of its illusions. He's able to defend himself for a while until the demon actually rips Jack's soul right out of his body, just as it did with the family before him. Jack finds himself trapped in a spirit world ruled by the evil demon, and for a moment, all hope seems lost. Although bound by spiritual chains, the samurai is able to will his sword out of its sheath in order to continue the fight. With this, he is able to defeat the demon and free the spirits of the family that it once possessed.

10 Mondo Bot

With a show as diverse and varied as Samurai Jack, it shouldn't be too surprising that there'd be an episode featuring a giant robot battle. Still, it was quite the sight to see Jack hop into the seat of a giant suit Transformers style in order to take on a giant guard-bot that begun terrorizing the city that it once protected.
Calling Mondo Bot Big is an understatement; this leviathan of a machine towers over the city that it resides in. Because of the colossal size difference, Jack is unable to harm the tyrannical robot, even with his trusty magic sword. That is until he comes across The Giant, a massive stone golem that resembles a traditional samurai warrior wearing armor. With this giant sentient suit, he is finally able to take Mondo Bot on in a fair fight of totally epic proportions. In the end, Mondo Bot is defeated, and The Giant returns to the depths of the ocean where Jack found it, bearing hardly a scratch from the battle.

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11 The Omen/Grim Reaper Warrior
12 The Dominator
13 Pig Sheriff
14 Demongo Demongo is a fictional character from Samurai Jack, an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network.
15 Scaramouche Scaramuccia, also known as Scaramouche or Scaramouch, is a stock clown character of the Italian commedia dell'arte. The role combined characteristics of the zanni and the Capitano. In the 2017 revival of the animated series Samurai Jack, Jack encounters a robotic assassin named Scaramouche, who behaves... read more
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